Dec 31, 2007

2008 - Year of Bored

Happy New Year to all!!!!May this 2008 bring u lots of happiness n joy. But my 2008 will be the bored year. Why I'm saying like that b'coz my 2008 started with sad thing...1) Hav to go to work on my own (mira had quit his job) walking alone in the tren n lrt look like stupid... no one to chit chat with. HUH!!!! 2) Most probably ofi will cont his study in BMI. Tasha remind me earlier that the BMI schedule is very tight. Lots of assignmnt even though on the 1st week of classes. So she advice me to go out for a date in a right time. Wow? So this mean less time with my ofi? how sad. Anyway thanks to tasha for advising me (mcm tau2 je ko aku nk p kuar dating?). Maybe she had experience this kind of things.

But, I still hope this new 2008 year will bring some kind of excitement n pleasure. Pray hard for it! To all who celebrate the countdown tonite...hav fun!!!tgkkan fireworks utk aku skali ye!!!

Dec 26, 2007

ASB Dividen

Hari ni aku buat perkara yg paling memalukn diri sendri. Hohohohoho....malu2..malu tak terkata. Ok, pagi tadi...aku pi la kuarkn duit n nak masukkan ke ASB. Dah siap2 ambik slip n buku n isi2 ni p la kaunter. Then officer tu kata...dik...asb tutup sampai 2 jan. Kira dividen. Mende la...aku pn cover la...owh...hahaha lupa2...(azli kn dh bgtau ari tu) some more (mmg la ujung thn org kira dividen) mende ar ko...

Untuk tidak memalukn diri sendiri...aku pn p la cek mcm mn kira for those out there yg x tau nk kira dividen ASB korang...mcm ni la cara die

Contohla PNB bagi dividen tahun ni 8% (mcm aku dgr2 la...rite me if i'm rong)

so... 0.08/12 X Min Monthly balance

kene kira ikut bulan...x leh yearly or anything. Nnt x tepat...

bonus aku x blaja lg cara die...sbb aku tau aku x dpt bonus... (nmpk sgt simpan kurang dr 10 thn) hahahahah

So, aku kira2 aku dpt lbh kurang rm20. Sikit je...I will update pas jan 2 ni. Tgk btl x ketepatan kiraan aku ni...hohoho...


Went to IKEA yesterday with my dear ofie to buy wed present for budin n getho. Wow!!!! Rambang mata you! I juz read Ikea's catalogue for 2008 and decided to buy some of these item when I got my credit card. Unfortunately...bcoz of my payslip problem...I could not apply yet. Huh...1 month punye payslip pn x dpt buka...mende arr!!!!! So... these are the ikeanise to buy:

1. Solsta 2 seat-sofa-bed
2. Lerberg Shelf Unit
3. Aneboda wardrobe
4. Dudero Floor Lamp

Actually when I asked my mother for her opinion..she juz said "what?" R u planning to stay permanently there ( meaning : ko nk menetap kt Kl ke?) I dunno what to answer. Hahahahah.

Dec 24, 2007


Yes, I admit it! I'm a jealous person. Suka jeles x tentu pasal. Poor ofie. But this whole new year which is '2008'..I hope that I can change all my bad behavior. Hope so. This are my bad habit that need to change in the next few days...

1) Jealous
2) Trust
3) Push
4) Talk about others - ngumpat le ni
5) Blue2 thing - only wif ofi (aku baik dgn kwn2)
6) bad temper - recently it goes up easily
7) Moody
8) Lazy

Dec 21, 2007

Nothing Much

Nothing much to blog. But working after raya aidiladha holiday is good. Why?Many people continue their holiday today...the comuter less crowded...the's so peaceful in my office until my boss came?He's not taking his leave?Oh my god. My day started to become worse. Why he's not on leave? Oh..Dear. Nothing much to blog...

Will be very bz on this weekend. Hang out wif my frenz this saturday and next saturday. Company Tifa to buy some 'hantaran' gifts for her hubby next saturday. Asked her to be my mak andam on that night. Will be going to budin's wed. hav to be grand and elegant...huhuhuh... want to beat someone. Praying Mantis boleh!!!! Hohohoh...gtg...buhbye..

Dec 12, 2007

Day of My Life

Too bz lately to update my blog. Poor thing. Yesterday, I went home at 8pm. sad,sad,sad. But tommorrow until monday, our head (kira boss la) will be going to Bukit Tinggi for meeting. Wow...I love bkt tinggi. Been there with my sweet ofie. So...we are free til monday. Lets party baby!!!Hoho!!

About baby Irfan....he's doing well rite now!Kira dh sembuh laa..juz hav to go to hospital for regular check up.

MCR concert last sunday...what can I say...njoy it really much bcoz i went with my ofie. Hahahah...eventhough many said that the sound is really sux!

Went to pavilion last monday. I think this place is really meant for the rich to hang out. Hohoho. Not for me. But quit nice. Maybe can go again next time.

Dec 4, 2007

Cinema Cinema Cinema

This is mt top 5 movies to watch in the future :

1. Golden Compass

2. The heatbreak kid

3. National Treasure

4. Alvin & The Chipmunk

5. Not decided yet

Dec 3, 2007

Weekend Update!

Watched Enchanted with ofi on friday nite. I give 4 n a half stars for this movie. Emm.. same rating I gave to stardust..both hav same idea n interesting.

Saturday - caught a cold. A bad one actually. Then I discover that Flu n Cold is not the same n there's no cure for both. Oh really? Juz a matter of time. Luckily on sunday...i'm feeling I can go out shopping with ofi.Hahaha

Sunday - Went to the curve,Al-Ikhsan. Teman ofi shopping. Then to jassima...mkn2 with his fren then p tesco blk...this time shop for my things.

Can't wait for 9/12...going to the MCR concert!

Nov 30, 2007

Poor Baby Irfan

Another update on baby Irfan. Hendra juz told us that ada pendarahan dlm otak baby irfan. Poor baby Irfan. Biasanye klu mcm tu peluang apa2 pn kita jgn berenti berharap... wish 4 the best. Chow!

Nov 29, 2007

Final Exam and Heartbreak kid

Ofie finished his xm today.Hope he'll do well.So after this I can disturb him...hahahahah. Had a lot of work today. Make a proposal to withdraw these old product. Still under construction. Not much to blog today. one of my close friend had break up with her bf...ouch...I know what it feel. I've been there before. Need to continue my work...otherwise i had to sleep in my office...dont want that to happen. How I miss my bed and my new plush toys - the hamster that given by ofie...oh...not to forget torto. OK...Chow!

Nov 28, 2007

Update on Baby Irfan

Yup...the result has come out. The infection on the lung is probably came from bacteria from the milk powder. And it getting worse bcoz it's already heading to the brain...poor baby irfan. Hope he'll be fine n Hendra n Ayu will be strong. Chow!


Went to HKL yesterday to visit baby Irfan. He had a high fever n problem with his lung. Then Hendra advice us not to stop breastfed ur baby. Ayu stop breastfeeding baby Irfan bcoz her milk has dried out. Owh..i dunno that. So, how to cure this prob? Hav to ask my mom about this...she might know these. Ok..I update later to tell u all the tips. Chow!

Nov 26, 2007

Muzik-Muzik Semi Final - Pop Rock

Yes!!!!As I expected..estranged went to the final...But Siti cute la semlm with destinasi cinta. Other songs that went to the final are Jinbara-Farhana (I dont like this song), Misha & Andy FP-Sembunyi (one of the best song), Mawi (I dont like him but the song quit ok), Sofaz-Janjiku (hmmm...ok jg). Why Rich dh botakkan rambut die?Taula aku suka org rambut botak sbb nmpk sexy...but Rich botak?X nmpk for SO7 old song in youtube. Yup...all old memories keep playing in my mind. How I miss my high school days. So,here we are...lets karaoke together with Kita - So7

My Chemical Romance Live in KL

At last...ofie n me manage to buy the concert ticket. Bought the cheapest one with 30% discount for Xpax customer at OU. So, about RM72 I guess. Dia x bg berdiri...crowded..he afraid that I will fainted. Hmmm...okla. Told him that I wanted to be like Seha (gf Ardzi) b'coz dia tu lemah lembut...manja n baik sgt. Tp ofie said x yah la...skrg pn dh ok...Happynye dgr ofie ckp mcm tu.Hahahaha. Ok...have to continue my work. Can't wait for 9/12 for the concert...hope all will going well..

Nov 24, 2007

Welcome to The Pink Praying Mantis Club!

Have you ever seen a pink praying mantis? Actually I've never seen one why is this blog named as pink praying mantis?Maybe because it is cuter n weird.I juz want to welcome all blog reader...if there is one?LoL.I will update more after this...basically it is all about my adventure n my life.Who is me?I'm nobody...but I am a somebody. So, guess who?Hohoho.

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