Sep 24, 2008

POW Again

::Andra & The Backbone - Sempurna::
Forgot to bring my camera USB cable, so I will update about my new house in the next post. Btw, I'm in azrul's house. Tumpang tdo sbb nk pakai internet n break our fast at Prince of Wales, Willesden Restaurant. The Malay restaurant..craving for malay food. Thats why we all sanggup dtg all the way from walthamstow to willesden. 1 hour journey. (East to North West).

In front of our house at walthamstow. Went 4 shopping at Argos.

After shopping at argos. Fuh..penat!! It is similar to ikea but more cheaper n no displayed item. Only see through the catalogue and ordered at the counter.

At the Walthamstow Central. Very happening you!!! Behind me is the selbourne walk shopping centre.

Sep 21, 2008

First Nite Out

:: Ai Otsuka - Boyfriend :: It's our first nite out in london. We never go out at nite bcoz we r all girls...but today we go out wif azrul n smoqe for our buka puasa. We went to Prince of Wales - The Malay Restaurant not the english bar one. Dapat la jg mkn melayu. I order Nasi Goreng Kampung and we share Tom yam together. Overall...sedap and reasonable price. Miss my home made tom yam. nyum..nyum..4 stars for this willesden restaurant. Lots of kueh melayu too n dessert such as ABC n Ais Kacang..lai chi kang pon ada =)
While waiting for the food

My Nasi Goreng Kampung - 4.00 pd

Yin punye Nasi Paprik - 4.80 pd

Smq punye mee hailam n nasi ayam azrul (sipi2)

Sep 18, 2008

Not Feeling Very Well

:: Intoxicated - Possibility ::

Hate it very much. I'm still not feeling very well. I skiped yesterday induction...n today I leave the class early. But actually the lecturer asked us to go back early for lepak2. Heheheh. The excel lecturer is a korean. His slang....hmm...I dont really understand. Same as my english. Hehehe. Btw, today I go back by my own bcoz yin n a'ai want to go for shopping. Bcoz I'm not that I decided to go back first. Then when the girls came home..they cooked me porridge. Hahaha..eventhough I didn't finish it...yin help me to finish the porridge(mengalahkan org sakit). Thank Q girls. Then I take my medicine and now I'm feeling much better at this moment. But maybe my fever will come back later but I still hope that this feeling will remain...which is I'm getting better n healthy. Below pic when we out for shopping in IKEA WEMBELY n view from our rumah tumpangan at Maybury Garden, Brent.

Sep 16, 2008

Last Day wif Iko

:: Mariah Carey - Bye Bye ::

Iko has finished her master. Wow!!!Best2. But we juz started. Bila la bole blk M'sia kn? Iko has arrived to her hometown n leave us behind counting another 365 days to get back to our hometown too.

In the tube

Good marketing (kebaruan/jakun..x penah nmpk)

This building was use to film the 28 weeks later movie. Kena tgk blk ni cite ni (shortcut to our school)

Sakit @ London

::Fergie - Clumsy ::

Demam teruk..maybe sbb last friday tu kena ujan kt stratford. So sad. I even lost my voice. Today I dont attend my induction bcoz I afraid that my fever will get worst. There's 1 class only . heheheeh. Thanx to yin n a'ai bcoz bought me a bottle of mineral water. A'ai also cook for me n yin. Both of us not feeling very well...she's the only one who still strong..but maybe bcoz me n yin je yg kena ujan. Okla..continue later. daaa...

Sep 13, 2008

Finally ~ London

::Faizal Tahir - Aku punya kamu:: Arrived at heathrow london at 5.08 am on 12th sept. So easy to get through the immigration n customs. Even we dont need to go for health checking...maybe bcoz its early in the morning. Hahaha. We got to Azrul's house by taxi. After rest for a while (sbb angkat brg ke tingkat 8), at 10 am..we go for a walk in london (by tube n bus). Get lost in london...hahahah...its normal la..
Will cont my stories tired to blog about. Some pix from london. Hahahah...

on the flite (i dont feel like 13 hrs...maybe bcoz i watch too much movies..n sleep.Hahaha

The London tower & london double decker bus (top)

Heathrow Airport..looking 4 a taxi

Sep 11, 2008

Lets Go!

::Jason Mraz - I'm yours::

Will be travelling by boeing 747-400 (744), MH 2 tonite. Hope everything gonna be alrite. Book our seat (yin's friend help us..hehehe). So hard to get seat together but we managed it. After looking at the seat plan...I realized why we got that seat..bcoz it is a poor seat. But I dont mind actually. Juz bcoz u r near to galley...its not that uncomfortable rite?. So check ur seats b4 booking ok.

Thanks to all my friends who help me to get trough all these. (Ayat???)
My thank list goes to:
  • Kak Nora (sorry if I trouble u so much)
  • Kak Baiti
  • Azrul
  • Soraya
  • Zaini
  • Cik Nurin & MARA
  • Apek smsld
  • Abg Khyril
  • and to all of u (sorry if I forgot ur name)

And my special thanks goes to The Great Ofi. Thanks 4 the help n love. Hehehehe. My next blogging..."I'm in London" heheheh..

Sep 10, 2008

Ready To Go!

::Mocca - Me n My Boyfriend::

Yesterday I went to Mara..and alhamdulillah. Everything settled. I got my ticket n my $$$$$. Wahahahaha. Now, juz need to pack. I already done some packing but I think I brought too much?Eventhough many ppl think my bag is small..but u dont know what is inside the bag. Hohohoho. Here is the pic of my bag. If I could juz get some comment from all of u?? What do u all think?Is it to small?Check out my item list also ok.

Why do I bring a small bag?It's for travel future. Mn tau nk pi France ke Holland ke kn? Can bring this bag. Hahaha. Item summary :-

  • 17 shirts/t-shirt
  • 12 jeans/pants/slack
  • 3 baju kurung
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 jackets
  • 1 bolero
  • 1 towel
  • 1 kain batik
  • 1 scholl (my temporary blanket)
  • 1 telekong n sejadah
  • 1 long john
  • 10 tudungs (I plan to bring 4 but end up bring 10..pheww!!)
  • toiletries & makeup
  • innerwear/underwear (private..heheheh)
  • 1 summer sandal (transalation: selipar jepun yg lawa)

A'ai n djasmi's bag are bigger than mine. I wonder what they bring???Yin's bag is only 16kg. So I think its the same like me. Hehehe.

Sep 8, 2008

My Last Day @ Sabah

:: Foo Fighters - Long Road to Ruin::

Yup, Its my last day at my hometown. Tomorrow I'll be leaving to KL. How sad....actually x sedih pon. No feeling actually, maybe I already turn into one of the terminator who do not have any feeling. I'm not sad n I'm not happy..not even excited. Maybe it comes later rite?

Today I bake brownies...more delicious form what I did in ofi's house. I think bcoz I use butter, crunchy walnut and vochelle chocolate. Heheheh..expensive one. Hmm..buka puasa nk mkn apa ya??Maybe do some ayam masak merah..n sayur masak eggplant kot. Btw, last nite I taste the most tasty n delicious fish (pdhal ikan merah je). But I think the way my mum peram the fish with chilli paste, kunyit n all that...n than bakar some more. Whow!! Membangkitkan aroma n rasa di dlm ikan tersebut. I hate seafodd..but this time...I eat till finish. Heheh

I read a forum in cari about the late Naza owner's son: SM faisal, SM Nasa n SM Faliq. WHoWWW.....they are so gojes, handsome, charismatic...n many more. But maybe they r rich so people tend to judge them like this?? Anyway, I heard that SM Nasa is with Marion Counter. YippiE!!!I like Marion..she's cute n beautiful. So lucky la dis girl. She even got a BMW from her bf. Lucky You! Later I upload their pic. Hehehehe...

Continue my cooking u ols...da...

Sep 6, 2008

Ticket Confirmed!

::Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby::

I received an sms from miss nurin (my mara officer in charge) telling me that my tix is ready and can be collected on Monday @ BPP. She also informed that my flite is on 11th sept 2340. Yes!!! Finally, I got my ticket. How bout my $$$$??I think they will give me together with the tix maybe. Actually miss nurin sms me by private no. (can we trust this sms?). Again the sms received on 1.40 in the morning.??????. Anyway...hope it is not scam or anything 'Gotcha!' thingy. Ms nurin also asked me to inform others. Yup!I Settled everything. House n tix. hmm.. I'm a problem solver (perasan lg). heheheh.

Sep 5, 2008


::Metro Station - Shake it::

Happy Birthday to My Dad!!!

He turn 50 years old today. Ghee..but he still look 30s something

and Happy Birthday to Seth Haiqal too!!!

He just 1 years old but he look like 2 years old. He's my nephew to be (hope so..amin...)

Here r some gift 4 both of u : -

5th Ramadhan

::Cokelat - Penantian::

My camera is out of cant upload delicious food pic. Btw, x elok ltk gmbr mknan nnt mengundang cubaan dan godaan nafsu kpd org lain. Pastu gak, x elok menunjuk2 (perasan). Hehehehe. 6 days more to go until I fly to UK. Is it 6 days more??Heard from my friend that her flight ticket has changed. (actually kak baiti..hehehe). What???Even djasmi check her name @ MAS, kejap 11th kejap 12th. Apa la diorang ni. I guess mine is not confirmed yet. I hate it that way. A'ai went to MARA yesterday n the result??No answer. Next week hav to go back to MARA. N this time, I'll joining them. Hope b4 I fly to UK..some sweet things happen. Miracle maybe? Which if it doesn't happen...i'll be sad till the rest of my life. Even now I'm sad already..but hope it will get better. I dunno why some ppl is hard to understand ur feeling????

Enough for the not so sad story, let us talk about my happy news. I got my new laptop. Yup!!! Thanx to ofie for helping me to buy it at lowyat n install normal software that we used together (actually not we la, normal ppl use the same application also). I decided to buy acer aspire 4715z n not the 4520. Ok la 4 me. I juz use it for my studies n internet.

Sep 3, 2008

2nd Ramadhan

Menu for 2nd Ramadhan

1) Onde-onde/Buah melaka

2) Kuih pasung (ye kot??Neighbour bagi)

3) Bubur ayam

Sep 2, 2008

1st Ramadhan

Today menu for buka puasa are:-

1) Daging bakar
2) Tauhu seafood goreng (the one like ocean king's recipe)
3) Cucur udang
4) Sup Ikan

So yummy...

Btw, I met my little play school teacher. She was so happy to see me. Maybe she was proud bcoz she used to teach me rite?Hehehehe...can see how happy she is from her face.

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