Dec 28, 2010

2010 Recap!

So every end of the year, I will list down what I've achieved and what I wanted to achieve next year. It is like my new year resolution check list! Okay, let us recap what have I achieved this year.

1. Got my new job..the one that I love to do.
2. Got my new car.
3. I can drive..hahahaha. Plg jauh dr rumah are Jusco bandar, Dataran Pahlawan n Mahkota Parade.

My wish list that I haven't yet achieved...will bing forward to 2011

1. Blackberry :)
2. Lancome Hypnose
3. Use more reverse psychology :p
4. TBA

I also wish that my relationship with my dear ofi will last forever..hihihi :P

I only have 300 until my next pay day!

Really???Yes!!!!!I only have RM300 before my next pay day which is on the 25th Jan. Another 28 days. Can I survived?Luckily I already put aside all the important expenses. Bought so many things this month such as monavie, new kain, dinar, flite ticket n etc, Aiyooo!!! I'M BROKE T__T

Dec 27, 2010

Awesome weekend!

Had a great weekend! Went to KL last friday. Then watched Tron @ GSC, OU. After that makan-makan at Murni discovery. Went home, sleep. Went to midvalley on saturday. Watched Gulliver's Travel n then jalan-jalan at the gardens. Balik rumah, resting n tgk ofi edit gambar. Malam went to Giant n KFC then pasar borong. Then pi amek brg kt PJ then makan kt ice room and end of saturday. Sunday, pergi merlimau to attend ofi's cousin's wed. much activity!
Summary: had an awesome weekend!

Dec 22, 2010

First achievement!

Yay!!!It's my 500th post. Congratz to me! Btw today for the 1st time I drove from my house to the office alone. The distance is about 17km n took about 30 minutes. Hehehehe. Am so happy. But hav to worried how to get back home later?Hahahah :P

My Justin Bibir :P

Dec 21, 2010

Agihan Bonus n Dividen ASB 2010

Wow!!Tetiba blog ni org dtg sbb ada post psl ASB bbrp thn lps. I know2...u would like to know how much is the bonus n dividend for this year rite?

According to Buletin Utama ad juz now...the dividen are 7.50 cent per unit and bonus about 1.25 cent per unit.

Yeay!!!!Thats good. We get mooooore this year. Tq :)


Ada satu malam saya bermimpi buruk. Kira one of my worst nitemare. Saya dalam bilik tengah siap2 untuk keluar. Macam biasa pakai facial lotion, toner n moisturizer cream. Sapu sikit ubat jerawat oxy5 (oxy10 sgt kuat,jd x sesuai). Buka tutup foundation..apply on my face. Pastu tempek compact powder. Guna eyeliner sikit di bawah mata n atas tepi kelopak mata. Then pakai lip balm, gincu n last skali pakai lip gloss. Dah siap!!

Keluar2 pi dating. Tengok wayang,makan popcorn. Selesai wayang pi makan lg. Sedap..yummy2. Then balik rumah, tengok atas meja. Alamak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Penutup foundation lupa nk tutup menyebabkan foundation ada sedikit keras. Dah terdedah begitu lama menyebabkan tekstur nya menjadi tidak lembut dan tidak sesuai untuk digunakan lagi. Oh my gucci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rasa cm nk nangis...tetiba terjaga dari tidur. Dan terus tgk beg make up. Seb baik masih elok. Mimpi je rupanya. Hahahahaha......

Tapi betul!!!Mmg nitemare! :P

Dec 18, 2010

New York New York Deli @ OU again

Okay, this is my 3rd visit to this restaurant. You can read my first visits here . My second one was with seha and I ordered mushroom sandwich while seha, salmon sandwich. It was delicious!!!

This time I came with my dear ofie. We had meat platters for 2 and Pink inc (my drink). Can't remember what's the name of ofie's drink. Its really worth it! Meat platters consists of chicken, beef n lamb with wedges, corn, baked beans and salad. I think this is a perfect menu for couples out there. Sharing with your loves one is way too good!

Just for the lulz!

Saw this from The new ad to promote yuna's new album at 7-11. Even tho its not really the same..but there's still some similarity. Hohohoho. Tiru2 jak yuna. Jangan marah ya yuna..u know I love you! =)





My friend recommend me to try this fruit juice. The juice contain 19 blended fruits including the famous acai berry. Have googled it n so far people said that this is an MLM scam. hahahaha. But, I will buy it next week to see how it works. Hohohoh. No harm for trying..since it's a fruit juice. If it works..I'll review it here (if not..will review it too...its for our own good..hehehe).

I'm buying one coz it claims that it is good for the skin. Hahahah :p

Dec 16, 2010

Sis' Wedding Reception - KL

While waiting for the pic from ofie's cam, here are some sneak preview from my cam. Since I am the bridesmaid, so I didn't have time to snap many pic. Heheheh.

The reception was held in wisma sejarah. The pelamin, catering and .... (okey I dunno what else) was from n the official photographer is Ala...elyana pny wed photographer tu.

Tengah sanding..tgk pengapitnya tu..monyok jak..hehehe

My sweet sis

The wedding cake

The photographer. Spot my dear ofie...heheheh

Me n him =P

Dec 15, 2010

New theme again!!!

Okay, I think I shud change the theme n template again. Hahahahahah!!! I do love this theme but I need a new one. Hohohoho. So I'm still browsing for the new theme..hope I can find one. See you soon!!!!

Dec 14, 2010

Which investment?Dinar Emas?

Lately my friends sebok2 nak menambahkan pendapatan. Almaklum la umur makin meningkat n nk sedia duit nk kahwin. hahahaha!!! So ramai jg yg tgh nk buat tuisyen utk student2 high school. Memang bagus!!!Proud of my frens.

Skrg pn ktorg tgh kecoh nk buat investment. Heheheh!!!! Setakat ni one of my fren dah beli yg public gold tu. 20 gram u allz!!!!RM3k tu!!!!Hebat!!!!! So yg lain2 pn berminat cuma x ada duit sampai RM3k. So ktorg nk try beli dinar emas dulu. Dinar emas tu 4.25gram emas 916 je (22karat). Harga masa kini dalam RM600++ la. Dinar emas yg famous ialah dr Bank Negara (kijang emas), Dinar emas kelantan n yg dr public gold tu.

So kenapa dinar emas?Ala buat2 tak tau plak. Kan emas makin lama makin naik harga. Kalau turun pn x la teruk sgt. Tp klu mcm dinar emas kelantan tu...agen dia x byk sgt. Tp kelantan n kl for sure ada. Yg public gold tu plak..setakat ni nmpk byk kt kedai2 emas ada jual. poh kong ke..kedai emas cina ke, semua ada. Tp tak tau la harga sm ke tak.

So cara nk dpt untung dia cm biasa gak. Tgk la we buy we sell. Klu harga naik...kita jual la. Ala mcm currency exchange jg tu. Hahahaha...nmpk sgt malas nk explain.

Buat masa skrg, the disadvantage is bende ni kecik..takut hilang. Hahahahah!!!!!Takut kene curi. Tak kan la nk letak dlm SD box plak kn?Xde duit nk membayar. hahahaha!!!Ok..abaikan disadvantage ini.

Pastu skrg dgr cite ada org beli silver byk2 sbb in the future..harga dia akan naik tinggi. Tak tau la rumours ke x?

*all the above is based on my opinion..feel free to read about dinar emas on your own. Hehehehe...kang ckp aku explain salah plak..Apa2 pun org kata..yg penting jgn tamak klu nak invest menginvest ni n dont put all of your money in one basket (investment). Ini time blajar investment dulu. Hohohohoh.

Hari Bersamanya - Sheila on 7

Hari telah terganti
Tak bisa ku hindari
Tibalah saat ini bertemu dengannya

Jantungku berdegup cepat
Kaki bergetar hebat
Akankah aku ulangi merusak harinya

Mohon Tuhan
Untuk kali ini saja
Beri aku kekuatan
Untuk menatap matanya

Mohon Tuhan
Untuk kali ini saja
Lancarkanlah hariku
Hariku bersamanya
Hariku bersamanya

Kau tahu betapa aku
Lemah dihadapannya
Kau tahu berapa lama
Aku mendambakannya

Tuhan tolonglah (beri kesempatan)
Tuhan tolonglah (beri kesempatan)

Dec 5, 2010

My sister wedding

Last week was my sister's wedding. She got married on the 27th of Nov, which is on her 27th birthday. Nice isnt it?Do u get it?The number 27!Hehehehe. Okay, bcoz I'm so lazy to upload pic here n due to my slow internet connection, feel free to see the pic on my fb. Hahahahah!!!!! Congratz again to my big sis!

Trivia bout my sis:-

1. She's taller than me
2. She has nice teeth than me :P
3. She's good in english than me
4. She's good in history
5. But I'm better in math than her...hahahaha :p

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