Mar 30, 2009

1234..I Love you

Please watch the video till the end. hehehehe. dont be jealous ok! I love him..I love my family too...and I love all of you!!!

1 thing 2 do 3 words to say just 4 you....

Mar 28, 2009

[L]askar [P]elangi

::Float-Waltz musim pelangi::

Juz watched laskar pelangi the movie (one with high quality) at youtube. Tq to my favourite uploadar, jaguarlampung. I watched many indonesian movie from his channel. Semuanya bagus bangat. Recommended muvie..oh,my god! (ada mocca lg tu), coblos cinta, oh!baby (ada j-rock!!!..kerennn habiss!!), me vs high heel...n many more.

I juz cant stop crying while watching laskar pelangi. From part 1 to part 12...non stop..tears keep coming down T_T. sad to see how they manage to keep the school still going..

A story about a small poor school situated in the richest island..Pulau Belitung.Rich for its tin ore? There are only 2 teachers and 10 students..together they struggle for education...for the poor of course. They use bali slang I think..coz heard a bit like Malay...with 'e' at the end (contoh: iya=iye, berapa=berape, tentera=tentere..ala2 semenanjung la). overall..9/10. Not only sad...but there still humor in dis movie. :P

Jangan Lupakan

ku berjalan terus tanpa henti
dan dia pun kini telah pergi
ku berdoa di tengah
indahnya dunia
ku berdoa untuk dia yang kurindukan

memohon untuk tetap tinggal
dan jangan engkau pergi lagi
berselimut di tengah dingin dunia
berselimut dengan dia yang kurindukan

would it be nice to hold you ..
would it be nice to take you home..
would it be nice to kiss you..

memohon untuk tetap tinggal
dan jangan engkau pergi lagi
bernyanyilah na na na na na
bernyanyilah untuk dia yang kurindukan

would it be nice to hold you ..
would it be nice to take you home ..
would it be nice to kiss you..

jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan hilangkan diriku
jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan hilangkan diriku
jangan pernah lupakan aku
jangan pergi dari aku

Jangan Kau Lepas

Peluklah diriku dan jangan kau lepaskanku
dan jangan kau lepaskanku darimu

Ku takkan pernah tertawa
Ku takkan pernah bahagia
Ku takkan pernah merasakannya
Bila kau tak di sini
Ku takkan pernah tertawa
Ku takkan pernah sempurna
Ku takkan pernah merasakanmu
Bila kau tak di sini

Izinkan aku berlutut mengharap kau tuk kembali
Izinkan aku berharap dirimu kembali
Dan kembali
Dan kembali lagi

Peluklah diriku dan jangan kau lepaskanku
dan jangan kau lepaskanku darimu
Peluklah diriku dan jangan kau lepaskanku
dan jangan kau lepaskanku darimu

Ku takkan pernah tertawa
Ku takkan pernah bahagia
Ku takkan pernah merasakannya
Bila kau tak di sini
Ku takkan pernah tertawa
Ku takkan pernah sempurna
Ku takkan pernah merasakanmu
Bila kau tak di sini

Izinkan aku berlutut mengharap kau tuk kembali
Izinkan aku berharap dirimu kembali
Dan kembali
Dan kembali lagi

Mar 26, 2009

60 Earth Hour


Very challenging for me. Coz I'm thinking If I should off our house heater??I'm afraid that it will be freezing here. Hmmm...will decide it later.

Mar 23, 2009

Good Luck Interview Mara SPC

::V.E - Kerna Sayang::

Next week there will be an interview for those who qualified for the Mara-Spc. Some of my frens got it. So..gud luck to Anis, Mastura, Ungku alia, Farah, Akmal n Muna and all who will be attending the interview. Dunno la this year format cm mn. But might be more strict than last year. Here I list some of the interviewer question that I experienced n form my frens experience(warning:maybe this year Q is different than last2 year..maybe there's presentation or whats so ever la...this is juz a guideline...dont believe in all..hehehe):-

1)As usual your intro
2)Why you want to further your study
3)Why you choose that subject
4)Why you choose that uni
5)Why that country
6)If u've been working before..they will ask ur job scope
7)Whats ur future outlook
8)Better prepare for MARA current issue n background (i.e the ministry..etc..etc)
9)Prepare mentally n phisically (prepare for the psycho)
10)Why u choose MARA as ur studies sponsor
11)Why u didnt do ur master here in M'sia
12)Last year there are 3 interviewer in the room (Mara+academic staff(Uni's dean) confident but no that overconfident and must act cute n adorable...hahaha

Mar 22, 2009

DJ si Pengkritik Tetap


I love weekend. Why?? Coz I can watch OIAM3 and AF7. Hahahaha. Streaming of course...

Let us talk about OIAM3 first. This week (top 8) I like Esther, amylea, nine and rizu. Esther won the immunity dis week with the song wont go home without you. I love the a new song. Amylea version of I'm yours (jasson mraz) was not bad either. Jazz arrangmnt in the song. Nanges la jason klu dengar..hahahaha. Rizu sang mercy by duffy n nine sang a cover from cokelat, karma. Love nine also..hehehe..the je.

AF7, one of the best concert (heheh..pdhal br 2nd concert). Why I like it so much??Coz they sang medley song(1 ballad song + 1 fast track)...for me its an enjoyable performance. My fav for this week....
1)Sidi - juz love his voice ;) (selamat ulang tahun + Kukoo)
2)Akim, coz he sang satu by dewa(my fav song) n buronan cinta by the lima...heheheh not bad
3)Obri - coz he sang akan tiba by aliff + Ada untukmu (nubhan)..even though ada slack byk..
4)zizi - sembilu + wonder women (sound like 'shima-teringin' sang ella song..hahahah)
5)Rini-she work in maybank bangsar b4, patutla mcm familiar face..slalu nmpk kt dtrn maybank...(off topic sat)
6)Aril - coz he's handsome n he can dance. (benar2 + robot)
7)Yazid - nice voice n nice hair ;p (lelaki ini + fikirlah)
8)Claudia - mcm dayang nyanyi lagu siti...;P (wanita+ku mahu)
9)Hafiz - coz he cute n have nice voice n hair like giring nidji...haha (cinta ini m'bunuhku+toyol)
Adila was not that bad too..but she's not lucky enough to get vote from m'sian. Thats y la time jd artis pon x famous..coz ppl mmg x minat dia useless masuk AF. But the truth...they all need to improve...just performance..but njoyable to watch if u dont hav anything to do on ur weekend like me..hahahaha.

Overall, OIAM3 is much better than AF7 student..but its ok..they still new. Kena belajar banyak lagi..hehehe.

Effy's Birthday

::Happy birthday to you - by me::

Today is effy's birthday. Last nite we celebrate at home n today we went to Nando's in Bayswater for another celebration. Yup!!Its Halal Nando's. What can I say??It's much better than M'sian Nandos..maybe the cook was originally from portugal???I think so la...coz lots of the staff look like portugese. Even the cashier look like C.Ronaldo. Hohohoho but C.Ronaldo of MU is way handsome than the cashier..but they do look a like..

Effy is the 'kakak' among us. She's a year older than me, n the 1st celebrate beday for this year(among us la..) but I still feel that we r the same age n I'm feeling old too...Aiyoo!!!So pic effy's room last nite (she juz woke up...kesian!!!) and of coz the nandos picies..and as usual..photographer didnt hav many sad!!!

on our way

the humous ate with pita bread

nak balik dah..bye2 nandos..bye2 bayswater

Mar 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad


Could not post my wishes yesterday coz I have class from 9am till 9pm. Sorry. Hope evrything is fine there. Miss u all...muah!!!

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Mar 19, 2009

Chocolate Swirl Cake recipe

::Yuna-After Midnite:: I've just post this recipe in my other blog DJ Foodsie . (I'm so flattered coz many of you asked me about this recipe). Hahahaha. Its a simple cake but still yummy. Selamat Mencuba.

Mar 18, 2009

My new touch

::Take That-Reach out::
My new touch?Apaka??Hahaha...actually Juz received by new hp. Bought online yesterday and got it today. Thak you carphone warehouse. It is my 1st touch screen hp. Hahahaha. Juz 100pound (approximately RM510). Cheap isnt it??? I'm so happy. Haven't yet explore coz it still charging. Thats my 1st happy moment for today.

My 2nd happy moment, I've got an interview this March 25th. Yippiee!!!! Lately, some of my friends attending interviews and applying for new job. (so, x nak ketinggalan jg..heheheh). I Send some resume to the company that participate in the UKEC Career Fair 2009 here in UCL. Alhamdulillah...I will attend the EPF interview (confirm!). Thanks to Sofe for recommended us to ur boss, hehehehe. There are 25 shortlisted candidates (a bit tough..but I'll do my bets, juz trying my luck). I also got an interview from pricewatercooper (PwC). They are recruiting non-accounting student to train and give course in basic accounting. This one, I've not confirm yet to attend. Why??Such a big company...and I know there's a lot of competition (same as EPF too) but this is an international company. I'm not that confident and they ask to bring a lots of stuff (so malas la...). But it still in my list. They offer 3 position and ask me to choose (assurance, tax or advisor). Apa ke bende ni???Will decided later after I've finish my coursework...stop daydreaming for a while bout getting a job. Do wish me luck ok!

*UKEC Graduan career fair - job opportunities in M'sia (jaunhya cari pekerja?hehehe). 29 companies will participate in this fair. 29-30th March at UCL. (looking forward from BNM and come they did not contact me????) add info please feel free to visit

Mar 16, 2009

I'm the chef

::Jason Mraz-I'm yours:: Last weekend I taught A'ai how to bake a cake. Our pick - "chocolate cake". What can I say, anak murid yg mendengar kata. Hohoho. Yummy!!! Today as usual...I bake my swirl chocolate cake(again??). But I decided to do the spider web art on the cake. Even though x jd..hahaha...but still yummy lor. Lets compare the look with the previous one here Then effy make now my cooking skill has rise up 1 level. Haha. Tq effy for the guidance. I hutang u browines cake (if I hav the time..will bake it specially for u!)

Recipe will update later on my dj-fc. So many picture...but too lazy to type the recipe lorr...soory ya!!!

Tudung Ekin??

::Afghan-Terima Kasih Cinta::

When Ya told me about this 'tudung ekin', I quickly search it on google. Sorry Ya, can't wait for your pic.Hehehe. I tawt this is tudung munawwarah...hmm I dunno already the tudung fashion in M'sia. I'm so outdated. Here r some pic of tudung ekin that I copy from Butik Nellys. Dont be angry ok..I gave u the credit n promote ur business as well...hehehe. Love it very much. But I think I've seen this tudung before. Tp di mana ya??Owh...Juz remember!!!!Zassss!!!the ged** girl wear this kind of tudung. eeeewwww 100x. Btw, Ya..if u hav the time...bole tlg belikn..haha. Thank q..but sha will meet u dis friday..klu x sempat x pa la ya. Sempat gak try tudung yin yg ala2 mcm ni. Sesuai jg la for my face...hehehe
This is my fav one. Floral (sesuai ka muka ku ni pakai ya?)

Mar 15, 2009

I lost my handphone


I'm so sad. I've lost my white Nokia 6288 hp. I went to high street just now to buy some stuff and when I enter the mall, suddenly I remember that today is ofi's dad birthday. So I search for my hp in my handbag to text and wish happy birthday...but then I realized that my hp is missing. Then I tawt maybe I left it in my house. When I came back...seraching and searching..asked yin to call my said the hp is switch off. Confirm!!!!I've lost it!!!! I'm not sad because of the I listed why I'm sad:-

1)Bought it with my first salary (with 2gb..RM900)
2)There r over 1000 SMS from dear ofi (and few from my family)
3)Lots of our pic (me n ofi again)
4)Recording files of ofi while he playing with his guitar thru the YM call
5)My celcom simcard which is the same number with ofi only the last digit is differ (we buy it buy it and gave to romantic having a similar no..hehehe)
6)Lots of mp3
7)Note in front of the hp was written by ofi way back in 2007 and i never erased it. Can't remember but a bit like this "bahagia berada disamping awak. sayang awak sangat2-s*****n" lebih kurang la kot...
8)People will say I'm careless or clumsy. Aiyo...never been like this before. Never lost anything (ok, except when there's a burglar in my house last year..but that's not careless...they managed to cut the gate ok!!Took my purse...dont worry no money inside..and the necklace that ofi gave to me..aiyo!!-Hint2* :p). I'm not careless!!!!

Seems that I lost everything from dear ofi (is this a sign??)No..No..dont think negative. Hahaha.
Ofi...Hint2(I want new gift..hehehe..juz kidding). Thinking of buying new hp...LG cookie maybe???Love LG Renoir..but too expensive lorr..N series??Will decide later..since hp is not that important thing here in London (coz no one call me...too expensive.Even my parents never call me..hehehehe...the power of YM!!)

Mar 14, 2009

Reality TV

::Flop Poppy-Aku dan Kamu::

Juz finish watching OIAM 3..hmm..not that 'hot' compare to last week. Same as cinoi, last week I really love tomok's performance. Crazy in Love by beyonce...what a gud choice!!!and this week his version of 'Lalala Kerja la' is 'ok' but not that 'wow' like last week. Anyway..he deserve the immunity. Way back when I'm in high school, tomok and his band newboz suddenly became famous...I really2 hate them. Lagu leleh and his sengau voices. Urgh..can't stand it! But when I'm in KML(matriculation), me n my frens went to watch a free concert at the padang bandaran?(cant remember the name la..). Then I said 'wow'. can't believe that he is a good performer n entertainer. From that moment..i like him (but not his song la). I know that he can do better..and I stop 'kutuk2' him already. Now he prove Malaysian that he can sing well. Well done tomok. I wanted to upload my pic with tomok but unfortunately I left it in Sabah. Hohohoho. Who else in the picture with tomok??You will be surprise. Hohoho. Ada yang mahu mengaku ka ndak???Will reveal later. Hint:of course me n my bff ada, J and gang. Hohohoho.

Cant wait for tomorrow AF7 concert. This season's AF7 students are good too. Especially the guys. Different range of vocal and style. Looking forward to see Shidi(Terima kasih cinta), Rubisa(matahariku), Obri(jeritan batinku), Claudia(sempurna-lagu jamming bersama dgn ofi), akim(hatiku kau luka), Aril(rahsia perempuan), yazid(penghujung rindu), Hafiz(Lagu kita) and Aisyah(dan sebenrnya). Is there any transfomation???Wait n see...

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Azrani Azmi @ poh @ future husband aza (amin..) and belated to Sheila Marie Gilbert (Congratz for the wedding too...adui..bila plak kita mo kawin ni kawan2 blogku -aza,cinoi,ainul,ona,joy,archie,paiq,poh dan semua la..). Congratz to Amy Mellisa as well for the engagement.

Mar 12, 2009

Do you dream every night?

::The Script-The man who can't be moved::

Tafsir mimpi menurut Islam:
Imam Ibnu Sirin, dalam bukunya Tafsir Mimpi Menurut Islam, berkata:
Tidak semua mimpi dapat ditafsirkan makna yang terkandung didalamnya. Ada kalanya mimpi bagaikan angin lalu namun ada yang benar-benar menjadi kenyataan. Mimpi insan yang bertakwa merupakan perkhabaran yang akan berlaku, kerana Rasulullah tidak bermimpi melainkan mimpi baginda menjadi kenyataan. Sedangkan mimpi insan yang tidak beriman merupakan berita yang disebarkan oleh syaitan.

Dalam suatu riwayat dikisahkan, seorang wanita bertanya, "Wahai Rasulullah, sesungguhnya saya bermimpi melihat sebahagian tubuh baginda berada di rumahku." Baginda menjawab, "Sesungguhnya Fatimah akan melahirkan seorang anak lelaki, kemudian engkau yang akan menyusukannya." Tidak lama kemudian Fatimah melahirkan Hussein dan disusukan oleh wanita tersebut.

Menurut ahli-ahli ta'bir, mimpi ada tiga macam:
1. Peristiwa yang menggembirakan yang benar yang terjadi setelah bermimpi, dan ini tidak memerlukan penafsiran.

2. Mimpi yang batil atau permainan syaitan, iaitu mimpi yang tidak dapat diperincikan oleh orang yang bermimpi. Ertinya orang yang bermimpi itu tidak sanggup mengingat tertib atau jalan cerita mimpi itu. Mimpi seperti ini dianggap batil dan tidak mempunyai sebarang makna atau takwil.

3. Keinginan nafsu. Seperti kita ketahui nafsu ada tiga, iaitu nafsu mutmainnah, nafsu lawwamah dan nafsu ammarah. Mimpi seperti ini terjadi kerana pengaruh fikiran seseorang. Sesuatu yang dia lakukan atau dia khayalkan siang hari atau menjelang tidurnya selalu menjelma ketika tidurnya

Tafsir mimpi menurut Barat:
Tafsir mimpi telah diamalkan sejak zaman Babilonia beribu-ribu tahun yang lalu. Aflatun, Aristu, Cicero, Kitab Injil, Shakespeare, Goethe dan Napoleon percaya bahawa mimpi tertentu meramalkan.

Manusia sudah mentafsirkan lambang dalam mimpinya menurut tamadun dan masyarakatnya. Tidak ada apa pun yang memuncul dalam mimpi secara kebetulan, tiap gambaran adalah lambang yang dihargai yang merujuk kepada kehidupan anda dan fikiran yang paling dalaman anda. Biasanya bahagian yang paling mengelirukan adalah juga bahagian yang paling penting untuk memahami.

Mimpi ada tiga macam:
1. Mimpi jasmaniah. Mimpi ini tidak penting dan disebabkan oleh fikiran yang bangun dan bimbang, demam, ramuan ubat dan dadah, penyakit. Mimpi ini tidak meramalkan.

2. Mimpi subjektif yang berdasarkan pandangan sendiri. Mimpi ini penuh lambang dan meramalkan, walau bagaimana pun makna betul tersembunyi di lambang dan kias.

3. Mimpi rohaniah. Mimpi ini dilaksanakan oleh roh sendiri dan meramalkan.

Mimpi boleh melebih-lebihkan. Semua mimpi bukan menggembirakan atau meramalkan.
Mimpi ngeri boleh meninggalkan tanggapan tahan lama yang menakutkan. Bila tertidur, fikiran taakulan tidak aktif, jadi fikiran mimpi melebih-lebihkan dan mengherotkan gambaran dalam mimpi sehingga merangsang atau menakutkan.

Mimpi-mimpi ngeri:
Jangan khuatir jika anda bermimpi ngeri. Mimpi-mimpi begitu biasanya hanya membesar-besarkan situasi yang anda sedang alami atau sesuatu kejadian yang akan berlaku. Mimpi ngeri biasanya mencerminkan sesuatu yang ada kena-mengena dengan situasi di masa lampau/masa kini atau bakal kejadian tersebut akan terjadi. Malah oleh kerana anda sudah ditunjukkan adanya situasi/kejadian yang negatif tersebut dalam mimpi anda maka kesannya tidak akan menjadi begitu kuat bagi anda. Sudah tentu elemen kejutan itu akan lebih kurang. Jadi janganlah anda risau jika mimpi ngeri anda itu sangat menakutkan.

Ayuh kita lihat apa makna mimpi kita (sebagai renungan...)

Makna mimpi

Mar 10, 2009

100306 - Another special entry

::Ari Lasso - Cinta Terakhir::

So happy. I'm so so happy ;D. Dunno how to express my feeling rite now. Today, me n ofi have been dating for 3 years. Actually we dont have any official anniversary date (coz we dont have one!). I always think that 0303 is the official one...but ofi said 1003. We have some argument here. So what do u think guys??The special date should be 0303 where our 1st meeting or 1003, our first date??Vote now..AFUNDI...hahaha. Talking about afundi...really like AF7 students for this year. Semuanya mantap2 belaka. Hahahah. Below pic...just wanna show our height difference. (so obvious!!) even though I'm wearing my high heels. T_T

at shima's wedding (we do look alike rite?)

If we got married in future (insyaAllah..amin..), cannot imagine how the bride n bridegroom look like when standing n walking together...again T_T.

Mar 9, 2009

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W "Barangsiapa yang berselawat ke atasku sekali, nescaya Allah akan turunkan rahmat ke atasnya 10 kali ganda" (Hadis Riwayat Muslim)

Assalamualaikum and salam maulidur rasul to all! Last nite Siti perform @ Konsert Sinar Maulidur Rasul. Look at her outfit. WOw WOw WEe!!!Superb, fantastic. I loike it!!! I love to wear those kind of outfit too but what to do...No size sad. Where can I find these outfit that fit me?Do I need to go to the tailor for fitting. Aiyo!!! Btw, this kind of outfit only suitable for dinner, red carpet, wedding reception (yg grand2 la). Klu nak bawa jln2 melampau la plak kan??Hehehehe. Siti is so sweet...

Mar 7, 2009

Craving for Sushi?

::Beyonce-Crazy in Love:: Yesterday I went to Sushi Hiroba restaurant at Holborn to try some of their sushi. 5 Stars!!!!!Well done. Hahaha. A bit expensive but worth it laa. I ordered Scallop sushi, salmon teriyakai and tako(choices of menu ats sebab2 tertentu :P). Dessert..dorayaki with custard cream (yeay..I miss doraemon..heheh). My fren's salmon katsu was not bad too. The place is nice, cosy, fantastic and so much more laa. But at first we need to wait before seated. So many customer. Pheww..Btw, the scallop sushi was raw...eeeww..but I managed to eat that. Not that bad. hahaha. Pic not clear bcoz of the lighting and I dont bring my dlsr. Next stop..habibi sushi at Liverpool street (halal sushi restaurant).Owh, cant wait!!!

Waiting for sushi

The wasabi and sipi2 of raw scallop, teriyaki katsu and alaska cut


Mar 3, 2009

030306 - Special Entry

::BCL-Tentang Kamu::

Entri kali ini ditulis dlm bahasa melayu dan menggunakan stail penulisan blog cinoi dan ona (maaf kerana telah m'plagirisme anda..ampun agak bebeza sedikit!). Hari ini saya tidak ada masa utk berlatih bahasa inggeris wlupun saya tahu 'practise make perfect'. Saya ingin menulis blog dengan cepat dan malas untuk mencari ayat dlm BI memandangkan kerja2 kuliah saya banyak lagi yang tertangguh. Tapi saya tidak boleh menangguhkan entri khas ini kerana ianya sangat istimewa buat saya. Walaupun si Dia tgh marahkan saya pada ketika ini, tapi saya tetap ingin menulis entri ini.

Tepat pada tanggal hari ini (030309), saya telah mengenali si Dia selama 3 tahun. Bagi saya 3 tahun itu adalah tempoh yang agak lama. Tp 3 tahun ini tidak dpt mengalahkan rekod aza dan pasangannya poh, kerana mereka telah lebih dahulu memadu asmara sejak di zaman matrikulasi lagi. =P

Bagaimana saya mengenali si Dia?
Pada penggal kedua bulan febuari iaitu di antara 15-28hb (tidak begitu pasti tarikh yg sebenar..maaf), Aimi telah datang ke bilik saya untuk meminjam komputer riba saya dan juga pelayar internet untuk menghantar kerja kursus BI beliau. Dalam masa yang sama, Aimi meminta kebenaran untuk menambah rakan beliau dalam Yahoo Messenger saya. Saya pun yang ketika itu tengah duduk di atas katil mengangguk-anngukkn kepala. Keesokan harinya barulah saya memeriksa kandungan YM saya dan mendapati ID berikut de*****. Saya pun menegur beliau dalam bahasa jepun kerana pada mulanya saya sangkakan bahawa Aimi mahu mengenalkan saya dgn buah hati beliau yg pada ketika itu tgh belajar di Jepun. 'O-genki desu ka'...'okie dokie desu'. Jawapan agak berbeza, dan terdetik dihati saya bahwa ini bukan kekasih Aimi. Siapakah beliau? Jadi bermulalah perkenalan di antara kami berdua (tp si Dia mengatakan bahawa pada ketika itu sahabat baik beliau yg telah melayan saya di YM tersebut).

Pada 030306 bersamaan dengan hari jumaat, si Dia yg baik hati ingin membawa Aimi ke KLIA untuk berjumpa dengan kekasih hatinya yg pulang bercuti dari Jepun. Saya pun menemani Aimi dan dlm masa yg sama ingin berjumpa dan berkenalan dgn si Dia. Saya mengambil masa yg agak lama juga untuk membuat keputusan tersebut dan menukar pakaian sebanyak 2-3 pasang jg la. Tp tidak mengapa kerana si Dia jg lambat(owh dia mmg begitu =p ampun pak!!!). Dalam perjalanan ke KLIA si Dia telah memsang lagu2 So7 dan ketika lagu kegemaran saya diputarkan, si Dia telah menambah volume speakernya. Wah, sungguh romantis!! Selepas berjumpa pada kali pertamanya, kami pun seperti biasa berborak2 di dalam YM. Dia telah memberi teka teki kepada saya (saya terlupa apakah teka teki si Dia ketika ini) tetapi jika saya tidak dapat menjawabnya, saya harus belanja si Dia. Di pendekkan cerita, saya tidak dapat menjawab teka teki beliau. Tetapi yang peliknya, si Dia kata biarlah kerana lelaki yg sepatutnya belanja perempuan (sudah terbalik kerana saya yg tidak dpt menjawab teka teki tersebut tp mengapa si Dia yg ingin belanja saya?) Adakah ini taktik untuk keluar bersama?Hahahaha. Anda fikirkanlah sendiri. Gambar dibawah adalah gambar pertama si Dia hantar kepada saya melalui YM. Sila perhatikan avatar YM saya sebelum avatar itu bertudung. Hehehe.(tp saya sebenarnya telah banyak mencuri gambar si Dia dr blog si Dia secara senyap)
Pada 100306,pukul 330 ptg bersamaan dengan hari jumaat jg, kami pun keluar makan bersama di Secret Recipe, Shah Alam City Centre. (tujuan sebenar ialah si Dia ingin menemu ramah saya untuk kerja kursus agama beliau). Makanan pada hari itu ialah fish and chip yang di bahagi 2 dan minuman oreo. Sejak dari detik itu, kami pun sentiasa keluar bersama tiap-tiap minggu (tidak pernah tinggal ya!). Cerita wayang yang kami tonton bersama buat pertama kalinya ialah Nanny Mcphee di OU (150306). Itulah kali pertama saya menjejakkan kaki ke OU (oh, kasihannya saya) dan kami telah lunch bersama di chicken tepanyaki berhadapan dengan giant. Di bawah ini adalah gambar pertama kami yang di ambil pada 110406 ketika kami berjalan2 ke Aquaria KLCC.

and the rest was history. Kami telah menempuh banyak suka dan duka bersama selama 3 tahun ini. Halangan utama ialah Cemburu?Iya, memang saya seorang yang kuat cemburu tp cemburu itukan tandanya sayang?Hehehehe. Walaupun saya tahu saya selalu berazam untuk berubah, tetapi tidak menunaikannya, saya sebenarnya boleh melakukannya. Saya mempunyai reputasi dan rekod yg sangat baik dalam berjanji tau! (iya kan kawan2??). Hehehehe. Tp ada satu janji saya belum tunaikan kepada kawan saya iaitu saudari joyah. Saya berjanji untuk membelikannya beg tangan guess yg murah (anda tahukn di mana?). Saya memang ingat tapi saya tiada masa untuk pergi ke pejabat pos ketika itu. Jangan risau saudari joyah, saya tetap akan membelinya untuk kamu tetapi hanya akan memberinya jika kita bertemu di masa hadapan (sbb saya sgt malas menghantar melalui pos malaysia). Sorry ya! Disini saya ingin memperlihatkan kepada anda semua, diari cinta saya dari tahun 2006 hingga kini. Hehehehe.

Jika ada orang berkata bahawa saya tidak pandai berubah, jangan tidak tahu bahawa saya telah meninggalkan sikap buruk saya dari 15 perkara kepada 2 perkara sahaja. Semua perkara ini ialah perkara yang telah diberitahu kepada saya. Mungkin ramai yang tidak sedar. Tidak percaya?Ayuh kita lihat. Sekurang2nya saya berusaha bukan? Yang di padam dalam gambar di bawah adalah mungkin saya telah menunaikannya atau pun censored. Hohohoh.

Akhir sekali saya tinggalkan anda dengan gambar kegemaran saya yg tidak pernah lagi di lihat umum. Hehehe. Semoga si Dia tidak lagi marah atau geram terhadap saya yang comel ini. wink2*

Ini adalah gambar terakhir kami berdua di KLIA. Adakah sudah takdir kami berdua?Berjumpa di KLIA dan Berpisah di KLIA??Owh, saya tidak mahu jadi begitu..

Mar 2, 2009

Make someone happy

::Acha Septriasa-Cinta Bertahan::

Got lots of stuff to do. 3 coursework need to submit dis week. Juz finish one. Hohoho. Got 1 test and another coursework need to submit next week. Total 5-1=4. T_T Dont hav the mood to finish all of these...Cant think rationally rite now. I cant focus what I read. Time moving soo slow. Hey,thats good..coz need to finish my work. I'm wasting my time by not doing anything...than suddenly that idea came. As usual...baking. I love baking so much :P. So today I make chocolate swirl cake that didnt swirl(x de loyang bulat!). After finish..I called all my housemate to 'melantak'. Yin make us some tea. Cake + tea=yummy!!! So happy they like my cake so much. Happy to see they 'happy faces'. Even Effy n djasmi fight with each other coz they wanted the last part of the cake (coz its crispy n more chocolate). The house is alive after sometimes of peace n quite...hahahah. Lots of us do our own thing in our room. So when there's food..we gather all together n its lively!!! I think it took 5-10 minutes before the cake had gone (finish). Wow!!!New record.Well done guys!!!If only that simple???easy as ABC??Hmmm...

Then I tought, If I open a restaurant or bakery shop..then if people like our product...they ok with it..n we already make them happy then we will be the happiest person in this world. coz making them happy. (apa ko merepek ni dj??). Faham2 sendirila what I'm trying to say ok...hehehehe. Ok2 ulang tayang:I'm happy by making other people happy. And if only making someone happy is as easy as this (baking cake), I rather bake cakes everyday. But unfortunately its not that simple. But at the moment let we see why this cake make them happy?Look delicious rite??hahahah
The making of chocolate swirl

The launching. Yeay!!If only I can put their pic here..we can see how happy they r. But cannot la :P

The last piece

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