Jun 29, 2010

Another project

Okey, after geolens competition, I've decided to join Who is gadis semasa? The competition is organized by Yuna. Ala Yuna owh bulan tu. Here's the pic..n u can see it in yuna's tumblr. Sukanya saya!!!!Thanks to my photographer - ofie. Yang x jemu2 amek gmbr model yg x brp lawa ni :)

Jun 27, 2010

Nurkasih The Movie

::Lenka-Dont let me fall::

Okey, while I browsing through DeZahra Fashion & Design FB, I saw Nur Amina (Tizz Zaqyah) wearing this tone tudung. Then I realized its the same tudung that Ofi gave me but different colour la. Wow!!!!Excited!!!!Even though its not a big matter. Pic below...hohohoho

Jun 25, 2010

Never Knew I Needed

Specially to someone who knows me well even my menstrual cycle :P

Lucky to have you

Jun 20, 2010

My New Fav Tv Show

::Charice - Pyramid::

Lately, I'm hooked to this new TV series called cougar town. Why?Maybe bcoz I love the cast. The main cast is courtney cox. She's hot and I really like her since Friends. Then they have christa miller. She's best known as Jordan from Scrubs. Hahahah!!!Love her too. Then, Dan Byrd as courtney's son in this tv show. You probably know him from Aliens in America as Justin Tolchuck and Busy Phillips, my fav actress too. You can watch her in white chicks, made of honour, she's just not that into you as supporting actress. So overall..there are 4 great cast to watch!Love it so much!!
Alrite..continue watch the show..tata

Jun 17, 2010

You Make Me Smile =)

::Uncle Kraker - Smile::

Just a quick update from me. Sometimes I feel very sad in my new place but thanks to my new friends. They make me smile and forget every problems n challenges that I faced. Love them so much!!!

But you know who makes me smile more?of coz my family n my dear ofie =)
Currently missing ofie so much since he's too busy with the world cup. Ahahahaha!!!
Ok...nite2 evryone

Jun 10, 2010

My new place

::Jason Castro - Let 's Just Fall in Love again::
Hav been in my new place for 2 weeks already. Overall I love it! But some cons maybe bcoz its far from my family n my dear ofi. Still haven't got my own room, probably next year :( n the most sad thing is the new program cant start this coming semester n only will be implement next year :(I'm already excited to share my knowledge to the new students but its ok, I can share with the other students as well. Some pic below, 1st-monthly assembly n 2nd when we were at nasi ayam nadia stall :P


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