Oct 26, 2010

My Style #2

White T-shirt - T:zed
Mini dress & Hat - H&M
Tight & boots - Primark
Bag - Dorothy Perkins

My Style

Okay, please ignore this post. Saja2 je nk challenge my enemy :P

Dress from Butik sebelah RHB Bdr Sri Damansara
Winter coat from Universal Traveller
Bag from Dorothy Perkins
Boots from Primark
Silver Ring from shop in Ujana Kewangan, Labuan
Long pants from Giant

Oct 25, 2010

Oh My EL!

I am supposed to save some money instead I bought new make up set!!Oh My EL!!!!!!!But really satisfied...the normal price was RM1,080 but I got it for RM200. (eleh..jualan penghabisan stok le tu) Hohohoho!!! Let hav some sneak peek...

Oct 24, 2010

Wish List Again

Abandoned again!poor bloggie! Hohoho! Okay, here r some of my wish list n I hope that I can accomplish it before the end of the year.

1. Lancome Hypnose - Luv the scents but $$$
2. Bring ofi to waterlily bistro
3. Treat ofi a yummy frozen yogurt at J.Co
4. Eat dimsum again
5. Go to soul garden again
6. Wait ofi to bring me to shogun. Hahahaha

Btw, I juz checked my old hp and I'm so surprised to see my to do list. Bring ofi to seoul garden n eat dimsum. N do you know when did I list that?Its in 2007 n its all done only this year. Wow..it takes time. Heheheh.

Oct 11, 2010

The used

Sorry blog for not updating or posting for a while. Okay, so today nk cite about this student 'B'. Not my student but my friend's student. B always hang out with my fren, n maybe 'mengadu2' problem to my fren. Maybe mengadu psl x de duit makan?who knows?N being a good lecturer, my fren helps B in terms of expenses n allowances. From the beginning I hav this feeling that B is not a good person.

So, this morning I went breakfast with my few friends n I saw B with another lecturer. I bet the lecturer paid for his meal n B even drove the lec's car. Altis gold tu!!!!!!I think B is a gold digger!!!!Btw,ade ke lelaki guna perkataan gold digger?Ignore la my grammar mistake. See...never get too close with ur students. They might used u. Lebih2 lg student laki yg perasan handsome n mengayat2 n bermulut manis. I never fell for that coz I only know one sweet guy :P

Lucky Us!

Yesterday, emy n me decided to go back malacca earlier than usual. We arrived at 6.15pm n heard about the horror crash that happened at 6.40pm near simpang ampat tol. Alhamdulillah!!! We might be trapped in the heavy traffic jam or may be involved in the accident. Lucky us!!!

While huda used ayer keroh tol coz she had to drop her friend there. Lucky her!!!!Overall...lucky us!Syukur Alhamdulilah...

Oct 3, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Ofie!!!!

Owh my Dior!!!!This year I forgot to shout out birthday wishes for ofi in my blog. So, I hope its not to late to wish him here. So peeps..enjoy the birthday vid n my own hand made birthday card for him!Sometimes I think I shud hav taken art as my professional career. HaHaHaHa!!!!! :P


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