Dec 31, 2009

2009 RecaP

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!!! Okay, its not 1st Jan yet, hehehe. Juz finished our family bbq party. Yummy!!Nom..nom..nom :P

Lets recap what have I achieved for this year. First I tawt that my 2009 will not be a great year but slowly it change...I can say that 2009 is one of my greatest year ever!Okay, lets recap u all :-

1. Got my MSc, Yeay!!!
2. Celebrated my birthday in disneyland paris (dream come true!!!)
3. Went to Holland
4. Visit paris and italy
5. Came back home. Relieved!!
6. Date with my ofie :P
7. Suddenly ofi become so genorous to me. Not so good...u will spoil ur gf. She may be demand for more >:) No la, juz kidding

That's all!!Owh??7 only???

My hope/resolution for 2010:-

1. Find a job..a good one!!I'm not demanding. But need to be careful when choosing ur career path. Hav learn my lesson before. So please stop asking me when I want to find a job, coz when I'm ready...I'm ready!

2. I wish ofi and me were each others to have. Hope that our relationship will last forever :D I promise to buy you a ps3 ::wink::wink::

3. Hope all my family hav a prosperity, health and success year ahead. Thats all.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!Have a great year!

Dec 30, 2009

New Year is just around the corner!

Two more days we will celebrate the new 2010. Hope its gonna be a better year for me and you. Want to recap all the things that I've done and achieved in this year but too lazy to do it. Hohoho!!!!

My dad juz bought 1 box of chicken wing, sausages and potatoes for our bbq party tomorrow nite. Wehuuu!!!! Can't wait.

Dec 29, 2009

KK Trip

Went to KK for my aunt's wedding n my friend's engagement. Busy n I'm so exhausted. Balik rumah lg kena buat laundry n kemas2 rumah. Fuhh!!!!!Tp best la...

Pastu benda plg x bole avoid ialah makan. Time wedding makan, time majlis tunang makan. On the way pi kk n blk sdk, makan balik2. Perjalanan mengambil masa dlm 5-6 jam. Jadi mmg berhenti2 utk makan. Kemarin blk dr kk, memula singgah Ranau makan soto kat Restoran Tanjung Puteri, sedap!!! Then berenti kt Telupid, pekena roti canai plak. Pastu perjalanan yg sepatutnya 5-6 jam..menjadi lama kerana ada kemalangan yg amat dasyat. So caught in the traffic jam. Before sampai umah, singgah plak kt Restoran Hamed pekena nasi goreng kampung n mee goreng mamak. Waduhh!!!Hasilnya...hari ini ada sedikit sakit perut.
Congratz once again to my aunt n ona.
Aunty lin's wedding

Ona's Engagement

Dec 24, 2009

~ Out ~

Will not be online on 25th till 28th. Balik kampung for my aunt's wedding n family reunion. Gotta be good!!Heard there will be gong (traditional instrument). Yippie!! Cant wait to take picture of it n bet the food is yummy!! Coz my aunts will cook for the event. I love their cookings beside my mum's.

Congratzz to my dear friend, sheila - can see her blog site under the 'other petunians'. Hav gave birth to a baby girl. Yippie!!!!Congratzz to ona, getting engaged on the 27th..planning to be there...if my aunt's wedding finish early.

Okey, signing off!!! Merry Christmas n Have a Happy Holiday u alls...

We're so FAIRYTALE it makes people sick

~ Sila abaikan entry perasan n muntah ijau ini :P ~

Dec 20, 2009

Restaurant Review : Nasi Ayam Penyet Ria

Last monday we went to the Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet Ria located in Wangsa Maju .
Because I'm craving for Nasi Ayam Lalap n ppl told me that nasi ayam penyet and nasi ayam lalap is the same, so I tried for myself. So my review is.....Nasi Ayam Lalap at Restoran Pantai is way more superb than this nasi ayam penyet ria. But Nasi Ayam Penyet Ria is still good!!. Try it!! Maybe the difference among those two are the sambal, rice n the lalapan (ulam-ulam). My friend also said that in Sarawak there's a lot of Nasi ayam penyet/lalap restaurant. Pic courtesy from my dear ofie..I even edited the pic with his name on it.Ouh!!Forgot to talk about price n the place. Place a bit of bali theme n kopitiam,ahahaha (in my opinion la..). Price standard KL :P
Business hour : X ingat start pukul tutup rasanya at 10pm or 11pm maybe. Sorry for the 'not so complete review n info'.

Nasi ayam penyet and daging penyet

Yummy!!!My milk tea...n my nasi ayam penyet



The best pic ever!!!Thanx to nazier for capturing the best moment. Looking at each other eyes with our mouth full

Baju Kurung oh Baju Kurung

Baru je hantar kain ke tailor Conlin. The best tailor in town!!!Pastu my mum beli lagi kain baru. Ok, next month la baru hantar. Hehehehe.

Actually I hav a lots of baju kurung...semuanya di kumpul dr form 1 sampai matrix sampai la uitm sampai la ke Kerja. Heheheheh. Time sekolah menengah mmg byk kumpul kolesksi baju sbb kene pakai baju kurung pi prep kn. Time matrix pun p class kene pakai baju kurung even kt UiTM pn hari2 saya pakai baju kurung. Nak nmpk ayu la tu konon...hehehehe. Unfortunately, semua dah x boleh pakai!!!Sayang sgt2, maybe ada la dlm 50++ koleksi baju kurung. Biasanya org klu x leh pakai mesti sbb x muat. But I'm not like that. Semuanya x leh pakai sbb longgar/besar. Sayang sbb baju2 semua masih nmpk brand new...even baju dr form 1. Kesimpulannya...saya sdh semakin kurus. Yippie!!!Hahahahaha!!!I wonder if I can send my baju kurung for alter?But my mum said buat baru je la..yeah!!Minta blanja mummy buat baju kurung :P

p/s: my mum addicted playing sudoku from her mobile phone :p . u all shud dload game sudoku dlm ur mum biasanya mmg sdh ada. hohohoho

Dec 16, 2009

Separuh Nyawaku Hilang

::Anang-Separuh jiwaku pergi::

These few days, my life will filled with sorrow and gloomy. Juz got back from KL to visit my dear ofie n I can feel that my life is empty without him (only for a few days la..pas ni ok la blk..hehehe). Tau tak game RPG? We r like that la...where ever he goes...I always follow him!Hehehehe. Thanx to ofi n his family for letting me stay at their house. Next time kene bawa buah tangan ni...hmm..nk bawa apa ek?

Tomorrow is the new calendar of Islam. owh..need to find doa akhir tahun n doa awal tahun.
Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram 1431H kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat. Hope we all hav a wonderful year.

P/s:I miss you so much ofie!

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