Oct 29, 2008

It Snowing in London!!

::Plain White T's - Natural Disaster ::

Yup..its snows here in london. About 2 hrs I think. Wow..experience snow for the first time in my life. Its hardly snows in London..so we took this chance playing outside the house..eventhough its cold and it is 10pm. Last year..its only snow 4 times...hmm..dis year??Wait n see. So I believe in the weather forecast..coz it 90% accurate. Hahahahah...2 degrees only...wait until the -ve temperature...can I hold it???

Oct 28, 2008

My Future Husband..opppssie...Camera

::Plain White T's - Let me take u there::

I'm thinking of buying new camera bcoz my old cam is outdated and lately the pic r not really beautiful (since when I got a nice shot?Heheheh). So, I'm thinking maybe I can grab an slr cam...but the price r so expensive. Eventhough I am afford to buy it..still thinking of it..i tawt I'm juz wasting my money. But to think it more clearly..I can buy the cam n then sold it when I'm back in M'sia..I can gain some profit. Confused2.

I'm thinking of buying Nikon D40 which cost me 249pd (with 18-55mm lens) or the D60 which is 349pd. Then..I think its too big for me..n somemore I'm a very shy girl to bring the camera along. Hahahahah...n I'm not that pro either.

How about this Canon Powershot SX 100 IS??It cost 189pd. Hmm...????

But..I'm preety sure (80%)..that I want to buy this camera. Canon Powershot E1. Cute isnt it?? With 10MP but only 4X zoom???Which color should I buy??Dunno yet...but I like this camera very much n its cheap compare others...only 129pd (Argos price)...Any comment???

Oct 27, 2008

Daylight Saving's Funny Story

::Britney Spears - Overprotected::

Do you know what is DST??Daylight Saving Time?? I just knew it today..wow!!! How unknowledgable I am (kuikuikui). On DST, you hav to adjust your clock backward an hour. The reason?Simply..you have more daylight in the afternoon. Gosh..its the end of autumn..the winter is coming. Can't wait to feel the -ve temperature next week. We also need to adjust our clock forward on spring. Still...spring is far far away..

The funny stories...Our laptop/pc clock is automatically change with the DST. Before we knew about DST, yin keep on changing her laptop's clock bcoz its early an hour..but the laptop keep on changing it..so she's very confuse..hahahahah. Me..as usual tawt that maghrib is too early..I put it on my status and I think someone realized it. Then sofe told a'ai that it is DST...so dont go to school early tomorrow. Hahahaha!!! Thank God..we dont go shopping at 11am this morning..coz its not yet 11am. ASDA x buka lagi..huahahauah...

Thats y I'm so lazy to wake up dis morning (xde kena mengena pon..hehehe). Luckily Malaysia dont have dis DST. Hohoho..leave u all an old pic of mine..(not that old). Helping out BMI project..buat sayap je ;p and a day out with my frens at etiqa. Miss Malaysia very much..

Salsa Class & Weekend at London city


I start my salsa class today at the dance studio in Barbican YMCA. Yippie!!!!First time experience dancing in a dance studio with a big mirror. Our trainer is so smooth n soft n delicate??? I tawt its gonna be easy..but nope!!!Salsa is so hard...I keep forgetting my steps. Hav to practice b4 the next class..but I really njoy it!!! One time..I accidently bump into this handsome greek guy (actually he' s the one with wrong steps!!)..he hug me a little n say sorry (wow!!!!Hehehehe..mentang2 la hensem). Not many guys participate in the class. Yeah..hard to find guys that like to dance. There r only 5 of them and the rest..20 girls.

After the class, we went to startbucks coffee near moorgate I think. So many shops,cafe n restaurant closed. London city is just like a dead city on weekend. According to statistic...300,000 ppl came to the city on weekdays for work n some for studying (which is us!!!) Can u imagine how crowded the tube,underground n overground station. We r one of them..but only on thursday..coz that day our class start at 9am. Hav to join this bunch of ppl to go to the city. Oh,My!! But on weekend...there r only 10,000 ppl left in the city. Wow...thats why all the shop closed...not getting any profit there...maybe their production cost are greater than their profit on weekend. Even Mark&Spencer closed on weekend. Luckily their public transport r very efficient..not like M'sia. You know how bad the public transport in KL usually on peak hours...I know!!!I've been there b4...

My Frapuccino Caramel Cream

After the salsa class..penat2

Oct 22, 2008

Jalan-Jalan Dgn Ahkak Pinky

::Orson - Broken watch::

So semalam, ahkak pinky and rakan-rakan bercadang ke chinatown utk membeli belah stok makanan. Akan tetapi...pelencongan telah berlaku disitu di mana ahkak pinky n rakan-rakan telah ke hard rock cafe london dan oxford street (syurga membeli belah). First time masuk Debenhams, salah satu shoppng mall yang ala-ala time square/sogo gitu...wahh....sejak bila ahkak pinky jd high class ni??Hahaha..sj masuk2 mall. Barang2 ok! Harga pon ok!

Berikut adalah gmbr2 ketika berada d hard rock...tp cuaca agak panas..membuatkn mata menjadi kecik...silau. Owh ya..gmbr pertama tu..ktorg amik gmbr sbb belakang tu ialah Lim Kok Wing University..dkt2 hard rock gak. Wow!!!! Sila zoom utk lihat kebenaran...

Oct 19, 2008

Sesi Jiwang2 Bersama ahkak pinky

:: Mytha - Pupus (cover dewa) ::

Jika kamu memberi banyak pengharapan kepada seseorang,setelah dia mula menyayangi kamu hendaklah kamu menjaga hatinya. Jangan sesekali terus meninggalkannya begitu sahaja kerana dia akan terluka oleh kenangan bersama kamu dan mungkin tidak dapat melupakan segalanya selagi dia mengingati kamu.Sebab itu apabila kamu merelakan hati kamu untuk bercinta, seriuslah dalam tindakan dan keputusan kamu itu, sebab jika kamu hanya main-main, akan ada pihak yang menangis. Alangkah sakitnya hidup bersama hati yang robek kerana mengingati seseorang.Cinta adalah fitrah manusia. ALLAH menjadikan cinta untuk memberi keseronokkan kepada hamba-hamba- Nya menjalani hidup mereka, tapi tahukah kamu lebih ramai orang yang menderita kerana cinta daripada yang berbahagia kerana cinta.Kenapa jadi begitu?

Jika kamu sedang bercinta atau pun akan bercinta suatu hari nanti,peliharalah hatinya dan rencahilah cinta kamu dengan kejujuran,kesucian dan keikhlasan serta dasarkan cinta kamu kerana ALLAH. Hanya cinta yang begini akan kekal, selainnya pasti menempuh jalan berliku dan akhirnya menumpahkan air mata kesedihan.Maka itu, jika kamu belum bersedia untuk berlaku jujur janganlah bercinta dulu. Jika kamu belum bersedia untuk setia janganlah cuba-cuba memberikan hati kepada orang lain.Sebab perbuatan yang sebegini akan hanya menghabiskan masa, membazirkan airmata dan perbuatan kamu itu akanmemulakan satu derita...Ingatlah, kita adalah apa yang kita usahakan.... Jangan sesekali memberikan harapan kepada orang lain,yang mana kita sendiri pun tidak pasti akan kesudahannya...

Jika hari ini kita melukakan seseorang, suatu hari nanti kita pula akan dilukai seperti mana kita pernah melukakan dahulu....Sesungguhnya setiap perbuatan itu akanada balasannya.. Renungkanlah...

*Dedicate to A n E (bukan nama sbnr..heheh)..live life to the fullest...bunga bkn sekuntum..kumbang pn bkn seekor. Copy n paste from abg amir smsld..hehehe..jiwang jg posting bang amir ni,mn lg la dia dpt ni....

Lets Makan-Makan

:: Orson - Gorgeous :: I love to EAT and COOK. Maybe our landlord will fix the oven soon. Yes!!! My baking skill will be revealed. Hahahaha...Level of cooking has increase...can cook for my dear ofi one day

The Nasi Ayam

The scotch

Nasi Campur : Ayam masak lemak,sup sayur bayam,sambal asam

My Ayam Goreng Kunyit

*gambar x lawa..sbb camera biasa..hehehe

Cass International Student Event

:: Bleeding Love - Ofi's version (Leona Lewis cover) ::

Yup, it is an event for international student organized by our Cass Business School. The space are limited and thankfully that all of us (my housemate) got the place. Thank you Cass!! Hehehehe. I think there were 40-50 students join the event. We are split into small group (sadly I’m separated from yin n a’ai but still…with the US girl…nasib baik x sorg2). Started our London tour (which is tour around our school n London city only…:( ) n then we also went to the Museum of London. Learn a lot about London History… For the first time I heard about The Great Fire in London. Happen in 2 Sept 1666 and it last for 5 days (so long…u know there’s no fire brigade at that time n bcoz of its dry climate). It started by a baker in Pudding Lane. This bakery r to be blame!!!Hahahahah..It destroyed nearly four-fifths of the city u know.

Along the way..I found fortis (which is join with maybank to be the mayban fortis or a.k.a Etiqa) and also Maybank (our local bank here in London..wow!!!)

Actually there r many more historic n important building which I did not really remember...we saw 30 St Mary Axe, Moorhouse, Shakespeare memorial (use to live in London) and the glass building with blue n yellow pipe (uh..4got the name)...

as usual waiting for the rail from our house to cass

In front of the London Musuem

In front of the guildhall : the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City

I think this is bank station clock tower..hehehe

Maybank Branch in London (near to our school)

The Royal Exchange and Bank of England

*Check out more pic in my flickr

Oct 12, 2008


:: Cinta Laura - Oh Baby! ::
Yeah!!!I've been in London for 1 month already. Kinda fun here. Hehehehe!!! Thank god i'm in a good health and believe it or not??I dont have any sinus/sneezing/running nose problem here compare to when I'm in Malaysia. Maybe my nose has imune to the weather here. Hohoho.

Miss all the things in M'sia. I miss KFC n McD n also watch movies (with ehem..ehem). Of coz I know there' s a cinema here too but the ticket..6pound..what????Maybe I'll not step insde (except for Harry Potter next july...temankn a'ai). Below..randomly pick pic for my 1 month anniversary...heh...

I love my room so much coz it cosy n warm compare to the other girl's room. Their room r very cold. I cant stand it. Some more I can cuci2 my mata. Usually watch this cat n fox sunbathing n sleep at our backyard. I can see the sun set n the full moon (every 13th/14th/15th of Islam Calendar). Its almost full moon now...

Love to cook very much..but sadly the oven is not functioning...hav to forget about baking. Love to bake too.Below pic...carbonara pasta I made juz now n Spaghetti that I made way back home in Sabah

Oct 11, 2008

My Petunia Life in London – Part 1 (Food)

:: Ecca – Malu-malu tapi mau :: Lots of my fren keep asking me bout my life in London. I dunno where to start but I’ve draft my blog into few parts. So for the 1st post I will tell about foods in London. Hehehe. It is my first time outside M’sia. I’ve never been away before..not that kind of peeps who hav lots of money to travel or holiday in overseas. So I’m very thankful to MARA coz giving me the chance to further my studies n I can go outside m’sia for the first time! Okay let’s start…
In London, it’s very easy to find halal food. (or maybe certain area?). For example here in walthamstow. But they said that walthamstow is muslim area (is it?). But most of halal restaurant or cafĂ© are own by Indian/Pakistan/Arabic. So u can guess what type of food they served. Is it fine if I compare their restaurant with Mamak restaurant in M’sia???I don’t really like the food but I guess ofi would love it. Lots of Tika masala, Beriyani, mutton…owh my!!! But I like chicken tika in Kebabish (near my house). The only malay restaurant that I’ve ever been is Prince of Wales. Is there any malay restaurant here?? Have to explore more. I know Sup Ani Utara also has open their franchise here..but it’s a bit far from London. As for fast food.. I only found Subway halal. Is there any McD n KFC halal here??Again..need to google more.

We (which means me, yin n a’ai) always cook. Mostly every day. We take turn or sometimes diserfy our task, hehehe. We done our groceries in ASDA and TESCO and sometimes Sainsbury’s. There’s also a lot of fresh market in High Street. Halal Meat is everywhere. But after some research, we find out that ASDA’s halal meat is the cheapest among all. So we often go to ASDA which is in Leyton (jauhnye p shopping..). Its quit far n somemore the girls like to shop like hell…so hav to bring home a lot of stuff which make my muscle pain…nvm..we juz do this once a week. Can massage2 b4 we make another round next week.

Is there any M’sian food here? I mean the raw ingredient s(what’s this??). You can find some import m’sian food in ASDA, few in arab shop and a lot in China Town! We hav decided to go shopping in china town only once a month. So much spending here…so need to control ourself. Hehehe. Here U can find Maggi chilli sauce, Maggi as the maggi, santan rasaku, perencah nasi goreng adabi, milo, ikan bilis, udang kering and many more. I also saw the panda biscuit that ofi like very much. Want to buy..but 1 pound???So expensive for a small box.

A’ai always cooks hot n spicy stuff n result in stomach ache..hehehe. Yin famous with her veges. (sayur senang nak masak pon) Me??Hmm..I juz helping around and sometimes I cooked curry, masak lemak, and ayam goreng kunyit. Nice huh?? Today for breakfast..I made fried macaroni which all of them including the US girls said its very delicious..(bangga..bangga). Maybe this weekend I plan to do pasta carbonara (nyum..nyum). Learn a lot of western dishes from effy (the US girl).

What I don’t like here?I don’t like the water..I mean the drinking water. Even the bottled water taste funny. The only bottled water that I drink is Aqua-Pura. U can drink straight away from the water tap..but the cold one. The hot water contain plumbum. I think the tap water doesn’t taste good bcoz of too much chlorine. Can I say that?? So, I often drink juice here..mostly apple juice. I also hav change my diet plan. I try to eat more fish n milk (u know i dont eat seafood). Actually i dont drink the milk..but i use it n my cereal n in my cooking. Hahaha..thats how I finish my fresh milk.

gmbr food n me in china town

Oct 10, 2008

Tribute to MOCCA

This post is tribute to one of my fav band from indon which is Mocca. Love their songs very much. Here r some of my fav song + fav clip. Hey, let us do one band like this here?I'll be the vocals...huahahuahua..

1) The best thing in the world

2) Me & My Boyfriend - All time fav

3) I remember - This song is also aired in the korean tv show, 'we got married'. Congratz guys..

4) My only one - cant find their real vc in utube

5) Secret Admirev - Not their vc too

6) Happy

7) Hanya satu -OST Untuk Rena

That's all 4 now. More songs? Go youtube urself. Other best song;I would never, Friends, Tomorrow, Swing it bob, n etc....

Oct 9, 2008

Indon Sad Song Marathon

1) This is from samson - luluh. Please watch out the cute boy in the clip. Hehehehe.

2) Astrid - Merpati Putih. OST Badai Pasti Berlalu (is this a sad romance movie?). I like the music arrangement especially the Intro part.

3) Nidji - Biarlah. I love nidji!!!

4) Ada Band - Haruskah Aku Mati??? Seriously?? Really sad song 4 me. Nangis2..

5) Kerispatih - Tapi Bukan Aku. Not Me!!

That's all for today..continue my study..cheers

Oct 7, 2008

Just Stand Up - Various Artist

What a great live performance.
All the top female artist : Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Nicole Scherzinger , Natasha Bedingfield, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti and Ciara. As usual my fav r beyonce, Fergie, Natasha, Leona, Nicole n Mariah.

Let stand up for cancer - donate now!!!

Oct 6, 2008

MSD Open House

:: Sheila on 7 - Last Pretence ::

Yes!!!Makan free lagi. As usual we all wake up early in the morning (again i'm lying..heheh). Victoria line closed so we hav to take the rail n bus. Agak jauh gak la dr our house. HuhHuhHU. Makan punya pasal...nevermind. But the food???Hmmm..high comm punya open house lagi best. But tetap bersyukur dgn apa yang ada. Alhamdulillah for the free lunch. Thank you MSD..Thank you All...

Oct 5, 2008

Our Open House

:: Sheila on 7 - Melompat lebih tinggi ::

Its our Raya open house + House Warming. Peeps that came today were Azrul n his fren Dr.Razman (Doctor that working in uk..hmm..), Khalid (our classmate that graduated from oxford in Bsc Math..wow!!!) n Sofi (bdk kelas sebelah - Actuarial Mgt). We hav fun (r we??). But the food was fab. Thanks to all my housemate. Me as usual...juz lending my hand to help n I do my famous macaroni n chicken salad (famous konon). Hehehe.

Nasib baik umah jauh dr azrul..klu x mesti die suka hang out kt umah ktorg..hehehe..sian die c batang kara...next stop..m'sian student dept open house..yummy..free lunch!!

1st Syawal in London

:: Siti Nurhaliza - Nazam Lebaran ::

Yup, its my 1st day raya in London. Wake up early in the morning (liar, not that early actually). Take turn bath then put in our splendid baju kurung/kebaya and make up! I played the takbir on my laptop..thanks to dear ofi..he saved it on my laptop. So we can feel like Raya also here with the sound of takbir. Tq Tq.

We all went to MSD (m’sian student dept/M’san Hall). X semayang raya pun..pi utk mkn je. Hehehe. Our breakfast is nasi tomato with chicken. Chit chat with some of our friends n then we went to the Kensington Garden while waiting for another open house at 1pm in M’sia High commission. Took many picture n then head to west hampstead tube station. Detour to one of azrul’s friend house near the station and we play zooloretto (board game). Its my 1st time play but I got no 2. Yin won the game..its her 1st time too. At last we went to the open house at 2pm (gara2 syok sgt main game).

Open house was great. Lots of food. Buffet style. There’s Lontong, satay, lemang, bahulu and many more. Feel like real Raya. Lots of rich peeps (vvip n embassy) which I don’t really recognize. Hahaha. We went home at 4pm…that’s all of our raya activity….(after shopping at ASDA too).

Nite…help djasmi n effy make popia. Br rasa mcm raya eve..but 1 day late.

Btw, I bought my new boot from Mark n Spencer one day b4 Raya...not that pretty but hav no choice bcoz thats only one in my size n esok da nak raya..no shoes at all. So regret...but I already bought new boots from Primark which only cost 12pd. So cheap (dont convert in RM ok!) n so cute.

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