Jul 31, 2009

Day 6 - Paris to Pisa

Check out from the hostel n went to La fayette Galleres - famous shopping mall in Paris. The interior design is very nice but too $$$$$. Heheheh. Branded item such as LV, Gucci, and many more. Window shopping je..x mampu nk beli pon :P
Then we went to Hard Rock cafe paris. It's my 1st time to the HRC (eh...dulu kt london ada amek gmbr2 dpn je). But I never been to HRC Malaysia. Btw, we travel around with our luggage..so I think its a bit tiring but I do love the bag coz can transform to a seat when needed. Hohoho.

Then went to Beauvais airport...flite to Pisa...Wuhuu...but unfortunately our flite delayed bout 2 hours. While we check in to the gate, they asked us to open our tudung for security check but of coz in a small closed room with curtains. I'm not that pissed off coz after all they still respect our religion. Good2. But I do hate Ryanair coz allow 1 cabin bag per person..so u need to put ur handbag inside ur cbain bag. Menyusahkan betul!!!

Arrived late at the Pisa International airport so we decided to call for cab and its cheap!!!I tawt they will charge us more coz its late. Went to Granduca Hotel which situated in San Giuliano Terme (ala2 kampung la) a bit far from the central but worth it!!!Good services n situated in a peaceful small town, suitable for someone that need to relax from a bz hectic city life. Houses around similar to M'sian house. Sikit2 la. Owh, how I miss M'sia. If u realized all of us wear sunglasses all the time, yup!!!Paris n pisa is very hot. I think hotter than m'sia...paris x sgt...but italy yes. Some of my frens got sun burn ... tq to my cream, compact powder n sun block Mas. X burn sgt pon. Alhamdulillah.

To be continued..

Jul 30, 2009

Day 5 - Disneyland Paris

Went to the disneyland. As usual wake up early in the morning. cath the early train. Memang travelling kurang tdo n rehat. Nasib baik bertahan sbb dah praktis awal2..hehehe.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!Celebrated my beday in disneyland. Like a wish come true. Hahahahah. Thanx for the purezento girls. I got t-shirt, lollipop and minnie plush toy.

Started the day playing the indiana jones ride...which I regret so much!!! As all of u know..I hav a back pain due to struggling with the snacther (x struggle pon). When I ride this roller coaster...it hurts more coz it shakes so much n the seats is not that comfort so my back hurts all day long n I didnt play any roller coaster ride after that. Not to worry, ada kawan gak. Yin also got sick, she felt dizzy riding the roller coaster...so both of us play a simple2 game. Hehehe. My fav ride..of coz 'Its a small world'. So cute!!!! Owh ya, hav I told u that I never been to genting highland theme park??Seriously...trust me. The only theme park I hav ever been are pesta pula pinang (x main pun sbb kecik2 lg time tu) and time square (not that challenging). After this if I ppl asked me to go to genting...maybe I'll refuse to play the roller coaster (too old to play...don wanna hurt my back again, hehehe) but I'm pretty sure that ofie dont like the roller coaster too rite??? Heheheheh.

more pics (courtesy from anis,mas n a'ai-'s cam n mine too)

Disneyland Paris

p/s-nk kuar jap lg...another beday celebration for me wif the housemates.Heheheh..I loike it.

Jul 29, 2009

Day 4 - Eiffel..I'm in Love

Wake up early in the morning about 1.30am. Cooked n prepared food for travelling. Catch up the eurostar train at 5.25am. It took only 2 hours to arrive paris. Wow!!! Arrived Paris Gare de nord at 8am. Then check in to the hostel. Went to Anvers for makan2 and shop for souvenirs. Then we went to the famous besi buruk, eiffel tower!! Lepak2 sampai ptg..n then went to museum de louvre where the famous mona lisa painting are. Tp x masuk pon..mahal n entrance da tutup. hehehe. Juz took picture around the musuem n the famous cube where they shot the da vinci code movie.

Eiffel I'm in Love

Day 3 - MT - BB - LE

On the 3rd day we went to Madame Tussauds, famous for its celebrity wax figure. Then we went to westminister where the big ben, house of parliament and london eye r situated. (okla..tgh mls nk berblog....tgk la album...for mum n dad...more picture tgk nnt time adik blk...too many too upload here. hehehehe)

Day 2 - Bicester Village (again???)

Wake up early in the morning to catch the early train. But we are too early. hehehe. So we walk around the marlyebone station before the train approached. Otw to the shopping village (mcm biasa). I bought nothing...give chances to the tourist :p

To be continued....

Day 1 - The Arrival

Been bz for a week coz jd tourist guide for my friends, anis n mas that came here for a holiday. Very tired, sleepy, exhausted but happy!!! The trip vacation has been planned 2 months before n glad that we acomplished it. Heheheh. Started our 1st day on the 19th of July at 1 am where we fetched mas from stardford station. She flew wif airasia. Mas is my classmate in UiTM, colleague in RHB and housemate in Damai. Agak rapat juga la. Came home, sleep for a while and then woke up early in the morning n heading to the oxford street. Mas is a shopaholic too, same like A'ai...heheheheh!!!! went to the king cross station to catch the train to Hogwarts at platform 9 3/4. Hehehehe. The platform is made specially for the 2nd movie of Harry potter. Perasan x? Then we went to Heathrow Airport to fetch anis (using MAS). She came out late coz the immigration ppl said that anis went to london to for a job hunt n not for a holiday. Aiyo!!!!! Then go back home, stopped by for a while at Arsenal...n then tdo!! To be continued....

Jul 18, 2009

For my naughty lil Bro


Got a special bundle offer from amazon (after waiting for about 3 months). So here is it. The xbox 360 (60gb je) for my lil bro. Will only be 'him' if he pass his SPM examination wif flying colors and also be nice to me as long as I'm at home :P

The box was heavy. When I lifted it up, my back ache again (after the snacthed incident). T_T. I'm going for a vacation soon...i cant hav any body ache..muscle sore or any other 'damages' on my body. It seems that my body is 'fragile' lately. Hmm.....I think I need to ship this thing la..I cannot carry it on my luggage (ok jg tu...klu sampai awl, nnt x study spm plak). Owh..this can also be his advance beday present. Or maybe my family will get their advance beday present from me. Hehehehe.

p/s: got 3 baju kurung/kebaya for this year raya. thanx to my mum...sgt pantas dan efficient.

Happy Birthday Yin!

::Lady GaGa-Eh Eh::

Oklah, ini adalah siaran tertunda. Happy belated beday to yin on the July 12th. After a long discussion bout where to celebrate her beday, at last we decided to celebrate at Nando's halal at bethnal green. When we arrived in bethnal green, cari punya cari nando's (x jumpa!!!!) . AAAAA!!!! Suddenly, we saw this KFC restaurant....weird??A lot of woman wearing scarfs eating inside the restaurant. Halal??Then I saw the halal sign. Yes, it is HALAL. The first halal kfc that we found. How come there's no info on the net??I've search before..but none!!!New one??? So we decided to buy a bucket of KFC and juz celebrate at home la. Hahahahah.

After 10 months fasting from KFC..heheh

The purezento - clinique happy heart n frog card

smile beday gurl (guess which one is the bday girl??heheh)

Jul 14, 2009


Currently I'm listening to Siti Nurhaliza's video on youtube. Cover version made by her. I love it so much. This one is my fav!!!I do like siti sang berhenti berharap...I think she make like her own song n style. Bravo to siti.Okay..ofi..please find the guitar tab...bole challenge sham kamikaze..hehe. I'll do the vocal...practice2...kita perform nnt ya? ;)

Jul 13, 2009

After the incident

::BIP-cinta tanpa mata::

So lazy to update my blog. So let the pic do the talking ok!These pictures taken after the nearly snatched incident. Ofi said I look happy in the pic. Hmm...happy coz dpt shopping??Or happy dpt beg??

We decided to walk from bicester north to the bicester village. 10 minutes only. Save 2pound(klu naik bus)

The village

Nice shopping environment

At TOD's. Pretty2 handbag but $$$$$$$ Owh..I forgot!! We met Faizal Tahir look a like at the village. But my heart strongly said that it is Anas Tahir..his brother that study in swansea university (if I'm not mistaken la). Hav u seen anas tahir youtube??with akhbar. so hilarious funny!!!!!Anas Tahir wif family (which means faizal tahir's parents!!!!) Fuyooo...

Jul 11, 2009

Nearly snatched

::Jonas Brothers-LoveBug::

Another sad story of mine. Yesterday, b4 we went to bicester village...my bag nearly snatched by 'org kulit itam'. Luckily I managed to hold to my bag n i did not let it go. Yup, I know ppl said that when there's a snatcher, juz let go of your belongings n dont risk ur life. But in my case, I cant let it go, thinking there's a lot of things in the bag, my purse, passport-visa, money, telekung (berkat telekung ni..alhamdulillah) and as usual I always hold my bag..so the snacher cant easily snacth it away and i'm confident that I can get my bag back coz the snacther is not that big n he didnt hold any sharp weopons..hehehe but I used all my strenght with the help of dj jasme too (a bit late helping me..but it worth it..tq dj jasme!!!). Yin juz standing n stare...she was shock+panick n thinking shud she help or not (adoi!!!!saat genting mcm ni pon leh pikir2 lg). But i dont blame her, she might be so scared. A'ai is way in front of us, x sempat buat apa2 gak coz we already get the bag. Happen very fast..maybe in 30 seconds like that..struggling with the snacher (cm main tarik tali). When he knew he cant get the bag..he let go of my bag n ran away and me n dj jasme fell down... :( sakit la blkg terhempas kt simen...to be precisely its my punggung!!! Aww!!!! Hehehe

I know why he aim me..coz I'm the smallest among all. You think you can mess with me?You picked out the wrong girl!!Owh, btw its 6.00 am in the morning so there's no one else in the tube station where the snacthing took place..thats why no one came to help us. I'm a bit shocked n I swear to myself I will never go out alone again..thankfully I'm going back to M'sia in another 2 months. I'm saved!!!Heheheh...

The shocked n a bit of scared has lead me to shop like crazy (ok..alasan je). But I think its true :P
Hasil shopping hari ini....see below pic
Gambar beg dorothy perkins yg dah koyak..dan telah di ganti dgn membeli beg dkny yg br. Hahahah. Tq dorothy perkins...sangat tahan n not easily tear off. Kalau x..mmg peragut tu yg dah dapat!Alhamdulillah...the power of Allah too. Always bless me..alhamdulillah... Sedikit sakit2 di bahu n lengan..mungkin kerana mempertahankn beg dr di ragut or maybe to many shopping bags that i've carried yesterday :P

Jul 9, 2009

Back to Normal

::NSYNC-No string attached::

Back to normal means the weather here in london is back to normal, ahahaha. After a very hot summer (30-33degrees) now its back to 24 degrees. I know m'sia is hotter than this but here the climate is very dry and the sun feels very close...feels like the sun is on the top of our head :P One more thing why I cant stand the hot weather here, there's no fan in the house-Hot! No air-cond inside the tube (okay..maybe there is but u cannot feel it). I need to buy sunglasses coz my eyes ache so much. Betul ke ayat ni?? But I know..this peacefully weather will not last long. Have you heard this quotes...'a woman is like an English Weather'. It means that women are very moody..heheheh and their emotion is very unpredictable same like the english weather. So the weather here is very unpredictable...oh my...

Now that I am free...not really free la, I'm going to do some blog hopping to my frens blog. hehehehe. sdh lama sy tidak membacanya. Congratulation to all my fren (yg kahwin..yg dpt kerja...yg dpt sambung study..and what ever that u've achieved. For those who r not that lucky..mcm saya..try again n never give up. We still have another 6 month before this years end).

p/s:Cant wait for August 7. At 12hrs 34 minutes and 56 seconds on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will be 12:34:56 07/08/09 (123456789). I also cant wait for 090909...mesti ramai org nak kawin tarikh ni kn??(tp puasa la plak) Aku book tarikh ni - 091011 x pon 121212(jgn sesiapa amek ok!eh..3 thn lg??lm nya..xjd la)

Jul 8, 2009

My Review

Love the scent

Jay London 7/8/2009


5 5

Pros: Easy To Use, Good Smell, Effective, Good Value

Best Uses: Men, Everyday

Describe Yourself: Budget Oriented, Quality Oriented

bought it for my bf..n i Love his smell. fresh!



::Gigi D'agostino - You Spin Me 'Round::

I'm so happy!!!!Happy happy as can be...weeee....(please ignore my craziness rite now). Juz finished my coursework..will submit it after zohor. Malas lak nk pi school. At last I'm free from doing the coursework, back ache (sakit you..) and lots of things la. The tension..owh my leg lak terseliuh...maybe kurang strecthing kan??T_T not good!!!Need to start work out from now on, few days more before our trip vacation. Cant wait!!!!

Owh..will be going to Bicester Village this friday. Discount designer brand outlet, juz name the brand...they hav it all (except gucci n LV xde la ek). Planning to window shopping only. Hahahaha..or maybe try searching for sunglass (DnG maybe klu murah2). Owh, will be going to waterford&wedgewood outlet where there's a variety of tableware, chrystale etc. My mum asked me to buy some tableware. Hmm...Royal Doultan?Royal Albert?vera wang pun ada gak set ni??mesti mahal. So mummy, please browse this website and tell me which one do u like. Coz I dunno which one to choose coz i dont like the design...try to survey the price first n will be going back to bicester vilage (again) on 18th of July. hahahahaha!!!!!! Survey first, shop later. Thats why I juz do window shopping this friday :P

Wedgewood - Try to look at Johnson Bro's, the english classic ( x suka pon..eheh),
Royal doultan - Ada range gordon ramsey lg..heheh
Royal Albert - Expensive T_T but I like the old country rose collection. hehehe

old country rose (love it!)

I also like a square round plate - this one from corelle
p/s: Currently doing some shopping online. Memborong perfume under 10pound. Hahahahaah.
Thinking of doing some business...ada org nk beli ke??Tp cm syg la plak :P

Jul 3, 2009

I need another 10 credits

::Nsync-No string attached::

Yesterday was a hectic day for me :P Xm, coursework, shopping for silver&black dress (which i didnt find anywhere) n went to our end of term party. Heheheh. Another 2 more coursework to submit and then will be dreaming about our trip to paris n italy. Heheheh.

Btw, juz got my result. Alhamdulillah, I pass all the core subject. Heheheh. But I still need to resit my financial math paper (told in the blog before, 60% of the class fail. So cannot blame me..heheheh). And I also need to take another elective paper this august coz I dont have enough credit..another 10. Why???What??How??Aiyo...elective subject worth 30 credits hour lorr. Sudah terlebih 20 klu amek ni. I decided to take modelling paper. wish me luck!! I'm not good at modelling. Aiyo!!!!

Planning to go back M'sia on the 7th of september. Weee....hepi2 cant wait. and probably will be quarantine myself with yin in shah alam for about 5-6days. Mmg menyahut seruan kerajaan la ktorg ni! Then planning to spend the weekend with ofi before I fly back to sabah. Sorry mum n dad coz blk lmbt. But I haven't decided yet. Maybe hav another plan or what so ever la.

Another problem of mine, how to ship back my kargo???The charge for shipping my item to sabah its not that expensive. Extra 10pound only from one that ship to peninsular m'sia. But the major problem is...the min charge is 100pound. What???100pound??west m'sia min charge is 40pound. Thats a big difference. I dont think so my shipping cost will be 100pound. I think I only ship 2 large boxes which will only cost 70pound. another 30pound???If thats the case...will be shipping 3 boxes. Bawa semua balik, my duvet,my pillow, and all la...heheheheh. Still thinking the next solution. Problem..problem..problem...aiyo...

Need to relaxed myself from al this tenses :P (x tension sgt pon)
19 days to go for our dream vacation...

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