Mar 2, 2009

Make someone happy

::Acha Septriasa-Cinta Bertahan::

Got lots of stuff to do. 3 coursework need to submit dis week. Juz finish one. Hohoho. Got 1 test and another coursework need to submit next week. Total 5-1=4. T_T Dont hav the mood to finish all of these...Cant think rationally rite now. I cant focus what I read. Time moving soo slow. Hey,thats good..coz need to finish my work. I'm wasting my time by not doing anything...than suddenly that idea came. As usual...baking. I love baking so much :P. So today I make chocolate swirl cake that didnt swirl(x de loyang bulat!). After finish..I called all my housemate to 'melantak'. Yin make us some tea. Cake + tea=yummy!!! So happy they like my cake so much. Happy to see they 'happy faces'. Even Effy n djasmi fight with each other coz they wanted the last part of the cake (coz its crispy n more chocolate). The house is alive after sometimes of peace n quite...hahahah. Lots of us do our own thing in our room. So when there's food..we gather all together n its lively!!! I think it took 5-10 minutes before the cake had gone (finish). Wow!!!New record.Well done guys!!!If only that simple???easy as ABC??Hmmm...

Then I tought, If I open a restaurant or bakery shop..then if people like our product...they ok with it..n we already make them happy then we will be the happiest person in this world. coz making them happy. (apa ko merepek ni dj??). Faham2 sendirila what I'm trying to say ok...hehehehe. Ok2 ulang tayang:I'm happy by making other people happy. And if only making someone happy is as easy as this (baking cake), I rather bake cakes everyday. But unfortunately its not that simple. But at the moment let we see why this cake make them happy?Look delicious rite??hahahah
The making of chocolate swirl

The launching. Yeay!!If only I can put their pic here..we can see how happy they r. But cannot la :P

The last piece



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