Dec 28, 2011

Pelamin idea

This is my sis' pelamin last year. Amacam?Boleh tahan jg kan? Nice!

Yang ini pula biras saya pny pelamin. Lawa jg kan?Mcm ala2 mahligai creative yg buat kn?

Dec 11, 2011

Fun Fun Fun

Some pic from my training last month. Cute kan saya? :P

319548_2226285702216_1399996767_31865473_1670180280_n funky induksi4induksiCan u spot me in pic above?Hehehehe  


Credit form our photographer, bjan.

Wedding Inspirasi : Tudung Pengantin

Okay, it’s a boring day for me. Astro just keep repeating the same shows, and there’s no new update from my friends or even the celebrity’s blog. So, I google up my way to find ideas for wedding. Hohohohohoh. This time is about the tudung. Actually I’m thinking wearing the simple tudung – instant tudung. Its more easy and fast. But I might try one of these:-

Here are my fav :

This is Aida gadis melayu if I’m not mistaken


Ini adik rozita che wan / lan pet pet’s wife


Ini ika radiusite


This one kinda pretty too



Ini biendatudung8     

mmm….sng nmpk leher ni, tp lawa jg



For me, tudung hana tajima look a bit messy even though stylista la konon


Here we can see  the new style tudung yuna in these few pics :P (wont wear this kind of fashion)





Dec 9, 2011

Gifts and so much more

Bought this for my dad! The new nokia asha. I, myself havent yet explore this device. Free angry birds inside!Hohoho. This is a preview for my dad.


Well, hello there! This is a gift from my dear ofie. Hahahaha. Love it so much!!!Thank you so much!



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