Aug 28, 2009

To my mum & dad

Dear mummy and daddy....

Can I go to KL on the 25th of Sept till 4th Oct? My fren is getting engaged and another one is getting married. And juz now I juz got a promotion ticket from MAS. Can I? Kalau x boleh..x pa. I know we still in Raya mood at that time and big sis will be going back on the 26th of sept. Thank you..

your cute daughter,

adik d

Aug 27, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Juz finished my 1st exam paper. Hmm...InsyaAllah lulus. I dunno whether the questions r easy or I becoming more clever (hehehe) or maybe bcoz it is ramadhan, every thing is made easy for you. Still need to study for my exam on the 2nd sept n then I'm free!!! Looking forward to go back on the 7th. Yippie!!!!!

Owh, ofi is in sabah for his practickal work. He will be in kk,kinabatangan n semporna. So to my fren, who ever met him, please say hi to him for me. I miss him so much (sbnrnya x rasa pon dia kt kl atau sabah...hahahah). This mean that ofi goes to semporna before I go there. Its not fair!!! Hahaha...n a bit embarassing. How come a sabahan never went to semporna...aiyo!!!Malu2. My family went there when I'm in boarding school...sungguh tidak adil. And ofi might be going to one borneo....again..I never been there! But its not me to blame, last time when I'm in KK, 1B tu x buka lg pun. Tp mmg dah siap sepenuhnya time tu. one borneo = one utama...kira sama la kan?? Heheheh. Ok..another hour before breaking my fast. (lps asar x elok study..thats y i'm blogging!!!). Today menu, mushroom and egg soup, called my mum to ask for the recipe. I miss her cooking. The truly chef. Compare her with me...I think I'm only 30% of her expert. Need to catch another 70%.

Aug 24, 2009

1st Ramadhan (entri tertunda)

So How's my 1st Ramadhan di perantauan? Ok I think?? So far okla even though the fasting duration is a bit long since it still summer. Hav to fast from 3.30am till 8.15pm. Gosh, cant wait for the fall but I think I will not make it coz at that time I already back in M'sia. Wohoooo!!!!! My menu for our 1st day of fasting is 'Nasi Goreng Salmon'..yummy!!! The problem about fasting is that I have to change my diet routine. Coz yesterday (1st ramadhan) I ate a lot and feel very bloated and my tummy ache so much. My normal eating routine (bukan bln puasa): Breakfast at 8am - Nasi + lauk Tea time at 5 or 6pm - Bread or fruits or cereal or combination :P Minimum glass of water - 5 (based on my height n weight, mine is only 5) Sepanjang hari x kan makan apa2 kecuali menu di atas. (tp kadang2 mkn keropok atau chocolate ;P) My 1st Ramadhan routine: Break-fast at 8.15pm - Nasi + lauk Sahur - Nasi + lauk <---Nasi again?Thats y my tummy hurts Then How am I suppose to drink 5 glass of water during 8.15pm till 3am. Counted only 8.15 to 1am..coz I sleep early. Some more I am very slow when drinking water. My stomach cant hold excessive water. Hohohoho. So on 2nd Ramadhan, InsyaAllah. Will change the routine. Maybe I will take breads or fruits only for my sahur. The experiment will begin tonight. Wanted to see if I can survive only with breads for sahur. Yeah, I know I will survive but can my tummy survive n not making any sounds on the fasting day??Hahahahha. Takut lapar je. Selamat berpuasa semua. 1 hour before breaking my fast Menu for today: Nasi + Ayam masak halia

Aug 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan semua


Jangan curi-curi

Jangan malas masa bekerja

Jangan buat

Jangan asyik

Jangan asyik banyak2 bersabar

Mestilah sentiasa

Do'a malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan "Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa umat Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan andai dia tidak melakukan hal-hal yang berikut:

* Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih ada)
* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri
* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya

Oleh itu dikesempatan ini, saya(dj) ingin meminta maaf dan memohon ampun kepada kedua ibu bapa saya (mummy and daddy), Kak Lisa dan adik farid, keluarga, saudara mara, sahabat handai, rakan taulan dan rakan blog jika ada sebarang kesalahan yang sengaja ataupun tak sengaja.(suami?ofi dlm list ni lah ok?) Semoga kita semua diberkati dan dirahmati Allah dan dihindari segala musibah dan bencana. AMIN......

Aug 20, 2009

It's you who made my day!

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart"
Quotes from kay knudsen, photo editting taught by ofie :)

Aug 18, 2009

Hav u ever received flowers from ur loved ones?

Have you?I've received two bouquets of flowers (roses) and a rose from him (^_^). Each for a different event. Love it! But in the end they died. But dried flowers are beautiful too. XOXOX

"I am far from perfect. But I will be perfect for that imperfect someone who is perfect for me"

*Quotes copy from Le Love image and pic by the famous photographer to be - dj :p

Teddy's Love Story

"Hello! My name is Teddy Love. How do you do?Wanna be my date? If yes, do Love me tenderly."

credits to my sony A200k, the teddy, the lego and photoscape (easier than adobe CS)

Aug 16, 2009

First Attempt - On the nite like this

Specially made for ofi. I know art is not for me but I'm fascinate doing this kind of animation 'thinggy'. It took me about an hour to do this, from drawing, adjusting the timeline, publish and upload in youtube. Phewww!!!!Ok for 1st attempt la kan. Next time will do better. Hahahaha.

Inspired from musicANDmuffin and some videos (scroll down to see the previous vid that i've posted). Using paint and movie maker. I love the stars which the only one that look animated. Hahahah!!!

Journey back home part I

::Lisa Hannigan & Damien Rice - Older chest::

Some of my fren started to blog about their marriage journey, parents to be journey, babies journey etc..etc. Okay, I'm a bit jealous, so I also wanted to blog bout my very own journey. Its called Journey back home. Hahahahah. Alrite, it doesnt make sense, i mean it is not the same as the other journey. Heheheh, but its my its up to me to blog anything la!!!

Okay2. 22 days before I'm home (actually 32 days b4 I came back to my home sweet home). Start packing a lil bit coz my shipping date is on 29th August. A large box, 2 medium boxes and a medium luggage. InsyaAllah. Still packing and still confuse which item to be shipped or which one to bring along with me on board. Pic of my box and my messy bedroom. Lots of empty boxes - need to get rid of it but the garbage collector only come once a week. Aiyo!!!Recycle??Hmm...will think of it. See the hamley's bag??Bought a beday present for haiqal from hamley's. Hohhohoho. I love hamley's but I think I'm old enough to be there...hav to borrow someone else kid la next time before enter. To be continued....(but there will be more pic of boxes and beg only la..what do u expect from the journey??Hahahah)

Aug 15, 2009

Fish & Chip & Love

Whenever I miss you (and hungry), I tend to eat your favourite dishes even though I dont like it :P. So today my Brunch (breakfast + Lunch) is fish & chip with rice (cant live without rice!). First meal we ate together on the very 1st date. I dont eat fish actually. Certain type only.

23 days to go~

Please accept my apology dear ofi (",)

Okay, I admit its my fault. Disturbing your sweet slumber and membebel hal2 yg remeh temeh and being insane at 1 o'clock in the morning(u know me rite?Hehehe). Okay2, serious2. I'm so sorry and this is for you. You know how much I Love u rite? (wa!!!Entry jiwang pertama dj??)
p/s-ketidakwarasan terjadi pabila mendapat result stochastic asset model yg mengecewakan(gagal le tu). Sangat berterima kasih kpd kwn2 yang turut menemani saya (gagal jg le tu :P) dan baru saya faham kenapa ramai org kata actuarial science itu course yg sgt ssh (ya, mmg sgt2 ssh!!Padan muka ko dj!). Tapi ini tidak akan menjatuhkan saya dan saya akan terus berjuang spt pepatah Inggeris yg popular itu, Never Give Up!

Tips utk menghindari drpd dikacau oleh dj ketika tidur: Cakap elok2 nak tidur dah, pastu say good nite, sayang awak n then terus letak hp cepat2 dan matikan hp tersebut. Gerenti x dikacau punya =)

Aug 14, 2009

Love Quotes & VC for today

::Regina Spektor - Raindrops::

"I belong arm in arm with you baby"


Make me a cup of coffee please?

credits to everythingsuchas

Aug 13, 2009

The Nicest Thing

Dedicate specially to you. So sweet and a bit sad. Will be my next project after I've done with my study. Hohoho..some animation and drawing. Hmm...what will be the result?

Thank You Very Much

I Know I'm not perfect and maybe never will be. But I'm trying hard to be one. Thanks for loving me and my imperfection. Lots of Love from me to you (you know who you are)...26 days to go...

Celebrity look a like (again)

Wow...different result!!For the 1st time I got mat salleh girl. Hehehe. Coz usually I got chinesse, korean or japanese. hehehehe. OK2...back to reality. Sambung study.

Birthday Story (again)

::Enamorada - Miranda::

Went to bodyshop to buy my day cream moisturizer as a stock in M'sia. This cream worth RM54 in malaysia (dunno the current price but this is the last year price). But here, I only paid 6pound which equal to 36pound or below. Very cheap n I have a discount member card (klu kt m'sia ssh nk dpt diskaun ni). Then the cashier said that I havent redeem my beday gift. Hahahaha!!!I'm so happy!!!So I choose the limited summer edition eye shadow. Weee...I'm so happy. Another 1 purchases before I can redeem my 10pound gift. Hmm..what should I pick this time??

Play another my heritage celebrity look a like. Its been a long time since my last visits there. Different picture, but the result is still the same. Hmm...okla tu..ada gak mcm muka artis. hehehehe.

Aug 12, 2009

Petua Dapur:Hilangkan rasa pijar di tangan (akibat cili/lada)

Tadi siang cili kering dlm kuantiti yg banyak utk makan malam tetamu. Akibatnya, tangan terasa pijar. X pijar pun tp bila nk buka contact lens tu mata terasa pedih dan pedas. So I googled to find any 'petua'. Terjumpala beberapa petua dan terfikir utk membuat eksperimen nak tentukan which is the best method.

Petua 1
Rendam tangan dalam air basuhan beras
malas nak buat sebab x kan nak masak nasi malam2 buta kn?

Petua 2
Rendam tangan dalam air garam
x buat gak sbb garam tinggal sikit, nnt housemate mengamuk plak xde garam nk masak esok,hehe

Petua 3
Rendam tangan dalam air gula suam
pulak doh, air gula lak. Sayang la kt gula n then nnt manis plak..takut semut hurung. But the truth is...x penah plak nmpk semut kt london ni :P

Petua 4
Ramas2 or genggam2 beras dan kemudian basuh tangan seperti biasa
ok, cara ni plg mudah n x membazir bahan2 mentah. Kita cuba yg ini dulu ya!Hasilnya.....x pedihkan mata...Tq2...bole la buka contact lens dgn selamat slps ini.

Aug 11, 2009

I'm Broke, we all broke

::Ungu - Hampa Hatiku::

The utilities bill came once for 4 months and i forgot to calculate this into my budget. Everyone in da house too. After going for a trip in europe ....abeskan duit, now I've overspend the money. Konon nk bawa blk duit banyak tp :( . I'm so sad. Need to stop shopping. Souvenirs (checked), presents for my family (checked), shopping (checked) what else???OOOO....forgot to calculate my rent deposit..Yippie!!!Ada duit lg. What else??Owh, barang2 pesanan rakan2. Wow!!!!Jangan lupa bank in Ok?Hehehe..ok x broke dah...ada duit balik :)

Aug 10, 2009

Day 12 - Greenwich

On day 12 (our last trip) we went to Greenwich (pronounce with silent 'w', greenitch). Popular for its maritime musuem, the queens house(ada teh tulip staircase), royal observatory (where the meridian 0'0 situated) and the greenwich park.

The maritime musuem n the queen's house

The big telescope

View from the top of the royal observatory

The famous 24 hours clock

We r far apart T_T

I'm standing on the world famous Greenwich Meridian Line, which represents the Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude 0ยบ. Fuyoo!!!


Time Ball on the top of Flamsteed House Every day on 12.55 pm the ball will rise until 1.00pm n then it drops. It is the earliest public time used as a signal since 1830's (correct me if i'm wrong..I'm worst in remembering the history). We wait untill 1pm. hahahaha!!! Its fun really..watching the ball n cuci2 mata on the green2 grass by the river (x de river pon) The End

Aug 7, 2009

Day 11 - Buckingham Palace & Tower Bridge

Went to see the changing guard @ buckingham palace. Dunno why it's so famous. Hahahah. :P Then went to tower bridge, tgk HM Belfast, morelondon...tgk creative art object...nice dlm gmbr x lawa plak. Is it my cam??or the photographer??hahahaha. Orait...nk sambung study. Enjoy the album.

Day 11

Aug 5, 2009

Nisfu Sya'aban

Hari Nisfu Sya'aban akan tiba pada 05 August 2009 (selepas maghrib pada hari 14 Sya'aban 1430H ). Malam ni la tu.

Oleh itu, marilah kita sama-sama mengambil saat keemasan ini untuk menutup catatan amal ibadah kita kpd Allah dengan baik dan sempurna dan seterusnya berazam untuk memperbaiki diri kita untuk catatan yang baru.

Hari nisfu sya'aban adalah hari dimana buku catatan amalan kita selama setahun diangkat ke langit dan diganti dengan buku catatan yang baru.

Catatan pertama yang akan dicatatkan dibuku yang baru akan bermula sebaik sahaja masuk waktu maghrib, (15 Sya'aban bermula pada 14 hb sya'aban sebaik sahaja masuk maghrib)

Berikut adalah antara amal ibadah di hari Nisfu Sya'aban:

1.Selepas solat maghrib
Solat sunat nisfu sya'aban, 2 rakaat
Rakaat 1 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Qadar 1x
Rakaat 2 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Ikhlas 3x

2. Membaca Yasin 3x

i) Selepas Yasin pertama : mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadat kepada Allah

ii) Selepas Yasin kedua : mohon rezeki yang halal untuk beribadat kepada Allah

iii) Selepas Yasin ketiga : mohon ditetapkan iman dan Islam & mati di dalam iman & pohonlah segala yang baik....
Kemudian baca Istighfar 11x & selawat 11x

Baca doa nisfu Sya'aban (ada didalam Yasin Majmuk)

3. Baca surah ikhlas 1000x

4. Berpuasa pada siangnya

Pada malam ini:
1. Malam Dimustajabkan Doa
2. Malam Pembahagian Takdir
3. Malam Rahmat
4. Malam Berkat
5. Malam Pengampunan (Taubat)
6. Malam Penebusan
7. Malam Syafaat
8. Malam Penulisan
9. Malam Keagungan dan Kemuliaan
10. Malam Rezeki
11. Malam Hari Raya Para Malaikat
12. Malam Penghidupan

Antara kelebihan bulan Sya'aban:

1. Sesiapa berpuasa sehari dalam bulan Sya'aban maka Allah haramkan tubuhnya dari api neraka dan dia akan menjadi teman kpd nabi Allah Yusof didalam syurga.

2. Riwayat dari Osman Bin Abi Al-As, Sabda Nabi Muhammad (saw) : pada malam nisfu sya'aban setelah berlalu 1/3 malamnya, Allah turun ke langit dunia lalu berfirman : adakah orang-orang yang meminta maka Aku perkenankan permintannya, adakah orang yang meminta ampun maka aku ampunkannya, adakah orang yang bertaubat maka aku terima taubatnya dan diampunkan semua orang mukmin lelaki & perempuan , melainkan orang yang berzina atau orang yang berdendam marah hatinya kepada saudaranya.

Sebaik-baiknya minta ampun dengan ibubapa sebelum harinisfu sya'aban kerana amalan kita akan terhalang dari diangkat ke langit sekiranya kita derhaka/berdosa dengan ibubapa kita.


Di petik dr chain mail classmate - dikirim oleh puan tifa. hehehe. sekian.

Aug 4, 2009

Fly Me To the Moon (Sabah la!)

::Sugar loves cookies - kau dan aku::

Okay, I still hav 'day 10' n 'day 11' to be update but I'm totally bz rite now. Will be updated soon (ntah la bila kn?hehehe). Juz got back from MARA to book my flite ticket n insyaAllah my flite will be on the 7th of sept. Cant wait!!!!According to my plan, quarantine with yin at sek 9 about 4-5 days. Hehehe. N then off to ofie's house (hehehe..pandai2 je..x ask permission lg..hohoho) then will be back home to my lovely hometown on the 16th of sept. Okay, I know its a bit late. Actually I promised to go back with my sis Lisa but then she said her flite ticket may be on the 17th. Aiyo!!!!Ritu kata 16th. Nevermind. Dont worry mum n dad. I'll buy some table runner n tudung lawa2 kt jalan TAR (chewah..bodek nampak). Will also settle all the house chores, the biscuit raya n the raya cake after my arrival. Hohohoho.


While waiting for djasme filling her form to request our flite home ticket, i played wif this lil boy (2 yrs old maybe). He's so cute!!!! His parents went to M'sian Hall to do a passport for their new born baby gurl. Owh, so schwit!! They live in Hull ( i think the daddy working there). Okla, the actual story is.....I wanna say that I hav this 'muka keibuan' coz the boy like to play wif me or maybe bcoz I'm small n he thinks I'm his age????Waduh2

When we gave our form to En K MARA, he pointed at my file n said whats wif the cartoon??? Macam2 la u ni. Haaa?????Okay, It is my high school file n I like it so much. There's this big headed girl character...cute lil one...sapa penah sekalas dgn saya mesti tau kn??Will upload the file pic later. Quite embarrassed, do I need to change all my stuffs that has cartoon printed on it to a more lady like stuff??more feminine gitu!!! do i??? ok guys...stop giving me patung2 yg nmpk kebudak-budakan sgt. Patung2 biasa mcm teddybear should be ok. Hehehehe. :P

Aug 2, 2009

New Recipe Added

New Recipe added

Feel free to visit

Day 8 & 9 - Pisa to Paris to London

On day 7 we went to visit the famous leaning tower of PISA. Spend bout 1 hour and then off to the Galilei International airport. While we were checking in, the officer said that we need to hav visa to enter Italy n we dont hav one. Then the officer said seriously,'oh my god!I need to call the police!'. I'm starting to panic. At the moment, there's only me n yin while the others is in the other que. Since when Malaysian need visa to enter Italy???I got confuse for a while. Then the officer went out (dunno where he's off??Calling the police??Or asked his manager??) Then when he came back, he said that he let us off coz we r leaving the country already and he said that we cant enter Italy anymore. Black list??? After having my passport back, I checked if they had stamp anything in it...but no sign of blacklist n I smell something fishy!!!!So when my other friends turn to check in, different counter n different officer. The officer asked his friend besides him if malaysian need visa or not...n his friend said 'no need'. Whoah!!!! Thank god at the moment I'm in my happy n nice mood, if not..I'll asked him to say sorry n admitted that he's wrong!! Macam nk saman malu pun ada sbb time tu dia cakap kuat2....satu aiport can heard him. Apa punya worang. So arrived safely in Paris, went to buy souvenirs and then lepaking at the eiffel tower since our eurostar train to london is at 8am tommorrow morning (at the moment is 12.30am, so we hav to wait untill morning :( ). I forgot that it is sunday nite, so many ppl lepaking n drunk..aiyo!!!Nasib baik x kacau ktorg. Can see my ngantuk face in below pic (tired n x mandi 1 hari). Then we went to Gare du Nord station at 5.40 am coz the train station only starts operating at 5.40am. Washed my face, brushed my teeth..and walla..u got a fresh new me. Hahahahah. Waiting for the eurostar at 8am. Cant wait to go back london. While filling the landing form to UK, the french officer greet me 'selamat pagi', he must hav been to M'sia n he's so polite bukan mcm officer kat Italy tu!!!! Ok off to london...bye2 paris. many hot french guy in handsome n cute...x macam london, x leh cuci mata pon. But not to worry, ofi is still the most handsome man :)

To be continued..

Syurga Cinta

Jodoh itu terbahagi kepada tiga:
1)Jodoh dari syaitan
2)Jodoh dari jin
3)Jodoh dari Allah SWT
Jodoh dari syaitan ialah:
Apabila pasangan berkenalan, berpegangan tangan,
dan kemudian membuat maksiat,
Apabila wanita itu mengandung,
Baru mereka berdua bernikah.
Jodoh dari jin ialah:
Apabila pasangan berkenalan,
si lelaki menyukai si wanita tetapi cintanya tidak dibalas,
si lelaki pun bomohkan si wanita
agar dia menerima cintanya
Jodoh dari Allah SWT ialah:
Apabila kamu berdua berpandangan mata,
lalu terus menusuk ke kalbu,
Si lelaki meminang si wanita tersebut,
dan si wanita meneri lamaran tersebut,
mereke berdua pun bernikah.
InsyaAllah berkekalan ke akhir hayat.
Dan itulah dikatakan SYURGA CINTA
p/s:saya mahu menjadi seorang yg lemah lembut seperti syuhada dlm cerita syurga cinta :)

Aug 1, 2009

Day 7 - Florence

On day 7 we went to Florence or Firenze Santa Maria Novella. Had our free breakfast buffet, how I love the hotel buffet (tp mkn cereal n roti2 je). Not like M'sian hotel where they served a lot variety of food...nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee I miss the day!! Then wait for the lazzi bus to go to the pisa centrale (the town center). Ticket cost 1.50 euro. Along the way to pisa centrale, lots of sunflower farm. (maybe for the oil??). Very pretty, x sempat nk captured coz the bus moves fast. At pisa centrale we bought our trenitalia ticket to firenze. The journey duration is about 1hour n 30 minutes. Arrived at Firenze, Oh my!!!Its very hot!!!!A'ai bought a straw hat and the rest buat2 tahan la ek. Bcoz I didnt make any research about florence, so we didnt know where to go. Hahahah. Then we saw the sightseeing tour bus (the hop on hop off tour bus..kt M'sia pon dah ada ni) n decided to ride the bus. Only 20 euro for 24hrs....n it takes to 19 attraction places. You can stop by the places and wait for another 30 minutes to hop on to another bus. Even though its hot, mas, yin n me sit on the top of the bus. Thats why la budak2 ni burn...except for me. Hehehehe. I think florence is famous for their naked sculpture (so XXXXX..hehehe). Spend about 3 hours in florence n then went back to Pisa.


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