Feb 28, 2008

Office Open House - CNY @ Crown Princess Hotel

Last week we had an open house for CNY. Great Fun!!! And the food was yummy except for prawn mee n nasi goreng die tasteless. Plg sedap....dim sum...dh rindu mkn dim sum...last skali mkn dgn knk2 riang kt Chi dim sum...sek 9 dkt2 umah yien tu...

Here some of our pic...being Bz lately..xde masa nk update blog. OK...chow..

Hampir telupa...countdown kita kt bwh tu...dh nk hampir 2 years kan? X tau nk sambut ke x? Bkn anniversary pn...xde tarikh anniversary pn...tp dh kenal my dear ofi for 2 yrs...hepi2...

Feb 23, 2008


You, Cancer, are the most sensitive, sympathetic, and moody sign under the stars. You react through your feelings and emotions much more so than your mind. You can be generous to the point of gullibility. You are very sensitive to those less fortunate than you, and are often taken advantage of for this reason.
You love romance. You are affectionate and romantic, yourself, and can be self-sacrificing for your mate. You can appear shallow, rest- less and fickle in affairs of the heart. You have high standards in a man, and may be disappointed often or have to wait a long time to find the "right one".
But once you've found him, that's it! You fall hard, and give it your all. You don't play games once you've fallen in love, and are easy to read and to keep. Your love relationship means everything to you, is of the utmost importance. You will do anything to keep your man, and sometimes that's not a good thing. Grow some common sense, try not to give too much more than you get, and you'll do fine.

Libra:Cancer and Libra bring out the best in each other, and can have a loving, successful relationship. Libra loves peace, and will be the refined diplomat, working to make everyone happy. A Libra man can give you the security and contentment you need. He will give you a solid basis in reality, and bring you down to earth when your emotions get out of control. You can give your Libra a stable relation- ship to help him stay balanced. If you are ready to settle down, and spend time at home with family, then maybe Libra is right for you. Pamper him and cherish him, and never take advantage of his agreeable nature. This laid-back sweetie can make you a steady and trustworthy partner for life.

Feb 22, 2008

REUNION SMSLD - 17 Feb 2008

Update on the reunion last sunday. It was a success...thanks 2 all who made it succeed.Hehehehe. Who's coming that day?Here is the list :

  • Me

  • Azura

  • Mona & Izi (hensem giler)

  • Ainul

  • Munie

  • Nizar

  • Husaini & Diana

  • King & GF (last2)

  • Paat & ank ikan die yg ke-XXX (alin)

  • Lutfi & GF

  • Faiq

  • Pekoy

The activities- mula2 mkn kt carl's Junior n then lunch kt Laksa shack. Pastu tea kt secret recipe. Bcoz I'm the only one yg dh keje...kene la blanja budak2 ni...tp blanja kt secret recipe time majority dh blk.Time tu tinggal 7 org je. Naseb baik dh x byk...hehehehe...abes kang duit. Borak2...nothing much...juz t'ingat memori gila2 n nakal dulu2.N org yg plg kene teruk of course our mr mata besar- Faiq. Ada je tragedi yg menimpa dia. Sian2....not so many pic taken...since we r using ainul camera only. I only hav 4 shoot. Still waitng the pic from her. Below some of my cam shot. Guess wich one is shemale?I am shock with her/his changes. NVM, everyone should deserve their spaces????

BTW, ainul said that my faces n ofie is 100% the same...thats guuuuuud. Means...kita ada jodoh.. wahahaha...

Feb 16, 2008


Went for a training near KLCC last 2 days. Yehooo!!!!So I stop by to suria klcc for shopping. Bought 2 pairs of vincci's sandals and 3 shirts from Romp.Muahahaha. Membazir ke?But shirts n sandals are investment what?Hahahah. Then I realize that I hv too many sandals. Well,nvm. Yesterday I wear the shirt that I bought from Romp. Then Intan asked me where do I buy it? After telling her...we went straight away to Romp in Midvalley...hehehe...she bought 2 shirts i think? 1st Ecah said she don like Romp..bcoz of the fashion...but it ended that she almost bought something too.Hehehe.I'm so happy when people like what I recommended.Like to be some icon or figure or idol? Tommorrow i will go for my school's reunion. Wish me luck! Below pic..some of my vincci's...ada lg kt opis tu. N 2nd pic..my patung serba guna from my bantal peluk. Boleh peluk..bole ltk kt belakang..jdkn bantal...very flexible.I luv it!!

Feb 3, 2008

SPC - NST & Mingguan Today!!!!

Iklan SPC MARA dh kuar kt NST & Mingguan M'sia ari ni. Juz got back from FRIM.Jogging2 with ofi (jalan je sbnrnye). Best sgt dpt spend time with him. Even though ade gaduh2 bsr semlm. I admit its my fault. Really regret it. I'll be more respect n trust with my deary ofi next time. He's the only one i hav. He always make me happy n i'll promise to make him happy too..

So...klu dpt SPC ni...hav to leave my ofi behind...can i really survive?Oh,no!I think i can't. Ofi has a new band...i really jealous actually..bcoz u know i always dream to hav my own band. Even though i can't play any of the instrument (heheheh). I think all my fren knew it..xcept for ecah..bcoz she really shock when Ya asked me if i want to join his classmate band for jamming session in shah alam. She's like freakin out????Then Ya n Yin said...dont u know..she like to sing n hav a band??? But the jamming session was in shah alam n at nite...I'm not going to shah alam alone at nite...nnt jd kes sharlinie plak.Takut2. So tolak la offer kwn ya...hohoho
So...do hope that ofi's band can be success...dh b'thn2 ikut jamm fest kn...harap kali ni bole menang.

So..how bout my dream band???This is my band members if I can own 1 : -

Guitar - I forgot his name but she's ain rooomate...gila bapak terer...
Drum - nizzy
2nd guitar - Fatim (ooppss..sory x jd 1st guitar)
bass - ??
Vox - of course me!!! (can i be the drummer too?)
Keyboard - bole ajak iko or yin
Oh ya..how bout cindy?Bg bass la...

hmmm...whats the name of the band?Of course Poison of the art (POTA) hehehe..enuff of the insanity..daaa

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