Jun 27, 2009

My 2nd Shopping Heaven

::Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal::

After submitting our coursework (Risk Mgt), we went shopping at Covent Garden. Yippie. My second shopping heaven after Oxford street. Oxford street still the best la.Hehehe. Shopping - as a reward to ourself for finishing the coursework. Hahahah. Rewards that make a hole in my pocket. Aiyo!!! End up buying 3 bags coz it summer sale. Got lots n lots of discount. You know I cant see this sign %. Especially 70% or 50%. But still I'm the low level of shopaholic. Heheheh. Even though I bought 3 bags, but I still paid less than a'ai n yin who only bought 2 bags. They r the true shopaholic here. Actually I wanted to sell one of the bag to my fren but ofi said 'dont'. Coz its pretty, nice n suits me la. Hahahahah. So Ya..next time I buy it 4 u. Sapa suh x angkat phone time org call utk tanya taste dia. Kan da melepas. Heheh. Dont worry, will be going to Beceister Village next month. Hope I can find something nice for u there. Jgn lupa kirim duit kt mas n anis, diorang nk dtg sini nnt. Hehehehe. Btw, all shops n boutiques play MJ's songs today as a tribute for him. Not bad, enjoy all of his song. So ashamed that he got this case - molested child I think??He got the talent, wasted like that n also the plastic surgery thinggy...he's quit a good looking guy when he still 'black'. May he rest in peace (n I still dunno if he has converted to muslim or not??)

p/s-sapa2 mo kirim brg bole la berbuat demikian. But make sure to compare the price 1st ok. Will be shipping my stuff on august. Small n medium sizes only allowed, others like guitar..heheheh..sorry cinoi..cant help. Oh ya..belum tgk lg harga semi acoustic guitar tu, tp klu online harganya ada dlm range 200-350 pound (mahal jg tu, blm lg brand yamaha or fender..ni br aria n vintage aku jmpa). Belum berkesempatan pi music store..sorry

Jun 26, 2009

Student Life

::Mariah Carey feat Brian McKnight-Whenever u call::

Quick update about me (ala2 twitter la konon..heheh). Got lots of courswork to do. Aiyoo...
As usual,as a student, u always try to complete it few days before the due date rite?Even though I start early, but still...havent finish it yet. My hectic:

Topics in Quantity Risk Management - tommorrow (June 26)
Stochastic Asset-Liability Modelling - July 2nd
Pension finance Exam - July 2nd
Reinsurance - July 8th
Claim Reserving - July 8th
Financial Math resit exam - End of August

Owh not to forget, there will be a summer party to celebrate our end of term (year) on July 2nd at Gilgamesh (sort of bar..club..uuu). Dress code black and silver. Need to buy silver shirt..owh no...i dont hav time for shopping rite now. T_T

Got an excellent(for me la) mark for my research project. Thats mean my project is not that bad. Besides, many of my classmates juz got 'cukup2 makan'. Tq to .......hmm..dunno who mark my paper. hohohoh. daa...

p/s:juz heard that michael jackson died due to heart failure at age 50. Not confirm yet..maybe betul gak kn??

Jun 23, 2009

Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen

::The Fray - Never say never ::

Watch this movie yesterday. Wohooo. Jangan jealous. The movie starts on the 19th here. Earlier than Malaysia. I loike. Overal 4.5 stars..hmm..more machines, more character, more action, more drama but something is not rite? Okla...dun wan to spoil it here. Go and watch urself. OOO..but I love to spoil the mood...juz wanna tell u that 'ada org/benda mati'. Hahahahaha...I'm the devil here >:) Hohoho. Love Josh duhamel..but why he's with fergie???:( owh n megan fox look so old n matured than sam...ee...not a good couple. My fav character??The one with megan fox..check it out.I watch the movie at The Vue cinema in islington. hebat!!!same like the biggest hall in GSC. n maybe bcoz it weekdays or maybe ppl here only love to watch theatres??There's only 12-20 ppl i guess. Hmm....free seating..wow!!! Pliz give me the green chevrolet. Hehehe

Jun 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy - Mr J L. Words cannot describe how lucky I am to hav such a great dad as you. Thanx for always be there when I needed. My card will arrived next week I think. Hehehe. I love you daddy n mummy n kakak n baby. Take care all of u, cant wait to come home. Yippie!!!!!!

Happy father's day to all nice dad in the world too, owh not to forget to Uncle Y, Ofie's dad. Hope you are feeling better n healthier. :)

Experiment #1 - Dimsum - Jiaozi

::Gigi -Ya Ya Ya::

Lately I'm craving for dimsum. You can tell by reading my previous blog. Hehehe. So I try to make one coz I dunno wheres halal dimsum here and yesterday went to chinatown to buy some local food n tried searching for the dumpling wrapper too, but I'm too 'waswas'. So I decided to make my own dumpling wrapper/skin. Another problem, I cant find any wheat starch so ended up doing Jiaozi or a.k.a shrimp dumpling coz this kind of dimsum use flour as the skin. Actually I dont really understand the recipe la, some use flour, some us wheat starch n tapioca flour. Confuse2. Finally I made my own recipe, after reading all kind of recipe on the net. Even though it is supposely a shrimp dumpling but I use fish n chicken sausage instead. heheheh. Let we see hows the progress:

The dough: flour, salt n hot water. the simplest way to make the skin. malas mo cari bahan2 lain. Some use eggs too.

Preapare the filling:carrot,chicken sausage, fish fillet, garlic, black pepper,salt n a bit soy sauce

Knead, roll n cut into small pieces. Then roll again the small pieces until u get a nice round thin skin

Put the filling-fold the wrappers-plead the edges to seal

Put into boiling water or can also be fry

It will cook for about 8-10 minutes n the dim sum started to 'terapung'

Serve while hot-boiled or fried. The sauce r made of soy sauce + chopped n crush ginger. walla. can eat...

same as the professional one kan??

Jun 20, 2009

King of Praying Mantis

::RAN - Ratu Lebah:: After looking at the kid's bento, I'm thinking of making my own bento. Actually not a bento la. Juz decorating my food as creative as possible, which is not. Hehehe. My first idea, specially tribute to my blog. hahahaha, i made a king of praying mantis. Look carefully, its the same rite? Hahahaha.

Great idea for kids

::Spider-Nazraku:: Hey check out this website http://kookyculinary.com/ got a lots of ideas for kid's bento (home packed meal). I like th idea of decorating the food so that the kids will attract to eat them and I also like how she combined the food, healthy foods + junk foods (hey, dont stop ur kids eating this..they r still kids. Let them enjoy it). I think the blogger is a chinesse m'sian that live in US.. i think so la.. Will do these in future when I have my own kids (the real kids not the kitten ok..heheh) InsyaAllah..amin. Let see some bento ideas:

Jun 19, 2009

New Recipe update

::Estranged-Ketika ini::

Its been a while since I updated my other blog. So here some update. Juz upload a few recipe: Caramel pudding, bread pudding, nasi goreng tomyam and udang goreng rangup. enjoy. Hahahahah.

Owh..say goodbye to my last lasagne. Our oven has broken again, and I think this time, we cannot save it. Hehehehe. Lgpun nk blk m'sia dah. Bye2 my lasagne. C U in sabah this sept. Sorry to khalid. craving for my lasagne. Lain kali la ya..

Jun 18, 2009

Makan again

Hahaha, its me again. Of course its me coz its my blog anyway. Okla enough of my 'half brain'. Ofi gave me an idea to do a review for bazaar ramadhan for my foodsie when i'm back m'sia (masak-masak blog also did this for every year). But its not confirm yet and I know its hard for me n ofi to find the right time for being together2. Hahaha. Actually the real thing is that I want to tell my fellow readers about my bazaar ramadhan story. When I'm in my 2nd year degree in UiTM of coz, Me, tifa , mira and sometimes yin went to all (mostly) bazaar ramadhan in shah alam. We explore all bazaar to find the most delicious food (which was the same actually everywhere..ehehhe) and sambil2 jalan2 luar UiTM. Heheheheh. But if I think back, wow...sanggup jalan jauh2 pi cari bazaar (its far bcoz none of us hav car and we only travel by the mini bus). So the bazaar that we hav conquered..hahaha, stadium shah alam (sek 13-the biggest one n not so crowded),sek2(very crowded...mosly student),sek9,sek17,sek18,UiTM,sek7 lama,sek7 baru and many more...hmm forget oredi maa..long2 time ago. Haaa, the most lively pasar ramadhan is in the town itself. Sek 11 maybe?? Why is it lively??U know that sri pentas 2 is near there, so u can meet familiar faces, celebrity of course, buying food for their buka puasa. eg:Azmeer,ziana zain, cat farish, liza hanim, snd many more. Ok, going to sleep now. Cant wait to hav my early breakfast tommorrow morning. Gud nite uols.

When I'm Hungry...

Hello fellas,

Gues what will I do if i'm hungry and dont hav anything to eat? Heheheheh. I simply click to http://masak-masak.blogspot.com/ for my 'jamu mata'. After watching all the foods there, i'm full. Believe it or not? Believe it!!! (ikut cara dean cain ckp dlm ripley's believe it or not?heheheh) Try visit the blog. So many idea where to eat n dine out. Mostly in KL and selangor. I juz told ofi that I'm craving for grilled chicken with rice from secret recipe. Cant wait!!!! And I also has list down my fav food at smsld.net (our school forum). So here you go..actually its a tagged by the forum member:

1. Tomyam - anything from tomyam siam,tomyam kung, bihun, keow tiau etc
2. Nasi Ayam - from sabah chicken rice, sabah noodle house or Alice or anywhere in Sabah la...very the yummy, even nasi ayam in s'jung cannot beat nasi ayam here.I wonder why??
3. Nasi lalap from restoran santai lahad datu (I wonder if this restaurant still there??my fren said that nasi lalap was originally from miri s'wak???No wonder i hardly find it)
4. Mee basah - the one from sabah coz mee basah in s'jung is really different. I tried mee ladna,mee kungfu n mee cantonesse in s'jung coz it looks like mee basah sabah but no!!Its not. I wonder if they hav other name for this mee basah.
5. Nasi goreng kampung - the best is in perlis (setakat ni la and maybe coz I ate it for the 1st time in perlis..hehehe)
6. Soto..not the normal soto like johor soto or the chicken/beef soup thinggy one ..mmm cotto?Soto makasar?dunno what the exact name. I only eat this in sabah but I juz found out that org utara also hav the same soto coz effy cooked it here. hohohohoh. Got the recipe, tq effy,luv ya.
7. Any kind of sup - sup tulang, sup ayam, sup...

Place that I wanted to go for eat when I come back to M'sia:

1.Kenny rogers
2.Secret recipe - grilled chicken mushroom/black pepper with rice
3.William or Sri Murni in ss2 (coz ofi promise to bring me =P)
4.Steamboat - johnny's or maybe sabah hotel??my family always left me behind..sad2..heheheh
oo..i forgot..seoul bulgogi restaurant. grilled and steamboat at lrt kerinchi station. So yummy!!! Has always wanted to bring ofi here but always no time lorrr....
5.Chi dim sum in sek 9 s.alam or maybe in grand blue wave hotel? or ofi said pondok has dimsum.
6.Ocean king restaurant, sandakan - my seafood heaven, luv the seafood taufu and its cheap!!
7. Sup ani utara
8.Jasema??Hehehe..to be exact..any place that ofi bring me..I wanna go with him!!!!!

Suddenly I'm drooling for corn soup. Soup with egg, crab and corn of course. Hmmm..kt kl ada corn soup??Never heard..setakat ni la. Cant wait to go home. Dont forget to visit my foodsie even though its not yet updated. hehehehehe.

Jun 17, 2009

So HaPPy

::no song::

Today I'm so happy bcoz yatt hamzah (ala pengacara dan pelakon manis tu) reply my message(mm..rizal armada pun pnh reply msg gue..hehehe). Bagus la yatt ni x sombong. Actually I asked her about her cooking in Nona. She can cook...and she can replace chef wan..hahaha...coz pot pet pot pet...same like chef wan lo. Chit chat a bit..n I think I start to like her..yeah..she's in my list now, one of my fav celebrity. Hahahah. Whoever doesnt know her, here some pic of her. So sweet..i loike...oo..i loike almy nadia too. hahaha

so sweet with her chocolate cake
check out the wedd kebaya...gorgoeus. but i dont like purple!!
Baju lawa

Wanna be juz like her. Sweet, lively, nice, funny, etc....
Some wedding idea for all of u (especially dok s'jung..yg dok sabah tu x dpt la den nak nolong yer) check out http://www.clickcouture.com.my/ for ur wedding professionals photographer. Kt sandakan ada photographer hebat ka?Bah cinoi..ko kawin dulu,nnt apa2 aku rujuk sm ko. Make up artis sm photgrapher aku mo follow tu. Hahahaha.

Jun 14, 2009

13 06 09

::John Mayer-Say::

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of our lovely couple (lovely ka??Hahahah) Azrani @ pooh and Azaninah @ Aza. Congratz to both of u!!!! Been together for 6 years, mmg jangka masa yg sgt lama. This couple also the most 'bertahan' couple from my high school, SMSLD. But they only started couple when we were in our matriculation year. Wish both of you a beautiful happiness and moga kekal hingga anak cucu. I believe that all my friends also cant wait for this couple 'nasi minyak'. It will be the most big reunion for the batch 98-02 if they two get married. hohohoho.
6 years???Hmm....me n ofi br nak masuk 4 thn. Lama jg tu..hehehe..boleh challenge.

Jun 12, 2009


::Abdul & The coffee theory-Lovable::

First of all I would like to wish congratulation to all the medic student, my batch of course (2004-2009) for their graduation. Wow, 5 years...thats a long2 way to go. Aku sempat kerja 1thn lbh n sambung master lg. Hehehehe. Orait, juz joking. Jgn marah. Now they are waiting for their posting. Congratz to sudin coz dpt Hospital sandakan. hahahahah. Jmpa la ko sm parents ku. He juz told me juz now that he'll be reporting on monday n asked me bout the hospital. Sorry la geng, aku pun x tau sgt. Heheheh. Sudin is one of my old fren. We known each other coz he is my senior's brother (adik kpd usin, abg kpd yazid n faizal) and we joined chess tournament in Lahad datu n Tawau district. We also did our matriculation in the same college. Yup, KML gemilang n terbilang. hahahah. Ok, will update for the others when they inform me later. selamat ber BTN to all new govt doc. heheheh

We (ofi & me)decided to have kids

::Beauty is you-Abdul & The coffee theory::

Kids above pronounce as 'Kits' which is the short form of kittens. hahahahah. It just a gimmick. Jangan marah ye!. We r talking bout this 'pet' topic when I told him that my brother juz bought a rabbit. And this morning my mum juz told me that they hav bought another rabbit (so there are a pair of bunny in my house), unfortunately he died. The rabbit seems to be sicked when they bought it. Ala..kesian dia. So, jaga arnab lg satu baik2 b4 I got back. Hehehe. Back to my kitten story. Do all persian cats hav the same look?I mean the face?Ofi told me this..i dunno ok. Here is my fav pic of kitten. Grey n white...so cute!!!!I want one!!

Jun 11, 2009

Lobow - Kau Cantik Hari Ini

At last I found this great song!It is one of the background music for the wedding segment in Nona. Still lot of song that I didnt know the title n the singer. Aiyo!Need to keep looking. Enjoy this lovely song. Lyric pon best gak.

lama sudah tak kulihat
kau yang dulu ku mau
kadang ingat kadang tidak
bagaimana dirimu

kau cantik hari ini
dan aku suka
kau lain sekali
dan aku suka

entah ada angin apa
kau berdiri disana
berhenti aliran darahku
kau menatap mataku

Back to reff:
tak kan kubiarkan lagi
kau menghilang dari kehidupanku

hope someone can dedicate this song..boleh melt uols!!!!

the Blackout & the Strike

::Ungu-Waktu yg dinanti::

2 days without electricity and 2 days of RMT strike can make my life miserable and crazy! been offline for 2 days due to our wire n electricity meter gone blast out by small fire. Lucky for us coz realize it earlier. If not, it may be cause a real massive problem. Put out the fire using cloth, common sense:electricity on fire with water=explosion. Hehehehe. The electrician told us that the wire n meter cannot support our electricity usage. Thats why its on fire (or can we said short circuit?Ntah la, dont really understand bout electrical). Are we wasting electricity that much??Nope!!The meter itself was an old meter. They have change for a new meter n wire. Thank you EDF! But 2 days without electricity??Wow...long time

Tube strike for 2 days coz the staff wanted to get a 2%(klu x silap la) raise in their pay also contribute a real hardship in my life on these 2 days. Owh, my! Will be over tommorow. Make me missed my quantity risk management class :(, caught in the traffic, being in crowded with other londoners, tired, hungry and all the bad things la.

Would like to wish my friend, Cindy a.k.a cindai, a Happy joy Birthday!!!

My blog is best viewed with mozilla firefox and internet explorer 8.0. sorry guys!!But still viewable and readable la...heheh. Too tired to blog, my word also seems to be ery the tunggang langgang.Adoiyai...

Jun 8, 2009

under maintenance

this site is under construction
sorry for the inconvinience =p

Jun 7, 2009

Inspirasi Perkahwinan

::Faizal Tahir-Aku punya Kamu::

My friend emma will be getting married on the 22 sept (raya ke-3). So now our group e-mail topic is all about the idea for her wedding preparation. Lucky for emma coz other member dah kawin. Hohohoho. But the single2 one also contribute some idea. My advice, watch NoNa at tv3 often (actually tifa told me this). Hahahah. The wedding segment is superb and some more I like the music background. Mellow2 song, owh it juz suits the mood. Owh..I love this blog http://weddinginspirasi.blogspot.com ..but dah x kene update :( Check out the kebaya that Zahnita wore..so pretty and the bed too..Huhuhuhu.

Okla..enough of wedding story. Would like to wish Happy birthday to my best friend, Anastasia @ Tasha @ tasaday. May all your wish come true and happy always. Ehem2...bole la tlg 'spy' kan ofi kt bmi. Hehehehehe.

Jun 5, 2009

I'm a major weeper

::The Killers-Mr.Brightside::

"I'm a major weeper" quotes from The Holiday. Jude law said to cameron Diaz that he's a major weeper coz easily cry on sad sad thing..same as me. Heheheh. I cried watching this movie and I also cry while reading archie's new post. Why?Firstly, coz tears of joy. Watching my best fren's engagement. Wow!!!!Vivi looks so beautiful. Nasib baik kamu semua x overshadow bb. Plg lawak baca blog ona bila dia bilang 'Bibi cipta sejarah ayam pertama di dunia dapat title tunang'.Bukan aku yg tulis ya..aku quoted dr blog ona. Jangan saman aku ya bb. Then I cried coz I'm so jealous!!Sbb semua org ada time bb tunang. Except for tasha la kan?Mana dia?Kamu x ajak ka?Bkn dia tgh cuti??I'm so sad..coz I'm not there. Mesti kamurang semua hepi2 kan?Kecuali bab sesat2 tu la. heheheheh. Here some pic courtesy from archie. Sdh minta permission ya. Tq archie, lap u...muah2. =P

BB so beautiful..lawa kn bb? (ni tgh ckp dgn my mummy n daddy)

Dari kiri:Girl (makin bulat dia ni),Llew,Aza,Joy,Vivi,Junior (vivi's fiance),Archie,po,rodeng,Willey. Jealousnya aku. Bila bb kawin?Aku mo pigi.

Jun 3, 2009

Brilliance Make up?

::Dayang Nurfaizah - Kembalilah Sayang::

Today we went to The Body Shop to bought some stuff. Got 20% off for all their make up range. So end up buying brilliance powder, shimmer wave n blusher. Hehehehe. Got another 10% discount for members. Wow...30% of saving..I Loike!!!! First time using the body shop make up. Hope its fine n suits me la. Cant help to see many discount lorr...Some more get free clucth bag. Yippie!!!Can use it to keep the new make up. Will only use the make up when I'm back to M'sia. Hohoho. Bronze fashion for this season...

Jun 1, 2009

Picnic@Queen Mary's Garden

Heading to Queen Mary's Garden @ Regent's Park. Going for Picnic or shopping??

On the way to baker street. Janji kol 11 kt sana but as usual, kol 11 baru nak gerak.

Love this beg so much!!!Can fit all my items. My purse+passport+student ID+Oyster card+hp+dslr (yup the beg is big)+1 small mineral bottle+handkerchief+small bottle of hand sanitizer+compact powder+lip balm+deck of cards

Our menu for today : Nasi Lemak, bihun goreng, popia goreng, egg mayo sandwich, bread pudding, coke, juice, fruits(strawberry n apple).

Ready to NGAPPP!!

Photographer nak interprem gak. I look cute here. hehehe..betul..try zoom me. =P Mr K teach us how to play Cho Dai Di (pronounce as cho tai ti) which is actually 'Big Two' in English..cheh..

Yin pair up with A'ai. This is candid pic. They're thinking strategy to win. Heheheh. Djasme is very confident...sambil2 makan.

Me paired with effy. I'm being not so helpful assistant coz bz taking pic n always got the wrong strategy. We lost but actually they can see our decks thru effy's sunglasses..aiyo!!!We've been cheated!LoL Trying Mr K's nikon. Remind me of my bf's cam. Miss u so much. Suddenly I feel regret buying sony??But still Luv my cam

Emma arrived at 2pm..luckily the food still banyak..hehehe. I like her, she so sweet n beauty with brain. So genius la...but mr k still top in the list. Oxford graduate tu..

A'ai n yin playing around while I take care of their belongings n the picnic spot. Amboi..byk cantik!!Hehehe

It's our turn to play..wanted to hire the row boat but cant find the hub. Ended up taking pic n eating ice cream..organic vanilla coated cream. Yummy!!!

There's someone helding a wedding ceromony near us (not in the pic..)Wow..garden wedding..but thats hot.

After playing around, had another makan2 round n then go back home at 4.15pm. So happy, tired and hot la..its summer oredi.


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