Jul 30, 2010

Tribute to awesome photographer

::Yuna-Random Awesome::

Di sebabkan dah lama x update, so this time nk cerita psl this awesome photographer. Post about my birthday will be publish soon. Sbb x ready lg. Hohohoho. :P
Okay, I'm proud of this guy coz his photo mmg lawa2. Maybe ada gak photographer lain punya gmbr yg lawa2 tp dia nye lain mcm sikit. Why?Because creative n ada life n theme tau klu tgk gambar dia (sila jgn muntah dgn statement ni). Really loves his pic. Then pastu org dlm gmbr tu pn puji2 gmbr tu lawa n siap buat profile pic. Tak ke bangga klu mcm tu?So its proven that the pic is awesome. Not juz from my POI but others like it as well.

AG Coco Fb - tgk pic profile tu...hebat!!!Efry Fb - tgk profile pic n comment2 yg hebat!Congratz!!!

Jul 10, 2010

ALex Rybak - I'm yours (jason Mraz cover)

My New Crush : Alexander Rybak

He is a 24 yrs old guy from Norway!!! He can play the violin, piano, write his own song, act and cute(very). Hohohoho!!!! Thanks to fairuz for introducing me to this Norwegian singer n thanks for the dedication songs too :p

ENnjoy the vid, Funny Little world, check out others video such as fairytale and Oah :


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