May 30, 2009

Another Europe Trip

::Ryan star - Lasst train home::

Its confirm!!Juz bought the ticket n booked the hotel. Will be going for europe trip on 21 July - 26 July together with a'ai, yin and frens from m'sia, mas n anis. All together 5. Wow!! Cant wait. Our trip dis time is Paris-Pisa,Italy-Paris. Gonna be a tough one too. Mesti penat ni. So we has juz begun our training session in order to maintain our stamina. Hahahaah. Me, a'ai n yin but djasme n effy also start dieting n work out coz x lama lg blk m'sia. hahahah. Everyone in healthy n diet mode to loose some weight before going back to Malaysia. hahahah. So funny everyone works very hard this time. Gonna keep fit n healthy n wif lots of energy. Cant wait to see the spectacular sightseeing and landmark. Owh..will be going to disneyland paris too.

Forgot to tell my parents..hehehe..ok will be going to a trip. Dont worry about me ok mummy n daddy. Hehehe.

PS:I Love You

::James Blunt - Same Mistake::

Last nite I watched this movie (Ps:I Love You) with my dear ofie. Ok, u probably asking how on earth we do that bcoz we r far apart rite?Simple, juz on your webcam and watch together and pretend that we watch side by side. hahahaha. Brilliant!

Ofi watch the movie first till the 26 minutes, then he stop n wait for me. Then we continue watching it together after the minutes 26. When I watch it without him, I cry a lot but when he's around, I didnt cry that much. Maybe coz I can see him n even though the story was sad I still feel happy. Hehehehe. Now I know why I didnt cry when watching movie together. But when I watch alone...tears keep coming down. T__T

Love the story. Recommended to all. Not a very chick flick muvie. So sweet but sad...I cant spoilt any of the story to u..go and watch it urself. Hahaha.

My fav quaotes of coz "PS:I Love you" and "I know what I want,because I have it in my hands right now. You!" juz make my heart melt......

Actually I dont like hillary swank coz she's not that pretty. She has a boyish face...'handsome girl' but in this movie, she look nice n a bit pretty. Hehehehe.

Ps:I Love you ofi

May 29, 2009

Champion Leauge vs Pension Finance

::BEP-Boom Boom Pow::

Last 2 days was my pension finance class and also the champion league. Bcoz of these, only 15 students turn up for the class. hahahaha. Wow..first time in my history in CASS. Khalid n frenz asked yin to record the lecture so we cannot talk n 'gossiping' while lecture. Hahaha. Sengsara sgt2. =P

OKla...will be joining a competition at 11am today at my school about entreprenuerial decison making. I dunno why I agree to join effy's group. Hahahah. The winner will get 300pound, which of course will not be our team. hav a nice day everyone

May 28, 2009

Answer IQ Test 1

Sing a Happy Birthday song


May 25, 2009

IQ Test Edisi 1

Sapa2 yang dah tahu quiz ni, diam2 ah. Please dont cheat (google or everything..hahahha).
Answer will be given in 2-3days. Hehehehe.

Imagine you are in Africa . You have been tied hanging on a tree with
a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope,
and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch.

Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one
around to help you. So what to do or how?

Start Cooking

::Mocca-Do what u wanna do:: I found this useful website Lovely site for everyone that juz started to learn how to cook. Lots of step by step video and colourful too.This remind me that I havent update my foodsie blog. No new recipe. Been thinking of trying to bake some bread. Soon maybe. Ahahaha. My diet seems to change lately(bkn diet for loosing weight tu ya). Now I hav heavy breakfast which means I take rice in the morning, lunch n tea time I ate bread/mee/bun and fruits. Last time I had lite breakfast of oat/cereal/bread/toast etc2...then I had lunch (rice+lauk2) and then at tea time I had bread/bun and fruits. But I think its the same, except the time of taking rice?Kan? Hohoho.

Chatting wif my bestfriend

::Mocca-(I cant Believe) You've cheated::

Ever since I'm in UK, I didnt contact my best frenz except for Tasha coz she's the only one yg ada YM. The others??Harap la...Hehehehe. But coz its jessica@girl@bulat beday, I text her to wish happy birthday. There goes my 20 pence. hahahah. Then girl gave me her msn id. So this morning juz add her n we chat a bit la. Antara cerita perbualan kami (dlm bahasa ibunda ya):

DJ:Bah, bila c vv punya tunang tu?
Girl:31 Mei. Adik bongsu plak yg duluan ni (coz vivi is the youngest among us,muda bln jak!)
DJ:Ya bah plak. Ko tu bila lg?
Girl:Lepas c vv ko la pastu br tasha pastu br aku
DJ:Kenapa plak?
Girl:Sbb sdh yg bongsu duluan, so ko yg 2nd bongsu (klu ikut turutan mmg aku 2nd muda,hehe)
DJ:Ish, aku lm lg ni. Maybe 2-3 thn lg (jwpn skema yg slalu diberikn pd tiap2 thn pun ckp 2-3 thn lg..hahaha..ada la org mengamuk ni)
Girl:Yaka?C tasha bilang dia maybe 1-2 thn lg
DJ:C tasha la tu kali duluan..pastu ko pastu br aku
Girl:Ndak la, tiada lg yg confirm mo kawin sm aku ni
Girl:Ko klu engage jgn lupa invite kami org ya
DJ:Aku x da tunang2 ni..terus kawin (hahahaha...bengang la lg budak tu..hohoho)

Tajuk perbualan dgn c girl mmg xda lain..psl bf jak. Hahahah. Tp terselit jg psl kerja ok.

So my best freind getting engaged this end of may. Congratulation to you Vivianna Selvister @ a*** (censored). My congratz goes to Nur amirah as well(classmate time uitm n x-housemate) on 1st august (napa x tunggu kami balik???). Waduh!!!

I'm thinking of buying ipod for my dear ofi coz his ipod slalu buat hal. But if I add some..I can buy him a flash gun for his dslr. But If I save some more money instead, I can buy gas grill for us (for future use). Still thinking which investmnt worth, but of coz la the third option plg worth. heheheheh.

May 23, 2009

Summer's Flip Flop/Sandals/Shoes

::The object of my affection-Mocca::

Rite now the weather here is not that cold...aha..soon it will be summer. Need to buy new sandal/flip flop. Tried some sandals in Primark last week, but still not decided yet which one to buy. Any idea??I dont like the pattern n fashion here. Aha..but the gladiator sandals n heels r everywhere. Hahahah. Will get my feets on it soon. Conclusion???I miss Vincci..the style, fashion and got the rite size for my cute lil feet. Hohohoh

Not bad

Too simple..ahaha


Byk sgt kena klip

Miss my Vincci's T__T

May 20, 2009

BTS:Weekend in Amsterdam

::Zee avi-Kantoi::

BTS = Behind the scenes. Heheheh. What actually happened to us in the making of 'weekend in amsterdam' film =P


We r supposed to catch the 8pm coach (bus xpress) from the victoria coach station. But while we were Q-ing up to check in (ala2 naik flite gitu), effy realized that she brought the wrong passport (the old one). Waduh!!! Gawat dong!!! Its only 15 minutes b4 the departure. Then effy said to me n djasme to go ahead. What???She's the one who eagerly wanted to go to kew garden, not us! Everyone got panic n shock...and me being the 'almost tenang' gurl, heheheheh, decided to try our luck to postpone our ticket to 10pm and asked effy to ran back home and bring the rite passport! So effy went back n djasme Q up to pospone the ticket and guess what??There's a long Q and we r so afraid that we couldnt make it. Its 9.30pm when it came to our turn (we q from 8pm to 9.30pm ok!!Tired!!!). But lucky for us..managed to postpond the ticket n only charged 3pd per person for the penalty which effy will bear all the costs. hohohoho. So effy reach the station at 9.45pm n then we check in and happily off to the bus.


It tooks 12 hours from London to Amsterdam and need to cross the sea (ntah la laut apa but known as english channel...yg penting bukan laut china selatan,lol!). The sea crossing from Dover,Kent to Callais (in france kot?) take about 2 hours by ferry. I'm excited to talk about this ferry. When effy said that we will hav this ferry ride, I tawt its like the ferry in Penang...but I'm wrong!Tak mcm ferry pun...more like a cruise ship to me. Hahahah. There's a food court inside, game arcade, bar, cafe, big screen tv and etc (ala mcm dlm cruise ship yg sanchai n ase naik in meteor garden ;P). There's even costa coffee inside the ferry. wow!!

white cliff of dover
I'm supposed to take a lots of pic while in the ferry..unfortunately the strong wave???make me a lil sick and dizzy and I went to sleep to avoid any worse sickness (esok mo jln mn bole sakit). After the crossing, naik balik bus and sempat la lalu France and Belgium before we arrived to our destination, Amsterdam at 10am.

*** Had our breakfast. Bekal nasi goreng and lepak at Burger king to hav some coffee then continue our trip to Keukenhof Garden. No need to tell the story again..juz see the pic in previous post. Heheheh. ***

After kew garden, we went to amsterdam central. Lots of bicycle and a lil motorcycle and sk8ters. I think the mean transport there is bicycle?? There's tram too. Sempat la lari2 lintas jln tram, last time in Barcelona..punya takut mo lintas jln tram. Hehehehe. We look for halal restaurant and we did found it. But...the staff (dunno la the chef or the owner??) did something harrassmnt tp bukan jg mcm tu..a bit la to one of us. But definitely not me la. Dare to touch me?..siap kena karate nnt..Wachaa!!!! So we pon angkat kaki from the restaurant. But not long after that, we saw an accident juz in front of us. A motorcycle and a sk8ter. Woooo....i dont like the scenes. After that we went to burger king to eat some fries..hahahaha..eksiden terus makan??Takut sgt sampai the only thing that we can think off is eat :) *** After jalan2 di kota amsterdam (x lawa mn pon), we take the 10pm coach back to london. This time I'm ready with my cam to take some photo while in the ferry. Unfortunately, this time no ferry. Waa..sedih!!! Hav u heardabout The Channel Tunnel??It connect the french and england via this tunnel. I'm so amazed!!! This time our bus use the eurotunnel shuttle service. Va va voom. Photo restricted inside the shuttle but here some of pic I got from wikipedia. But to tell u the truth..till now I'm still amazed. How can they build this tunnel?Tak selama ni tau jg la ada eurostar (train) dr england to x terrpikir plak. Hahahaha. Enuff of the story. So we arrived home safely at 9am sunday. Then terus masak2 and the story continue in previous post about aisyah's beday. Hahahah. *** Overall I spent 33 euro only. Itu pun 20 euro for connection bus and keukenhof entrance fee. Souvenirs for my housemate (diorang byr blk la). So x la spent byk pon. But still records goes to my trip in Barcelona. 50 euro for 3d2n trip. Hoho..sgt la berjimat cermat. Next trip to france, italy and berlin,German. (insyaAllah). Klu swine flu dah tenang la. Lots of pic from effy n djasme x transfer lg. Cant wait for my pic with sunglasses...hohohoho

May 19, 2009

Happy Belated Beday to Ainul Afidah

Post hari ini adalah tribute untuk cik ainul afidah ahmad sarimin. Beliau dilahirkan pada 17hb Mei 1985 (sama dgn cik aisyah dan tomok) dan kini telah berumur 24 tahun. Setiap tahun, saya tidak pernah melupakan hari jadi beliau (ya ka?). Tetapi pd tahun ini saya hampir terlupa akibat terlalu sibuk dengan exam dan selepas itu pergi bercuti ke Holland. Sorry banyak2. Banyak kenangan manis bersama beliau..lebih2 lagi beliau adalah rakan tidur dalam kelas saya, hahahahah bersama puan kartati dan lain2. pendek kata semua dlm kelas suka tidur. Salam sayang dari saya yg cute. =P

May 18, 2009

Aisyah's beday

Yesterday we celebrate aisyah's beday. The fastest preparation ever in the world history. Hahahaha. Kiddin' . Juz got back from Netherland, then without taking shower first or sempat upload gmbr la...terus masak2. Even djasme said I'm fast n efficient. Hohohoh. Bake the beday cake, roasted chicken, nasi minyak n sup daging-yin prepare awal2..nasib baik...

May 17, 2009

Weekend in Amsterdam

::Kotak-Cinta:: Juz got back from Amsterdam to visit the famous garden, Keukenhof. Really mls nk blog byk2. Juz enjoy the pic below. Hehehehe..let the pic do the talking



I would like to wish congratz to my anak buah (chewah...juz kiddin') Muna n her bf Akmal for gotten the MARA-SPC. Kawin la b4 fly ke sini. Heheheheh =p. All the best for both of u. Congratz too for all who manage to got the sponsorship.

To A*, the kursus BTN usually organized by MARA and juz wait for them to called and it is after signing the agreement with them (conditional offer).

The monthly allowance for postgraduate as at 2008-2009 are:

Rate A - 1093pound
Rate B - 920pound
Rate C - 748 pound

A:London, Oxford & Cambridge
B:Surrey, Reading, Bath, Bristol & Edinburgh

Usually before fly, they gave us 6 month allowances + RM1500 (winter clothing) + 400pd (if not mistaken...around that la for book allowance). Subject to change...

p/s-juz got back from holland...will upload photo after celebrate my housemate balik je terus masak. T____T

May 15, 2009

Sapa ni??

::Lily Allen-Not Fair::

Attention to all...chewah. Went to oxford street (again..heheh). Did some shopping as usual. N then when we were walking along the street..we met this tall handsome guy with his gf. Then there's bunch of peeps stop them n taking photo with this guy. So I managed to snap a pic of him. So....the q..who is he??I guess he is a football player....maybe? or brit actor or model???But I strongly believe he's a football player. So..sapa2 yg tau...please tell me ok??

Pic of me...make up by maybelline (hahahah) from la redoute and shirt n beg sponsored by ofi. Tq for the gift. Love it so much. Even though the shirt size is 'L'. Doesnt he knows that his gf wear petite sizes?Or maybe saja bg baju besar2...supaya nampak sopan??Insaf kejap. Heheheh. But as a fashionista...chewah..konon...I can modify and make the shirt suits me n wear with a perfect combination of shoes n beg...(okla..mengarut dah). gambar agak terkangkang sikit..coz i'm not ready yet..but yin da snap la plak. its ok la...

The Bz Bee


I'm so bz like a bee. Heheheh. Juz started my new term. 3 days of classes a week. So tired..coz last time my class was only 2 days a week. (pdhal tambah 1 je pon :P). DOnt hav time to write blog or blog hopping. Sorry my blog fren...dont hav time to read any of your blog yet.

Oooo....I'm going to keukenhof,holland this weekend. Yipppie!!!!!Its a last minute plan coz there's this event that will end on the 21st of may. So we decided to go on this weekend. Cant miss the event...the lily show or something...cant remember the name. Holland is one of my fav place...and i dream to go there ever since I was a kid coz I like tulips so much..especially the yellow one. r some sneak preview of keukenhof. Will be taking lots n lots of pic.

Btw, rite now my mum is in Perlis to visits my grandma coz she's admitted to the hospital. Please pray for my tok som ok everyone?

Currently I'm watching Full House (again) and boys over flower (x tgk sgt sbb mmg mcm cite meteor garden). hahaha..full house is so funny...hahahaha...cant stop laughing. Even my fren said that the scene its not that funny but i'm overdose with the 'happy pills'. overdose coz i got some gift from my sayang ofi and met his family (x dpt jmpa ofi..parents pon bole) and some other thing..secret2 thinggy...hahahahah. So thats why i'm overexcited these days. Happy...Happy..Happy...
Sapa2 yg dapat MARA-SPC tu...congratz ya!!I heard many peeps didnt make it. Ya...I know they r being more strict and hav limited the sponsorship. So who ever didnt make it...dont be sad. Bukan rezeki...try again next time or find other sponsor/scholar. I know there's someone happy n giggling rite now. (hepi la tu ada org x dpt pegi..x baiknye)

May 12, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Mothers day especially to my wonderful mum and to all mum around the globe. I hav sent mothers day card to my mum on th 22nd of march coz here in UK, they celebrate it on that day.

May 8, 2009

I'm Bored like ________ !!!!!

::Lily Allen-The Fear::

Juz finish my exam. Whoah!!!! I'm so bored. Dunno what to do. No books to read...hehehhe =P
Btw, I've juz finished watching all the Dr. Black Jack Tv series anime (44 episodes)...lot of movies such as the butterfly effect, he's juz not that into u, spice world and many more. I'm totally run out of movie rite now. hahahahah. n when I'm so bored...I will disturb or can say destroying? other people life..and the lucky person is of coz ofie! hahaha. Keep on ym (call x la slalu pon sbb mhl kan..)...maybe YM la...always buzz him around. Poor him...I know how it feels when someone clinging u around like 24/7. So to make things better...I get myself bz cooking n baking. Plese dont be mad at me ofie, I'm sorry. Hehehehe. And thanks to ofi's mum too..coz she invites me to spend a nite in aunty sarah's house in buckinghamshire. Yippie...can get rid my boredness. Thank you so much!!!!! bored virus will be gone next week. Yup..will start my third term on tuesday. Class????Whoah...I'm not ready brain still tired n malfunction..but doing nothing n feeling bored also can damage my brain. Better go to class lor....

Dont forget to visit my foodsie...banana cake, roasted chicken and many more recipe...keep on bz cooking can reduce my tense a lil bit.

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