Apr 28, 2011

Demam Royal Weddng

Okay, I found this on E! online website. Put your name n city, then they will generate your royal name. Hahahahahah. Mine as the pic below. Bangganye…

here’s the link http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/royals/index.html


Just for fun you allz!

edit - juz check for ofie's name..hahahah he got the same as mine

Prince Sofiyan Fearnsley Mohd Yahayacott of Petuniashire :P

Apr 22, 2011

Bukit Broga

Last saturday me n ofi went to broga hill in Semenyih. The actual plan is to arrived there before the sun rise so that we can capture the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our way to broga and arrived only at 7.30am. Its ok, we still (actually ofi) managed to capture beautiful photos.


This is me before climbing to the top of the hill.The walking distance to the top is only 1.7KM. I think you only took about 15 minutes to reach  the peak and about 5 minutes to get down. hahahahaha.




the truth, my knee wasn’t strong enough at that time coz lack of training and exercise. Poor ofie, need to wait for me n stop for resting even though its only 1.7km. hahahahah.




Subhanallah. Very beautiful!!!!




We r soooo cute!!! Hahahahaha


Tips for anyone who wanted to go to Broga hill. The best time to go are on weekdays coz its not crowded compare to weekends. Please bring small towel, drinks and maybe some junk food. Do not litter and please keep/collect your own trash! Please keep the place clean for the sake of mother nature. Peace!!!

Apr 19, 2011

Broga + Bobby burger Simpang 3

So last weekend me n ofi went to broga hill that is located in semenyih. Awesome view from up there. Will update later when ofi gave me the picca. We also went to eat yummy burger at bobby burger simpang 3 keramat with budin. Sedap but too oily. That’s all for the update. Hahahahah…busy..busy..busy Smile with tongue out

Apr 14, 2011

New phone anyone?

I’m thinking buying a new hp but still need to save some money before I can afford to buy one. My wish list is BB torch. Hahahahah. I do love IPhone but I have a touch screen phone already. Other phones that looks great are Nokia E7, Sony Aino, Sony Xperia . Which one is your favorite? Or maybe HTC ? Ok, guys, gtg. Have ‘loads’ of work to be done before study week..

Apr 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Warisan café @ Royale Chulan

Last saturday, we went to warisan café @ Royale Chulan to celebrate ofi’s mum birthday. Another buffet episode for us!Yippie!!! I love the place coz its very cosy, very private and the food was wonderful!My favourite one is the desserts! Okay, I ‘m a bit busy rite now, so lets the pic do the talking.


My starter – Assorted sushi and tempura. Hehehehe.





2nd round – Beriani + roast lamb + ayam berempah + beriani beef + vege



2nd round for ofie



share with ofie


Lastly desserts. Nyum..nyum!!! The bread pudding was awesome!


Lastly, the tarik satu!

p/s: editting using windows live. Mmmm…not bad!

Apr 6, 2011

Restaurant review : Williams@Taman Mayang,PJ

Ahad lepas kitorang pi williams kat Taman Mayang , petaling jaya, sempena hari terakhir Nazir kt kl. Terakhir ke? I've been to williams before dan seangkatan dengannya (Murni, Murni discovery). On my 1st visits I'm a bit surprised coz the restaurant look like a mamak stall but served Italian and fusion menu. Even though macam kedai mamak, harga makanan dia macam restoran 5 bintang :P Malas nk blog..korang tgk la gmbr kt bawah. Pic courtesy from ofi.

I ordered Chocolate Avocado (small) and ofi, Strawberry Avocado(small gak). I prefer the Strawberry so I exchange my drink with ofi's. Hahahahaha

This is Nazir's drink(big). He ordered Soda herbs, new menu at wills. Ada serai, daun pudina, air soda, laici, asam boi, lemon..rasa x tau..leh tanya nazir :P

KE chose Baked meatball kot..

Nazir's pasta carbonara

Ofi's chicken chop

Mine - Roast duck fried rice

Us - Cant wait to eat. Cepat la ofi snap gambar!

Ofi:Minta sikit.... Me:X leh!

Restaurant review : Seoul Garden

As for today, I have been to Seoul garden for 3 times. One with my college mates at station kerinchi and twice with my dear ofi at OU. Its not that expensive if u can eat a lot since the food served as buffet. Hahahaha and if you came at your birthday, you'll get 50% off. How awesome is that?

The concept of the restaurant are steamboat + bbq + grill korean style. You can choose the soup from kimchi, tom yam, chicken and etc. With only RM3.99 you can have free refills for your drinks. Desserts taste delicious too. Dinner buffet is more expensive than the lunch buffet and weekdays buffet is more cheaper compare to weekend (as usual). 4 stars from me for the fresh meats n veges.. feel free to visit their official website here


Restaurant review : Chili's Grill & Bar, OU

Entry tertunda. Last year we went to chili's in ou for the first time. Chili's are famous for its 3 course meal. But neither me or ofi ordered that. I ordered chicken quesadillas while ofi ordered mushroom fajitas. As for drink, I ordered chocolate banana smoothies. Semuanya sedap but a bit pricey for me. Hahahaha. Bole datang makan once/twice a year :P Enjoy pic below. Overall... 4 stars from me.

Apr 4, 2011

What if?

Last saturday, while ofi was playing futsal at 1 o'clock in the morning, he had problem with his breathing that might occur from allergic reaction. He called me at 2.39am and told me about the problem but I have trouble to understand what he said. I think he's struggling to breath n talk at the same time. I have a mix feeling about that and I also cant breath properly. Many things came out from my head. What if ofi....what if he......what if.....bla..bla bla... and then I started crying. Too many korean drama I guess...heheheheh. I need to go to kl straight away but its very dark outside (a bit scared) and I'm very sleepy (I hav a workshop on research for 2 days). So I decided to go to kl n visits him on the next morning. Hehehehehe. Very mean! :p

Ofi was hospitalized for 2 days, and doctor still dont know what is the cause. Then I realize that I really2 dont want to loose him (Muntah darah sekarang!). cute pic of him..taken from his dad fb :P so cute la!!!

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