Apr 27, 2009

Jai Ho (u r my destiny) - Pussy Cat Dolls

Original by AR Rahman OST Slumdog Millionaire

Apr 18, 2009

Temptation - Arash feat Rebecca

Love this song so much. Great song for belly dancing...hahaha...any dance shud be fine. Cannot stop dancing while listening to this song. Actually I like rebecca part...Arash...hmm...so-so la. Btw..check out their vclip. Coz I saw KLCC??And the cars...mcm ada proton??Taxi white n red??Confirm its in M'sia. Nnt google tgk mn diorang buat video ni laa...enjoy dancing everyone...

*shud listen to suddenly..also by arash n rebecca.

Apr 17, 2009

Jolly Bee Bee Ice


Have been bz lately, final is juz around the corner. Nothing to blog actually...but really need to do some posting here so that its lively here. Heheheh.
First I owe an apology to my dear ofi for my previous post. Sorry ya! Didn't mean to hurt you. Really2 sorry...If given a wish rite now, I wish to go back and hug you and say that I'm really2 sorry. Please forgive me :P (This is the most thing that I regret)

Juz saw pic of baby sofilea. Shima juz email us her baby's pic few days ago. So cute and adorable. Juz saw baby qadri pic...kawaii also. Geram2. Babies all around....waaa!!!! Waduh2...

I also want to congratz our new preggie mommies...Aimi and Nurul Zatul. I'm so jealous! :P
Dont worry tifa, usaha lagi..chaiyo2! Ahaa...Lin as well! Ikuti la semua tips yang di beri oleh hot mama kita.

Last but not least, presenting you the hot bachelorette...hahahahaha...bkn m'promote ok..but i've no idea to put any pic here...(the last single ladies in my batch..ok2 tipu.. ada lg mas,anis n ya)

Apr 14, 2009

Extra Happy

::Anuar Zain-Tak lelah::

Today I'm extra happy n excited because I got a new perfume and I found my long lost friend in facebook, Amielisa, andyson and hary. hehehehe. they r my friends back in primary school. Not the closest one but still close la jg. We talk about our primary school...and the good old days. The truth is...I've erased all my primary school's memory coz its not that 'fun'...but when we chat juz now...it seems that all the memory has came back to me. Hohohoh. I think we hav not contacted each other for about 10 years. Yalah, I went to boarding school after that...n somemore...dulu2 no hp lorr..so, easy to lost contact. And after that, my family moved back to my hometown...lg la lost contact. (Ok2...my fren mesti suka part ni..yelah2 saya berterus terang...dulu saya bersekolah di pekan beluran..puas??hohohoh). I dunno why I'm a bit shame when talking about my primary school..maybe bcoz its a kampung2 school kan?Dulu2 klu ada org tanya tinggal mana?Its hard for me to say that I live in beluran...hahahaha.Lg pun I'm originally from sandakan. But now I'm back to my hometown. Yippie!!!!!Hidup sandakan!!!! (moved to beluran when I'm in primary 2..T_T)

Actually Beluran is not that bad la. A small town (pekan sbnrnya). No bank, no KFC, no fire brigade...but very peaceful la. Seafood anyone??Hohohoho. My best fren Alvina, Lindy, Sofi and indai, together we form our spice girls group. Wuhooo!!! Spice girls tgh famous at that time. We often practices dance (dlm class lg tu..sbb cikgu selalu x masuk class...ish3). Steps from 'Untukmu' song by feminin. Hahahaha.

Hary is my dance partner when we perform joget for the school event and his twin brother andyson is in my prefect team. Together we fight crime. hahahaha!!! But seriously....ya ampun!!! Nakal sgt bdk sekolah tu...no dicipline. I think students in 6A and 6B class was okla...bt 6C and 6D...some of them cant even read! and they are so notty!(maybe coz sekolah kampung kan??sorry la ok...no offense ya!).

Actually I met hary when he perform dance for UMS at kak Lana's wedding at Le Meridien Hotel. But at that time...I'm not sure thats him. Yaloh, how can I remember...its been a long time...only now I asked about it (when I met him online). Yup..its him..confirm!! :P

Most of my schoolmates in primary school has married T_T. Ada jg yg x disangka2 jd husband n wife. Hahahaha. Thats cool. Never think of it. Your enemy can be ur partners for life. Very cool indeed. Extra smile everyone....

Apr 13, 2009

My New Perfume

::Faizal Tahir-Bercinta::

Bought new perfume. Yippie!!!! Actually I bought it because there's a clearence easter sale here in The perfume shop. So juz grab it!!! Hahahaha. Before I present to u my newly fragrance...let me list down my previous perfume so that 'u' will not forget. Hahaha!!!!

1)Hugo Women by Hugo

My first ever perfume bought with my 2nd salary T_T
Actually I'm not into perfume..yeah..coz I got problem with my smell sense.
Maybe bcoz of my sinus??? Love this perfume so much...sporty fruity smell.
But ofi said its like floral smell. Actually its mango with cedarwood and sandalwood.
Feels youthful, feminine and adventurous. Bought it together with its pair..Hugo green (ofi)

2)Sweet Darling by J.Lo Kylie Minogue

Another sweet smell..This one is the limited edition from Kylie.
Nowadays u can only find sexy darling and darling..but not this one!
Hahahahah...smells boronia,vanilla,sandalwood,cotton candy and freesia.
Its feminine, sensual and seductive

3) The new perfume - Christina Aguilera

I aim this perfume since last year. Hohoho.
Smells lily,jasmine,peach,blackcurrent,vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
Its feminine, seductive and sexy (I love it!!). Heheheh
But dunno la if ofi like it or not...

There u hav it...only 3 perfume???Sikitnya collection. Bila la org tu nak bagi perfume kat saya ya??? :P

Apr 11, 2009

Berdua lebih Baik :P

::Acha Septriasa-Berdua lebih baik::

Dj Jasme has decided to go back to M'sia couple of hours ago. Yup!!I'm so jealous. But nvm..got many things to do *Study for my final of course* She managed to get the ticket. Last minute desicion y'all. So..now its only me n yin in da house. That's why the post title is berdua lebih baik. Hahahaha. So senyap la this house..okla..gtg..continue study...

Apr 9, 2009


::The posies-I guess you're right:: (mcm mn lagu ni ada dlm playlist aku?)

I'm so excited!!!Juz got a parcel from US. Actually this is a surprise gift for ofie but I cannot stop myself from telling him..which I've already did. Mcm yg cinoi ckp-copy n paste jak la ya noi... "share joy, double the joy, share sorrow, half the sorrow " Overexcited plak. So what's this all about?A parcel from US??Yup, I bought this fish eye lens specially for my dear ofi. Not the original one..only cikai2 one. Imitation and cheap! Sorry dear, next time if I got the money..I buy you the ori one :P hahahahah...

This OPTEKA fish eye lens made in Japan. Read the review from my flickr group n then I'm kinda like it. But the lens is for nikon model only..but I wanted to try it on my cam. Hahaha..sorry again dear..I open the box to see whether it fits on my camera or not. Hohoho.
Here's the review I read on flickr gernstein. Not for professional use..utk suka2 bola la this kind of lens. To see more pic..juz search opteka fish eye lens in flickr.

Btw, rumah sgt la senyap dan bosan. A'ai join her sister touring around UK (her sis n bro in law came here for honeymoon...asal la ko kacau daun cah??), yin also go out with her bf which visits her all away from m'sia :( ... effy went back to malaysia for holiday, djasme with her cousin (yg adik kpd group OAG tu..hahaha!)..me alone in my room. Apa ka ini??Why I dont have visitors?? Nvm, can study for my final xm.

Bumper Issue (Regent's park + Ripley's)

::Natasha Bedingfield:-Say it again:: Today Actual plan is to go to the famous Madame Tussauds. Unfortunately when we arrived at baker street, pheww!!!A long queue!!Aha, juz remember it's easter holiday. No wonder there's many visitor. So we hav to canceled our plan. Can go next time..still hav time ;p So we decided to go to Regent's Park since its only 1 station ahead. So happy coz I really wanted to see the flowers bloom and take some nice spring picture (nmpk sgt slalu terperap dlm rumah je :P). and practicing on my photography..hahahah!!! Btw, where's my yellow tulip and petunia??? Pic below...any comment on my photo technique? please do so..juz click on the slideshow to see the pic album or here

Spring hangout

After that we went to Ripley's Believe it or not musuem in picadilly circus. Okla jg....we spend about 2 hours exploring the 5 floors building. Most of the item you've seen before in the tv series. (if you watch ripley's la...never miss the show coz dean cain is HOT!!!Hahahaha). Thats all for my bumper issue today (bumper ke??hehehe) Need to finish my CT4-models assigmnt...c ya...

*make up by maybelline, shirt from KRISP (lol). n nope!!!I'm not 'buncit' in the pic. Juz loss my weight n need to wear belt..thats why my tummy look like that..

Apr 7, 2009

Kenapa sesama islam tidak bersatu?


Baiklah entri kali ini ditulis dlm bahasa melayu kerana saya ingin becerita tentang orang melayu (cm tiada kaitan jak ni??). Cerita ini baru saja diterima pagi tadi. Ini juga merupakan entri pertama saya tentang politik. Saya jarang bercerita tentang politik kerana tidak berapa minat, x gemar dan tiada pengetahuan yang sangat luas. Ceritanya begini....

Sahabat baik saya yang bernama Puan Tifa tinggal di sebuah perumahan/kejiranan/kampung di sebuah negeri di utara tanah air. Dia bersama suami pergi solat jemaah maghrib semlm di salah sebuah surau disitu. Alhamdulillah...baiknye mereka. Saya berharap di masa hadapan jika saya dan ofi ada jodoh..kami juga bakal mengikut jejak langkah tifa dan suami. Tak pegi selalu, tp kadang2 pun kira dah ok.

Dipendekkan cerita, puan tifa mengalami sendiri pengalaman paling teruk ini. Pada saat itu ..ustaz ******s yang merupakan ex-imam negara dan pernah bertanding di kerusi panas di pulau pinang telah menjadi imam utuk solat maghrib tersebut. Tetapi terdapat bbrp kumpulan manusia tidak mengikuti jemaah tersebut. Puan tifa mulanya ingat kumpulan itu sudah selesai solat atau pun ruang surau tidak mencukupi. Tetapi sangkaan belia tidak tepat sama sekali. Selesai sahaja ustaz ******s m'imamkan jemaah tersebut, kumpulan itu terus buat jemaah baru dan solat maghrib.

Kenapakah kumpulan tersebut berbuat demikian??Kerana imam tadi adalah ahli sebuah persatuan politik manakala kumpulan tersebut adalah parti lawan. Tidakkah ini alasan yang sangat b***h??Maaf jika saya menggunakan perkataan kesat. (Tapi saya x cakap pun...saja type...tp x ckp..plg teruk pun hari tu saya cakap b*****g dpn ofi...bkn ditujukan pada dia..tp pd org lain..itu pun dah cukup kasar...tp klu bdk umah saya, b*****g ni perkataan ruji dan x kasar..tp sbb keluar dr saya yg x pernah ckp ini...bunyinya agak kasar). Back to the story..heheheh

In my opinion (chewah!!!!), jika namanya sdh islam dan jika sdh sama2 pergi ke surau atau masjid untuk berjemaah, mengapa ada lagi sifat2 begini?Sifat berkumpulan??Sikap kepartian??Bukankah sdh di riwayatkan bahawa solat jemaah itu antara salah satunya ialah untuk merapatkan silaturahim dan sama rata?Kenapa perlu pilih2 imam?Saya pernah terdengar dahulu bahawa kalau seseoarang itu tidak disukai atau dibenci ramai, dia tidak boleh menjadi imam. Betulkah itu??Tapi di dalam syarat sah menjadi imam...tiada pula tertulis begitu. Maaf, saya tidaklah begitu arif dalam ilmu agama. Tapi cuba kita berfikiran logik, kalau tidak mahu berjemaah, bermakna tidak mahu bersatu dan jika tidak bersatu maka hancurlah kumpulan tersebut. Sbnrnya saya mahu cakap melayu dan islam tapi ntah la mcm mn..nasib saya bukan melayu kan?Hahahahahah...gurau je. Kalau benda wajib dan besar macam ni pun x boleh bersatu (berjemaah) maka dalam masalah2 lain pun tidak akan bersatu. Kelak nanti bangsa ini akan jatuh dan mundur. Nanti klu sudah terhantuk baru hendak terngadah.

Saya sangat sedih mendengar cerita ini. Saya juga sedih mendengar kejadian bakar bendera di lahad datu. Sikit2 bakar bendera..sikit2 bakar bendera. Dah tak ada cara lain ka??? Cuba la cari idea baru sikit :P . Di sini ingin saya tegaskan sekali lagi, kalau tak mahu solaat jemaah kt situ...solat la kt rumah je...takpun buat masjid/surau sendiri pastu buat signboard...hanya kumpulan ini sahaja boleh solat kat masjid ini. Ya Allah...umat Mu di akhir zaman ini memang dah kronik. Last advice, tlg lah jgn jd fanatik sangat sampai mengabaikan hukum hakam agama. Saya bakal mengupdate berita terbaru lagi dari puan tifa tentang keadaan panas di sana..almaklumla tgh nak election gitu.....Semoga Allah mengampunkan semua dosa umat islam di dunia ini...amin.....

Apr 5, 2009

Breakfast+Lepaking @ Coffee Lounge

::The Fray-Never say never::

Today I join effy n djasmi lepaking and breakfast at coffee lounge..juz few metres away from our house. Hahahahah. Saja bosan2 join effy. She's the one who always hang out at coffee house, she even study at coffee house. Huh???A cosy place, I ordered croissant n caramel machiatto. Yummy!!!Here some pic at the lounge...(sambil2 testing my new hp camera..not so clear..but okay la). Tp klu di malaysia...ngak ada ongkosnya mau lepak di coffee house. Oh did I mention there's starbucks n costa coffee cafe in my school building??Hehehehee...

My caramel machiatto & croissant coffee lounge bergaya sakan dgn effy's Gucci sunglasses
Test cam hp #1 MSD:attending the interview (check out my yellow handbag :P)

Sheila Gank Tag

::Pagi yang menakjubkan - so7::

I'm so happy coz I've download all sheila on 7 album to my lappy. Actually I got lots of their songs in my hp..but I've lost my hp. So sad!!!Some songs in my old lappy in Sabah and others I didnt dload coz I have the cds n cassattes. But today..I dload all the album from Benz@4shared. 8 Full album. Yippie!!!Jgn jealous ok!!

Then suddenly this Q appear on my mind. Aha!!!Lets do some tagging sheila gank. Mo lawan c aza punya tag itu hari (what do u think of me in high school). And I'm sure lots of my frenz are sheila gank and this tag shud be answer so that their blog 'indak bersawang'. Hohoho. Btw..answer these Q while listen to ur old so7 songs. So nostalgia....fuh!!!

1. Your first so7 album and the year u bought it?
Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan - maybe in 2000??

2. Which is ur fav band member?
Duta n adam (dulu2 suka sm sakti)

3. Which is ur fav album among all?
For me semua best!!!!But I like 07des album coz 100% of the song I loike!!

4. Which is ur not so fav so7 album?
The latest one - Menentukan arah...coz only 60% of the song is good. heheheh

4. List your fav so7 song

Most - Percaya padaku

So7 (1999) -
1. Pede 2. Anugerah terindah 3. Berai 4. Dan

Kisah klasik utk masa depan (2000)-
1.Pagi yg menakjubkan 2.Karna aku setia 3.Sahabat sejatiku 4.semuala..ssh btl

07 des (2002) -
1.Seberapa pantas 2.Tunjukkan padaku 3.Hingga ujung waktu 4.Semua la...

OST 30 hari mencari cinta (2003) -
1.Melompat lbh tinggi 2.Untuk perempuan 3.Menyelamatkanmu 4.Berehnti berharap

Penjantan Tangguh/Pria terhebat (2004) -
1.Pemuja rahasia 2.Pria terhebat 3.Ketidakwarsan padaku 4.Tanyaku

The best of so7 (jalan terus) -
Semua best2...tmbh J.A.P la...

1.Kau kini ada 2. Last pretence 3.Terlalu singkat 4.Ingin pulang

Menentukan arah -
1.Yang terlewatkan 2.Alasanku 3.Arah 4.Mudah saja 5.sampai kapan

5. tag other sheila gank
ammar (ko kena jwb ni..wajib!!)
my dear ofi
and all bloggers

Apr 3, 2009

Siaran tertunda (food+shopping)

::Nidji-kau dan aku::

Busy..busy. Oh my!!!Dont hav time to blog. Tired n hungry. Hahahaha. First we start our story about earth hour last saturday. We managed to switch all the lite. Well done girls!. The 1 hour..I baked carrot cake (hohoho...use the oven..hmmn..am I not helping the earth hour??). Its a ready made mix from betty crocker..but need to add eggs,vege oil n water on ur own. This is the cake...very special coz i did it in the dark. hahahaha. yummy!!!

Went shopping (another episod of oxford street..the shopping heaven) coz its mid season sale. Reduction price on certain item. They need to finish up the stock for the coming summer. Yippie!!!Many of my frens talking about the new shopaholic movie. Me my self...hmmm...a shopaholic too but not as much as rebecca..I only buy clothes under 20pound. Yup!!!!I think I can nominate A'ai as the shopaholic and brand cautious. Check out my new yellow dress...actually its cuter without the black jacket. Bought from Apple snow.Managed to buy some dress from KRISP. My new fav boutiqe. Yay!!!Later will upload the pic. hahahahaha.
Last tuesday we celebrate april fool day..hahaha. No la..we celebrate 'makan-makan' coz we juz finish our research paper. Hahaha. Menu for that day...begedil, mee goreng and lasagne. Will update the lasagne recipe later in my foodsie. Hahaha.

Apr 1, 2009

Lalalalala (tajuk di edit ats sbb2 keselamatan)

::Jason Wade-Days go by::

G20 (Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors) will be having their summit here in London on 2nd of april. So these few days (1st n 2nd april) need to be careful coz there's maybe a lot of protest, campaign and demonstration. So afraid..coz I've got class on the 2nd of april. But hope everything is under control..rely on the city security. Some measures has been made by my school. Yeah...a business school need to have safety measure..since the businessman always been the target. Some activity that might be occur:-

· 1 April - 'Fossil Fools' environmental demonstration in Westminster.
· 1 April - 'Stop the War' demonstration in Westminster. Expected at lunchtime.
· 2 April - London Summit (G20) at ExCel.
· 2 April - Stop the War demonstrations at ExCel

Cass safety measures:-
-Your travel may be disrupted. For people using Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Cannon Street and Fenchurch Street, have a secondary route available just in case. Please keep an eye on the Radio and TV for updates and advice. We will of course provide email and Plasma updates within the building on the day as necessary.
-Do not antagonise the protesters in any way.
-Cancel any unnecessary off site meetings.
-Make sure you have and wear ID at all times.
-Keep your movements in and out of the building to a minimum.
-Don't carry laptops to and from work.
-Think about what you wear to work on the day. City attire such as suits have been targeted in the past
-Restrict your movement in and out of the building.
-React immediately to security requests. This could take the form of returning into the building quickly.
-There may be the need for periods to lock the doors and restrict access. Please adhere to this need.
-The external rubbish and smoking bins will be removed for the 2 days. Please keep there area clear of rubbish. (takut ada bahan letupan ka?bahaya school aku ni..mmg pre-caution btl)
-Bring your ID card with you and have it on you at all times.
-Make sure Reception are aware of any visitors you have to the school.

Maybe bcoz all of this...i've been dreaming that there's a real riot n chaos...(kena bhn letupan lg tu..nasib x teruk). Nitemare!!!! Hope everythings fine...

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