Jan 27, 2009

Barcelona Trip

::Armada-Apa yg kau cari:: Juz got back from Barcelona,Spain. Love the city!!!The weather is juz like M'sia...yeah!!!At last..back to normal for a while. Went to the famous Sagradia Familia, Las ramblas, Port vella...and many more. So easy going around the city because they have this metroline..sort of tube,tram,overground and underground...connecting to all tourist attraction. But we r very unlucky...the famous magic fountain of monjuic did not working at that day...why???We also cannot go to Park Guell bcoz there is a landslide(da penat naik tinggi2..x de la plak). The wind was strong..I heard that 4 ppl died at the sport centre bcoz the roof collapse. SO afraid!!!But Alhamdulillah..we r save..Highly recommended if anyone wanted to go to Barcelona...juz beware of scams and pickpockets. Btw...lots of people look at us like we r some kind of alien from outer space..or maybe we r hot or maybe they mistaken us as celebrity??Hahaha..no la..maybe they feel weird why us (3 little small girl) walking around the city without our parents. Hahahaha. Lots of them asked about our age n where do we come from. Many of them guess that we r 16-18yrs and we r from pakistan or phillipines. We r Malaysian Ok!!!! Owh ya..their people does not speak english. But we still communicate with each other like we understand their languange and so do they. Hahaha..so funny....Hola..Gracias..sortida.. And another thing..the immigration asked me if I am really Miss Juanis (which their pronounce Miss Huanes)...bcoz my surname sounds spanish but I look like asian. Heheheheh..of coz its me!!!Cool...Bangga kejap. hahahaha

Jan 23, 2009

I'm Back !!

::Armada - Kau pikir aku apa::

Juz finish my final xm. So relieved!!! But still stress a bit...CT1 n CT3 paper quit tough..so afraid that I'm gonna fail that paper (hope not..but still can resit the paper on august~Pheww!!)

Now..I hav time to blog..to read other blog...and to start my new project. New project???Yup, I'm thinking of doing new blog about food. All simple2 recipes(cikai2 punya) and review about any restaurant that I've been to. Yeah!!! I'm also celebrating my new year 2009 now!!Hahahaha...my new resolution????1)Start studying hard for my next sem xm...InsyaAllah. 2)Be nice to everyone especially to my family n my ofi and kurangkan x nak gaduh dgn ofi...hehehehe.

Btw, I'm off for 3 days...going to Barcelona tommorow. Yippie!!!! Throw away all the stress and relaxing my brain after a month of studying (study ke??). Dont miss me ya?Hmm..hope to get some nice shot there. From my 3000 shot..only 1 or 2 shot yg jadi..aiyo!!!See below pic. Kira lawa jg kan???Hohoho..my fav shot

Jan 19, 2009

Armada - Gentayangan

"Maafkan Sayang
Ku harus balas dendam
Agar bisa ko rasakan
Sakitnya aku pendam

Maafkan sayang
Ku bisa gentayanagn
Bila ini semua
Tak bisa terbalaskan"

Credit to me - ssh pyh upload ni =P

Jan 18, 2009

AJL 23 - Meet Uncle Hussien

::Lagu Untukmu::

Yes!!!!MUH WON!!!!I tawt they wanna gave it to FT..nasib baik!!Even though I like FT n the song...but I think other singer is more qualified than him. Example...Best Performance should gave to Stacy (my opinion la!!) and best vocal also to Lan MUH (power suara tu..). My fav performance tonite:-

1)Stacy - Go sabahan Girl..Go(hohoho)
2)MUH - (songs n vocal superb..asal c bakri ada tiba2 jd drummer MUH ni??)
4)Spider (tam look so handsome tonite..dgn muka x de perasaan itu n ada iras2 emmett??)
5)Elyana (cute like dolly)
6)Faizal Tahir (mcm ala2 swenney todd..ala yg cite barber johnny depp tu)

Thats all my fav...and the results..

Juara Lagu - MUH LaGU Untuk MU
Juara Pop Rock - MUH
Juara Balada - Faizal Tahir Sampai Syurga
Juara Etnik Kreatif - Farawahida
Vokal - Faizal Tahir (should be Lan :( )
Persembahan Terbaik - Faizal Tahir (should be stacy..)

Mestikah Ada Yang Lain - Faizal Tahir

mestikah ada yang lain
perluku lakukan
untuk memujuk mengikat cintamu

dan setiap kata dan lafaz
aku ucapkan tulus
untuk memujuk mengikat cintamu

kan ku genggam cinta mu abadi

andai kata cintamu bisa merubah
semua kepahitan yang masih dirasakan
sekian lama

takkan aku biarkan
cintamu terbiar saja
akan ku patrikan
ia di dalam dada

selagi masih ada cinta di antara kita
alangkah indahnya hidupku

bila cinta biarpun di mana
bisa dirasakan gementar terharum mendayung
kau lah kekasih
cinta pencinta
pendamai jiwa

Jan 16, 2009

Sheila on 7 - Yang terlewatkan

Ok, sorry guys no video here but u can utube here- So7 rawk! . Embedding are disabled by the owner of the vid. I'm so happy..this is one of my fav song from the album 'menentukan arah'. This clip was juz release...(dated on november but I juz found it today!!b4 dis no..how come??)
Love dis vid coz I really like the color..bright2 color n the scenery..waaa ganteng kalo bisa dating di sini ya dgn cowok gue. Hohoho...

Ungu feat Rossa - Tercipta untukku

Finally she found someone who is much better than the previoused one. For me, she's one of the luckiest women in this whole world! Happy for her. She can get whatever she want..sometimes I feel that this world is not fair enough...eh but cannot said like that. Sentiasa besyukur atas segala pemberian n kurniaan-Nya. "Semua ini qada' dan qadar"(ni tiru ayat memey dlm WHI..hehehe).
Even though I'm not that lucky (i.e cannot answer my final paper juz now..huhuhu) but I still hope that happiness will always be with me...so everyone..lets make me happy..ok2..juz jokin...lets be happy together...cherish this world and enjoy! In mean time dont forget to "wasatiah dalam kehidupan" and do pray for our beloved muslims all around the glob especially in Palestine.

ucapkan matahariku
ku bisik tentang hidupku
tentang ku yg tak mampu
menaklukkan waktu

Jan 14, 2009

Kertas - Penantian

Lately I've been listening to their songs. I loike his voice..very the mellow~
Eh?Kata bz x dgr lagu????Terdengar....hihihihi
Try utube this band other song. Mainly all of their songs is for the broken heart. Sad!!!

First Paper

::Tak dengar lagu-Sbb agak bz::

Its my first paper for this sem final xm. What can I say???Pass??Maybe..but exemption for the professional paper?Maybe Not. So sad!!!!!!How can this be???Its my economics paper..the one that I did well back in UiTM. Hmmm...stop thinking about it, got finance and accounting paper tommorow..need to prepare earlier.

Jan 11, 2009

Noticed anything??

::Pretty Ugly - Itu Bukan aku::

Noticed anything?Hahahah. But I still love my old template..and this new one still need some editting..Aiyoh!!! Its a bit slow when u r uploading dis page, but next time..it will be faster than ur 1st visits. Adios~

Jan 9, 2009

MARA SPC Scholarship 2009/2010

::Elyana - Sandiwara::

Rumours said that MARA scholar ad has been out in local paper till sunday. But I dont know whether its truth or not??Juz heard it from my frens in M'sia. My opinion..juz grab the paper..if there's nothing about MARA...u can still read the papers..current issues are very important la...hehehehe...no regrets..

Yeah,its confirmed. Feewit!!!My blog update earlier than Mara website. Hohohoho. Tq lin for the info...lap u. can see the ad here mara spc 2009

Good luck to who ever applying for it

Tribute to Sheila Majid

Lets listen to these ballads from our Queen of jazz - Sheila. So sorry..dont hav tme to blog..so I juz upload some utube vids here. Enjoy my fav songs :-

Cinta Jangan kau pergi


Ku mohon

Jentayu with Nora

Jan 4, 2009

Malaysia Scholarship - Reminder

::Muse-Super Massive Blackhole::

Hi guys!!I know some of you who decided to further your studies this year has been busy to do some preparation such as applying for the scholarship. This is juz a gentle reminder for u guys..to start looking for the scholar. I noticed that a few bodies has started advertising their scholarship award such as MNRB & Khazanah (oxford university). Please regularly check out the advert in newspaper and do bookmark these few links.

Wow..its already a year..I juz remember how busy I am preparing for my studies last year in the same month. Few tips...apply as many scholar as you can...as a backup plan laa. Dunno which one that we r lucky in rite. Do check this website - Recom.org. Its has been so useful for me last time. The forum gave me some info on the scholar n interview tips. Its more for undergrad student but we can learn something from them too...

Any questions..can ask me...coz last time...I myself asked the kind senior for help. The kind senior here means someone that I didnt know but bump into in the cyber world (especially YM and Blogger) who are currently at that moment furthering their studies with the scholarship award. Pheww..such a long explanation. Will update if there's any new info. For the moment...I'm bz for my final exam. Do wish me luck. Tata.

Jan 3, 2009

Lets Lomo

::Sheila on 7 - Sampai Kapan::

Yup!!Lets lomo everyone. Okay2..I know I haven't yet finish exploring/playing with my A200K. But seriously..I've fallen in Love in lomographic. First need to save some money to buy the starter kit..next..update with the fisheye lens. Hohohohohoh!!!!!The disadvantage of this camera..use AA batteries and the old film roll..(itu yg x brp berkenan tu). To know more about lomography please feel free to visit here and dont forget to check out my dream lomo cam...the Holga. And to see some lomo images please free to click lomo flickr group.
At the mean time (no holga cam yet)..let us try some editting on How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography. Really cool...

Jan 2, 2009

Girl's Day Out

::Son by Four-Purest of pain::

Its our outing day after studying so hard (is it??hehehe) Went to Winter wonderland at hyde park. Its a theme park with german christmas market. Our objective is to try the outdoor ice skating. Was fun..but the ice was so slippery compare to the indoor ice rink..maybe bcoz of the sun, so the ice a bit melted. After that we went to paddington for lunch at Satay House-A malaysian restaurant. 6 satay for 6.10pd. Not that bad rite?
Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park Satay House - Paddington (with sagu gula melaka shared by 5 ppl) My nasi goreng kampung

The satay

A'ai's Nasi Campur (salted fish+sambal belacan+veges+fish curry)

Effy's lontong (finished by me) n djasmi's nasi+daging msk kicap


::Weezer - Island in the sun ::

Ok, actually I dont know what to blog today..but I wanted to post something bcoz its the first day of the new year. Hehehe..Hmm..let me see. Okay..here some nice songs 4 u. Sedih2..sob2..hehe. September band - Jangan Tinggalkan Aku (seriously..I mean it!)

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