Aug 31, 2008

Shopping Time - Happy Merdeka Day 51

::In My Head - No Doubt::

Went for shopping wif my dear ofi at OU. Survey some winter attire at universal travel and winter time. I think the jacket at winter time are more updated and fashionable compare to universal travel. Bought a jacket for only rm125. Cheap hah??? Got 30% discount and one more thing...bcoz its a junior size. Adult jacket is more expensive. I think more than RM200. So its lucky to be me...I can wear junior size..the big one la...size 14. I also bought a long john ( recommended by kak nora..tq). SO things left to buy are laptop and shoes.

I'm back at my hometown..sandakan,sabah. Really enjoy it. Worth fasting together with ur family (da lm x puasa 1 ramadhan dgn family). Btw, on the flite juz now, I sat besides a middle age woman. She asked me what i'm doing now. I did not tell her the truth. Why? Nanti dia kata aku belagak lak klu ckp nk study p uk kn??So I juz said i further my studies in uitm. Unfortunately, she's my mum staff. Owh,kantoi la plak. I'm dead if she knows the truth. I'm a liar. Huhuhuhu.
Last word from me...Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Puasa..puasa

Aug 30, 2008

Flite Ticket!!!

Its a happy news for me. When yin inform me that my name was not in 12th or 13th sept..I started to panic. But, lucky me..thanx to MARA..actually they hav book my ticket on the 11th of sept. Even though still book...but next week I'm gonna call MARA to settle it down. After knowing that my flite is on 11th...I started panicking again (hahaha). Why?Bcoz I dont do my shopping yet!!!Oh, no!!Dont hav time..hav to go back to sabah on sunday. Hmm...maybe shopping on saturday, if ofi x bz. Hmmmm.....

Things that I must buy before going to london:
5)Do I need a new luggagge???

The problem now is...I havent yet packing for tommorrow flite to sabah. Aiyoooo!!!!!

Aug 28, 2008

My Visa is Ready

My visa is ready for collection. Is that mean they approved my application? Dont hav time to collect it today. So, I guess I'll collect it by tommorrow. A bz day for me. But I enjoyed it very much. Went to Rumah anak yatim for keduri doa selamat & tahlil. The food was fab! Tp sedih bangat tgk budak2 ni..dah la handsome2 belaka. Did I mention it's a all boys orphanage house?Heheheheh. Ok things to worry are my flight ticket and the $$$$$$. When can they gave me?I'm going back to sabah already dis sunday. Hmm...

Aug 27, 2008


I'm supposed to collect my visa today,'s not ready yet. So sad! But yin's visa already done..why mine not yet??Ini tidak adil!Heheheh. N then I juz recieve an email from saying that my visa would be ready in 3 working days. What???? Can we trust this email?? So 3 working days is when?This friday or next monday?Owh no, I cannot wait anymore! Hav to go back to sabah this weekend. If my visa doesnt ready yet tommorrow..I'll complaint. Hahahaha. Miss my home...sigh..

Aug 25, 2008

At a Glance

Read Streets @ NST today. There's an interview with Tan Sri A. Samad Said. What caught my eyes was, they asked him if he hav his own car bcoz often to see him walking around the town. He said he used to hav one but he njoy using public transport n he hav an apartment near LRT Bangsar. Whoah!!!!Thats why I always saw him at LRT bangsar. Usually around 7.30 - 8.00 am. I tawt it wasnt him..but actually its him!!!! Hahaha...we always run into each other evry morning. Hehehe.

Hav a happy weekend. We (me n ofi) went for swim. Luckily, still remember how to swim a lil bit. Hahaha. We also watched Star Wars:The clone wars last friday. Learn how to bake brownies from my future mother in law. Infact now I'm baking one. Has to continue kak tini's work bcoz she has to go to the embassy wif ofi's mum. Hope I dont screwed it up. Hav a happy Moanday everyone.

Aug 21, 2008

UK Visa

I went to Mara this morning n got my affidavit. Thanx MARA, love u! Then gambled myself to wisma MCA to do my visa even though my appointmnt is on friday. Yup!!!You can submit ur visa application without the appointmnt, but u have to q la...I'm the last person at the VFS that afternoon. Hehehe, actually bcoz I arrived late..about 3pm. Wait 4 the no. n then go to the counter. The officer will ask a few Q only..n then make payment (bankers draft/CO only) in only 4 Alliance bank. After that u hav to do biometric in another room. U need to wait 4 a while b4 they called ur no again. Then, juz do the biometric n snapping picture. All the original document will hav to be handed to them (I'm so afraid..all my transcript birth certificate). Hope they will handle it with care. Hohoho.

SO, hav to wait 5 working days 4 the visa. Hopefully I can make it!DOnt hav time..sbb nak blk sabah. Oh ya!I even met new friend..her name is Amy. A cute girl..(dj is a friendly gurl sometimes). I 4got oredi where she'll be studying. But she'll be going on 12th sept too. She asked 4 my hp no...maybe wanna asked me few Q regarding the visa bcoz she's not completed it yet. Hope she got my number rite. Luv to hav new friends...the power of networking r really important these days. LIke the one talk from...i don remember his name. But he told us..let say we hav problem with the UK, n then we hav fren that working as the minister in UK, so we can call him n asked 4 help. Hahaha...crita di edit sbb lupa..this one is from theprogram jejak gemilang 2008. Hohoho.

Today's lunch at simply spice with my etiqans fren as usual. Hehehe. Will miss this great time together in the future. OK..going to bed now. Really tired after going to MCA, MARA n ETIQA. Owh..not 2 tidying ofi's bedroom after they painted the room. Gud nite all!!!

Aug 18, 2008


Sbb dah lama x letak gmbr kt blog ni...nmpk gloomy lak. Blog org lain nmpk lw sgt2. Nnt blog ni x lw..ofi x nk baca plak. SO here r some pic taken from aimi's wedding n lunch time with etiqans.

aimi with 2 persalinan.. (satu time nikah..satu time sanding)

Lunch@ Siam. Me, a'ai n Aliya

Oneng,intan n pengantin baru (not in pic..epul)

So, the conclusion...I will never got married until I do all the things in my list (eg:wear braces, beauty surgery, etc). Muahahahaha...

Aug 17, 2008

BZ Week

B4 cite about my bz week (dis coming 18 - 22nd aug)...kita cite dlu weekend kita. Had a bz weeknd too. Saturday..had to go to dis Program Jejak Gemilang 2008. WHat freakin' me out was...hanging out with the new generation (budak2 muda 5-6 thn dr kita). X matured langsung. Its not my rite to judge them..but serious..cant stand it. Yg best..mcm biasa jumpa c manis n dpt perhatian dr VVIP n menteri (actually sbb aku kecik diorang tunjuk2 aku la..tu pon nk kecoh ke dj?). X buat apa2 sgt wif part best...main bowling wif him @ KLGCC...feeewiiiit. Mkn kt KFC n kuar mkn kt Santai. Its hard to spend some precious time wif ofi since he's very bz lately. Mid term is around the corner.

Things to do this week (18th - 22nd August)

1)Take my affidavit from MARA (maybe nk amek isnin or selasa)
2)Go to the bank - Nak kuarkn duit dr ASB (x cukup duit nk buat visa...kesian dj)
n then kena buat CO or DD lak for the visa payment (leceh2).
3)Visa appointment - Jumaat (nk buat awl kot)
4)Buying new laptop @ Low yat. Aiming for acer aspire 4520. Hope to get best price.
5)Swimming wif ofi - kena tulis siap2 ni.He promise me oredi.(I know u read my blog)
6)Shopping??X kot..kuar2 main2 dgn ofi maybe..when he's not bz

Advice - dont mess with bz ppl..u dont know who u r dealing wif.

Aug 7, 2008

Apa itu Cinta? - What is Love?

Adakah tapak tanganmu berkeringat, hatimu
berdebar kencang dan suaramu tersekat di dadamu?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu SUKA.

Adakah kamu tidak dapat melepaskan pandangan
mata darinya?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu NAFSU.

Adakah kamu menginginkannya kerana kamu tahu
ia ada di sana?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu KESEPIAN.

Adakah kamu mencintainya kerana itulah yang
diinginkan semua orang?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu KESETIAAN.

Adakah kamu tetap mengatakan kamu
menyintainya kerana kamu tidak ingin melukai
Itu bukan Cinta, itu BELAS KASIHAN.

Adakah kamu menjadi miliknya kerana pandangan
matanya membuat hatimu melompat?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu TERGILA-GILA.

Adakah kamu memaafkan kesalahannya kerana
kamu mengambil berat tentangnya?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu PERSAHABATAN.

Adakah kamu mengatakan padanya bahawa setiap
hari hanya dia yang kamu fikirkan?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu DUSTA.

Adakah kamu rela memberikan semua perkara
yang kamu senangi untuk kepentingan dirinya?
Itu bukan Cinta, itu KEMURAHAN HATI.


Adakah kamu tetap bertahan kerana campuran
antara kesakitan dan kegembiraan yang
membutakan dan tak terfahami ... menarikmu
mendekati dan tetap bersamanya?

Apakah kamu menerima kesalahannya kerana itu
bahagian dirinya dan siapa dirinya?
Jika demikian, ITULAH CINTA. (YESSS!!!)

Adakah kamu tertarik dengan orang lain tapi setia
dengannya tanpa penyesalan?
Jika demikian, ITULAH CINTA. (Maybe..plg2 pon minat Jonathan Putra)

Adakah kamu menangis kerana kesakitannya
walaupun saat itu dia kuat?
ITULAH CINTA. (100% Yes!)

Adakah hatimu sakit dan hancur ketika dia
ITULAH CINTA. (100% Yes!)

Adakah hatimu gembira ketika dia berbahagia?
ITULAH CINTA. (110% Yes!)

Adakah matanya melihat hatimu dan menyentuh
jiwamu begitu mendalam sehingga menusuk?
Yang demikian itulah namanya CINTA. (hmm...)

Aug 6, 2008

My Agreement - Update

Alhamdulillah...dapat pon agreemnt from MARA. The only thing now is...settle the agreemnt n wait for the financial affidavit for my Visa. Actually Cass Business School also dah minta2 dis affidavit. Penat wei isi...

Sapa2 p BTN esok (7th August 2008)...gud luck n enjoy urself. Jgn lupa baca psl islam hadhari ok!!!Hehehehe.

After P mara isnin lps...a'ai n me p Jalan TAR. SHopping Raya maklum la...x beraya kt mesia kn???So..I bought 2 tudung for my design..lawa!!!!! Korg pi la Jalan TAR tgk...n then bought for myself...keronsang cute mute. Hahahaha.

Owh???Byk bende x update kt blog ni kan?Bz lately...hmm..well..nak update but x bw camera lak...byk pic. Sabtu lps aimi n habas kahwin (ramai kwn2 da kawin...stress ni). N then mlm tu lak ktorg ada bbq...ofi n his BMI's fren. Best2 sbb rasa mcm host..n then tlg2 ofi kemas2 umah...penat tau...(pdhal x pnt pon).

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