Feb 28, 2009

J is for Jealousy

::So7-Ketidakwarasan padaku::

J is for jealousy n J is also for Juniza. So thats mean I'm a Jealous person???Maybe a bit. Hahahahah. OK2..I admit that I'm a jealous person. Why n how can I get rid this kind of bad habit (is it a habit?). My fren said that it is all because of my low self esteem. Okay at first I didnt believe them. But after I search some articles about this J, haaa!!!! They are right. How clever my fren...(how can they notice that I have a low self esteem??Is it obvious???need to change this). So here r the article I found on the net

"Anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship has probably felt the green-eyed monster creep into his or her thoughts at one time or another. Ah, jealousy. It can cause insecurity, detachment, and, often, just plain immaturity. No one wants to admit that they are a jealous person, and, admittedly, some people are better at curbing their jealousy than others. But, as much as we try to fight against it, sometime you just can’t help but feel it. What’s worse is that jealousy can often make you act out against your partner even if your partner is innocent and has no idea why you are angry or, worse yet, it can foster your own low self-esteem.

Whatever the reason, whether valid or not, jealousy can be a huge factor in disconnection between couples. Sometimes it is flattering when a relationship partner gets a little jealous, but a boost to the ego is a far cry from the fights and resentment that can come from real, hidden jealousy. This sort of jealousy is never a good thing for a relationship and communicating your own jealousy to your partner without sounding irrational can be tricky. The question remains: How can you learn to recognize jealousy and deal with it without jeopardizing your relationship?

Jealousy is Sparked from Insecurity
The closer you become with your partner, the more you have to lose by breaking up. If you are not aware of your own qualities or not confident in your own attractiveness as a relationship partner, insecurities can develop. If your insecurities are not addressed with your partner, they only fester and grow. It is true that there is a small percentage of jealousy that comes from a valid feeling, but, most of the time, jealousy comes from personal insecurities that have grown because of lack of communication.

If your own insecurity or low self-image makes you think badly of yourself, you often begin to wonder what your significant other sees in you. You will start to question why your partner would want to stay with you and fear that he or she will inevitably meet someone “better”. The fear that your partner will wake up one day and realize there is someone better out there can lead to suspicion on your part.

When suspicious thoughts begin to enter the mind of an insecure person the green-eyed monster will begin to rear his ugly head. You may find yourself questioning your partner’s actions or becoming too needy of your partner’s time and attention. If you don’t discuss your insecurities with your partner, questions may begin to fill your head. Why does he always come home later on Tuesday nights…who is he seeing? Why does she always talk so much about that new co-worker…does she like him?

Because these questions and the motives behind them (your own insecurities) are not brought to the forefront, you may start to see problems that aren’t really there. If suppressed long enough, often a jealous person will “flip out” when, in reality, their partner has done nothing wrong. A friendly conversation can look like flirting or a hug may seem to go on a little too long even though it is innocent. And, unfairly to your partner, you will overreact in anger or heavy emotion.

How To Prevent and Let Go of Jealousy
So, how do you prevent these thoughts from flooding your mind or from even occurring at all? The first thing you need to do is open the lines of communication with your partner. Tell your loved one calmly and openly that you love him or her but, because they are so important to you, you are feeling anxiety or insecurity about the relationship. Chances are your partner will reaffirm how much he or she loves you and you both can discuss the reasons why you are with each other. Unless there is a bigger problem that requires legitimate worry (in which case it is a good thing you started talking!), admitting your fear of losing your partner will open up a door of communication that can actually bond the two of you closer together. If you sense jealousy from your partner, learn to offer reassurance about your relationship more often.

After you have communicated your feelings with your partner, you will better understand the reasons why your partner has chosen you and be far less likely to second-guess your partner’s intentions. You will be reassured of the fact that your significant other is in a relationship with you because he or she loves you, not because they are waiting for someone better to come along. You love your partner, and, your partner loves you. It’s that simple. When you stop wasting your time thinking of reasons why your partner will leave you, you can start to understand the many reasons why your relationship is stable and satisfying for the both of you. If you can admit that you are someone worth loving, you can focus on building and strengthening the love between you both."

I'm getting rid of this J. Coz I know it will destroy my relationship and I know its my fault. Its not because of trust or understand...it is all because my J!!!!! Hoping for a 2nd chance.
Wish me luck :P

Untuk Perempuan

Jangan mengejarnya
Jangan mencarinya
Dia yang 'kan menemukanmu
Kau mekar di hatinya
Di hari yang tepat

Jangan mengejarku
Dan jangan mencariku
Aku yang 'kan menemukanmu
Kau mekar di hatiku
Di hari yang tepat

Tidaklah mawar hampiri kumbang
Bukanlah cinta bila kau kejar
Tenanglah tenang
Dia 'kan datang
Dan memungutmu ke hatinya yang terdalam
Bahkan dia takkan bertahan tanpamu

Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang
Aku yang 'kan datang

Feb 27, 2009

Countdown Part III

I'm nothing without you. Being with you is so dysfunctional and I really shouldn't miss you, but I can't let go. Unofficial vclip ok!!

Countdown Part II

Enjoy this video from alif oiam. Song written by amylea where she sang the acoustic version too(now in oiam3...yeay!!!). OST Rona Roni Macaroni. So funny but I prefer sindarella. Hohoho. Luv wan sharmila both in sindarella n rona roni. Song dedicate specially for u (u know who u r). Sorry for everything...T_T

Feb 24, 2009

Countdown Part I

Aku ingin jatuh cinta lagi! Kerana perasaan itu sangat bahagia dan buat ku tersenyum.
Yeah I wanna fall in love again!!! (but with the same guy la of course). These few days will make some countdown entry. Hehehehe. I juz read one of my fren's blog. She has found her new love after a pain breakup. I'm happy for her (yes!!My bf saved!hehehehe..no la juz kidding). But I'm truly happy for her coz I know what its like after the terrible breakup. I myself found my new love after 8 months breakup (so sad n tragic!!hehehe). I can't believe that I actually find a true love again. Below is my theme song when I fall in love few years back. Pinta from Nikki, our KML mariah carey, fiance to audi mok, person that I hate most when she conquered the stage (sampai nyanyi lagu MC 4-5...bosan den!Hehehe). My opinion..no offense ok! I think its true to all the men outside there. Masa nak tackle kita, ya ampun...sanggup buat apa shj. Bila da dpt..no more the surprise thingy and the 'kejar2' thingy. Tp buat apa nk kejar kn? Sudah jg dapat.Hehehehe. Thats the point la. But the girlz never changed. Yeah!!!Hidup Girlz!!!!Still sms,e-mail n call. Hohohoho.
Mentari bersinar ceria
Hadirmu membawa bahagia
Hilang segala lara
Rembulan menjadi saksi
Sentuhanmu berbunga cinta

Puas telah ku derita
Kerananya musnah setia
Janji bagiku hanya kata dusta
Hadirmu kasih mengubah segala
Tiada lagi ragu di jiwa
Kau binakan ku sebuah syurga

Walau waktu berlalu pergi
Dirimu selalu di sisi
Menghindar rasa sepi

Pinta ku sayang
Jangan kau pergi dariku
Kerna ku milikmu

Feb 23, 2009

Edisi Perkahwinan - Sari Yanti

::John Mayer-Waiting on the world to change::

Juz watch wedding video of Sari yanti n eddy casmady. They look cute together.Hav to admit that sari yanti is so gorgeous n pretty T_T. Eddy pn not bad. So cute...i loike. I love yanti's wed dress time sanding pihak laki. but too bad...cant find any on the net. I made the summary below of their wedding.

Theme : Red, white & pink
wedding planner : Linda Rahim
Make-up : Tia Zainal
Penggubah hantaran : David kor (gold - pihak lelaki, silver-pihak perempuan)
Persalinan : sanding & nikah pihak pompuan - white, sanding pihak laki - silver
My Favourite : yanti's tiara at wed reception@eddy side , fireworks after the akad nikah which means they did the akad @ evening (di luar norma)..but thats cute..fireworks after the wed, wow!!!!

Feb 21, 2009

Love:From the heart

::Anna Nalick-Breath (2AM)::

It takes courage to fall in Love and those who are not afraid to bleed because Love is crucial and sometimes painful. Those who succeed has found the secret remedy in their life and open the gates of happiness.

Love is seeks to make happy rather than to be happy. But those who dont understand will gave up love to seek their own happpiness by hurting others, which is the cruelest thing they had ever done only then realized they make terrible mistake and be left alone.

Love is not what you expect to get but what you expected to give and sacrifice everything.
And I will do that for you!

10 days

::Saving Abel-18 days::

Sorry coz the image above is a bit small n not clear but u can go here to view this cute "monte carlo vans" shoes. Actually I wanted to buy this shoes for my dear ofi (event-for being with me for 3 yrs) but unfortunately he gave me his shoe's size a bit late n dis shoes is already out of stock. Its not that I didnt know his shoe's size but I need his confirmation for the same brand that he had. So sad...coz i luv this shoes very much n its cheap!Oh well, x de rezeki. its ok..next time will be aiming other nice shoes from vans. A lot of slip on fashion that attract me. Next time maybe!!!Coolness....

Feb 19, 2009

Top 5 movies in UK this week

::DJNieza - If I Heart You::

Its been a while since I updated my blog. Got things to do. Coursework..coursework..and coursework. Just submit 2 coursework today so there's another 2 more works to submit but its due on march. So, kita enjoy dulu!!!Hahahaha. Nothing interesting happen in my life lately, so today I juz list down the top 5 movies in UK (london) based on the london paper (a free newspaper that I got everyday). Juz something to share, sometimes (or a lot of times) Malaysian got to watch US movies first than the UK peeps. Its all because UK didnt like US movie that much. They r more into teathres and watch their own movies. (UK mementingkan filem mereka dulu baru filem luar) except if the US movies has actor/actress of UK born..than it will be a HIT. So my fellow frens in M'sia u shud be happy coz u all r so lucky to watch the movie 1st than the peeps here.Hahaha. I think Malaysian shud do like that too..mertabatkan filem Malaysia dulu br film luar. Rumours said that international muvie will be charge rm20??Itu dah melampau la plak kan? Hav u watch cerekarama?Sometimes I feel drama in TV is much more better than the movies that screen in the cinema. Jux my opinion. Anyway, congratz to les copaque that collect RM2 million in only 5days of their screening of Geng:Pengembaraan bermula Upin & Ipin. Luv this animation so much. Betul..betul..betul..

ok here goes the top 5:

1)Milk - A story about a gay politician name Harvey Milk (eeuuww)
2)Vicky Cristina Barcelona - not sure what is the story but theres Scarlett Johanson & Penelope Cruz, must be a HIT
3)Frost/Nixon - Ala2 rocky film
4)Slumdog Millionaire
5)The wrestler

Feb 15, 2009

Shopping part XXV

::J-Rock - Ceria::

Yeah, its shopping time. Even though no money. Hahahaha. So today we went to debenhams and selfridge&co. We also went to body shop where I got a simple facial. Yippie!!!I like their staff treat me as a grown up customer...not like a kid. (apa igt kita x de duit??).Heheheh. End up buying some day cream n toner from body shop(aloevera). Lately buying so many stuff from body shop. Maybe coz it cheap compare in M'sia. But..i juz bought it but hav not used it. Dunno when the rite time. hahaha.

Other stuff bought today, urban eye liner..green color..luv it! Only that..due to my credit crunch after buying lots of yellow stuff last month. Will update later...

Feb 13, 2009

Original Tag by Aza (mesti dia bangga ni)

::Andra&The backbone - Tak ada yang bisa::

This tag is originally by aza. She got dis idea while watching One Tree Hill season 6 episode 16. Hahahaha. So the question for today "what do you think of me in high school?" Tq in ad for answering this question. Do leave me a comment. Ofi pn leh jwb skali. heheheheh...

Feb 12, 2009

Coeur de pirate

Lately I'm addicted to Coeur de pirate. Even though I dont understand what she said, hope the lyric is fine..no bad meaning or religous stuff. She start playing piano at age 3. Enjoy the vid below and do view her profile and listen more songs from her myspace here. Other recommended songs are ensemble, C'etait Salement Romantique and bercause. Enjoy!!Very cute vclip.

Feb 10, 2009


::Ello - Gadisku(hope ofi dedicate this song to me):: Yup my new project has juz been launched. hahahaha. Dj-fc blogspot. Apakah itu??Dj fan club??No la...thats too much. Its DJ FoodC actually (dj foodsie). Hahahah. All about simple2 recipe and juz for fun too. Still under construction..need to add more recipe and restaurant review soon. please free to drop by DJ Foodsie

Wedding plan - tagged by cinoi & Aza

::Sohodolls - Bang bang bang bang::

Suddenly this topic became popular in all of my friends blog. Recently ofi asked me about my wedding dream. Seriously, I never taught about it bcoz I'm so afraid that it wont come true. So maybe now I have to start planning my wedding day coz someone has proposed to me...hehehe..no la..need to dream something rite? so when the big day come, i already hav some idea. Yummy!! Please read my frens answer first b4 mine...hahahaha
ona -kononnya hasil perbincangan kedua pihak
So mine, is juz one side answer

1.How old are you?

2.Are you single?
In a relationship

3.At what age do you think you'll get married?
24. Hahahahah. paling cpt la 24...but hope to settle down b4 30.

4.Do you think you'll marrying the person you are with now?
Yes, of course!Pray hard for it.

5.If not, who do you want to marry?
no body. will be dead maybe if i'm not marrying my bf.

6.Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
haven't yet decide.Any volunteer??

7.Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
both..but maybe traditional. beach/garden must be expensive??

8.Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
He said korea. :p

9.How many guests do you think you'll invite?
All are invited.

10.Will that include your exes?
no, forgot..not all invited. certain like exes and my enemy wont be invited.
Coz I want to 'jaga hati' diorang. hahahahaha... (bdk2 smsld wajib datang!)

11.How many layers of cake do you want?
3 or 5 (why do we need these type of cake in wedding??)

12.When do you want to get married, morning or evening?
both (morning akad nikah, evening party..yeah!!)

13.Name the song/tune you'd like to play at your weedding?
not decided yet but of course there will be Faizal tahir's songs coz my husband love it!
ni baru di add - sempurna by andra & the backbone (will be sing together by me n him..duet)

14.Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?
Juz normal one maybe

15.Champagne or red wine?
uish..cannot la..sky juice satu!

16.Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
Days after wedding

17.Money or household items?
Money coz can buy the household items that i want (cheh..tiru aza punya jwpn) but household items pun ok. Tgk apa yg dapat. Give n take ...

18.How many kids would you like to have?
minimum 3, maximum 7.

19.Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?
Yes, except the sxxxx part no la...

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know next?
Hmm...all my fren has answered it. Others??ainul ko dah jwb belum??
I want to tag ofi...hehehehehe
Others will be kak ida, ammar, zaini ...hmm...bloggers lain sdh kawin la plak.

Feb 8, 2009

Movie Mania

::The Academy is - About a girl::

movie that I can't wait to watch download..hahaha

1)He's just not that into you
2)Bride Wars
3)Confessions of a Shopaholic
4)The Ugly Truth
5)X-Men origins : Wolverine
6)Transformers 2

and moreto come...hope to see 1 or 2 movies with my bf..pray hard for it

Ello - Pergi untuk kembali

dedicate specially for ofie

Selamat tinggal kasih
sampai kita jumpa lagi
Aku pergi takkan lama

Hanya sekejap saja
ku akan kembali lagi
Asalkan engkau tetap menanti

Worst Snow Ever

::Ran - Pandangan Pertama::

Last monday, there was a heavy snow in london. It was the worst snow ever in 18 years. Wow!!!Its very weird to see thick snow here. But if its in scotland..its normal but not here! The class canceled (Owh, I love snow..hahahah) and many transport didnt work..such as tube and bus. My friend even got stranded in the airport. Poor djasme. And worst...the road a bit slippery bcoz of the ice and a car accidentally hit our neighbour house (see pic below). Then Yin moved her bed far away from the window...to avoid any bad accident that will bum into our house. Pheww..I'm a bit safe coz I my room is upstair. The girls asked me to take some pic, play snowman (not that cute la) and snow ball. I'm a bit lazy coz its cold and I know I will caught cold or fell sick. But I didnt want to let them down..so I join them. and the end...I fell sick..until today. So sad!!!!I know this will happen to me. T_T Glad the snow is over. No more cold and dull n gloomy weather..

our not so cute snowman. credit to me for the colorful scarf and yin for the spectacles
playing snowball wars
the accident
view from effy's room
view from my room
Remember this fox?I decided to call him foxy. hehehe. He also came out to play. Bet he's lonely..his fren the neighbour cat cannot come out to play (kes kena kurung la ni :p)

Feb 7, 2009

Shomuni a.k.a Power Office Girl

::Coco - Belum terpisah::

Shomuni is one of my favourite J-drama series. My no.1 fav series..coz its very funny. I watched it 1st time when I'm in high school...on tv3. The story is about 6 ladies from the General Affair dept (GA 2 = shomuni) with their own special abilities (not so special la..but enough to make u laugh). Even though their dept is not so famous..coz actually their dept is where female employees are dumped if they mess up with something within the company. The dept job includes changing the light bulb, replace the toilet paper and organizing the company event. How sad. More sad news...their dept located at the company basement..T_T

You can watch this drama from mysoju.com but better be quick...coz this series has been withdrawn in crucnhyroll.com due to copyright issued. Got 3 season...each season with 12 episodes. The story plot for each episodes is the same...but with different issues and problem...

1. Shomuni employees do something for their own interests
2. Company runs into trouble
3. Shomuni employees save the company inadvertently
4. Shomuni employees find out that they did not get what they originally set out to do

The character:

1. Tsuboi Chinatsu - The leader of this shomuni employees, very arrogant but smart but sometimes too proud. and sometimes very funny. The most hated person by the HR dept.

2. Tsukuhara Sawako - The most trouble member..so careless. What else??Oh..secretly in love with Ukyo from the overseas business dept but til the finale season..she did not hav the gut to tell him.

3. Miyashita Kana - The most beautiful member and very soft and gracefull. Hav many scandals with the upper management (CEO, member of the board directors and etc). Always got presents and then she gave it to her friends..so nice of her...:p
4. Maruhashi Ume - The brain of GA 2. Very talented and brilliant. Can speak 15 languanges?? If I'm not mistaken. Very good in computer. She can find all the info needed for their investigation...hehehe
5. Himukai Rie - Her special ability is that she can predict the future...but sometimes a bit wrong. hahaha..thats make the story funny...The GA 2 depends on her prediction.
6. Tokunaga Azusa - the only members that already married. But still sometimes "gatal2" join the other member to find rich and handsome guy..hahaha..she's the one who arrange the GA 2 task work every day. Love to invest in stock market


1. Terasaki Torao - Head of HR dept. Always think on how to reduce the cost of the company by sacked employees and cut the employees benefit. Also always think on how to get rid of GA 2. But he also used company money for personal use....not so good!!! The enemy of GA 2

2. Sugita Misono - Head of secretary. Very pretty...the competitor of Chinatsu Tsuboi. Love to save money...not like the member of GA 2 who always enjoy and broke at the end of the month..hahahah

3. Ukyo Tomohiro - work in the overseas busieness dept...one of the brilliant worker. All people depends on him. very charismatic..and all the females employee loves him especially Tsukahara from GA 2 and Sugita from the secretary dept.
4. Inoue Koji - the chief of GA 2. Sometimes soo...kesian bcoz always left behind by the shomuni..hahahah..but still..he loves his subordinates..
5. Kamiya - Appear on season 2 and 3. A graduate students but became the company security guard in order to protect the GA 2..hahahaha...but always with GA 2 in order to save the company...but sometimes like Inoue...left behind by the ladies....

can read more about this series on
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shomuni or watch it on mysoju.com

Feb 4, 2009


::Yael Naim - New Soul::

Exactly on this date, 11 years ago...I registered into my high school. Yup the famous SMSLD. hehehe (sheeba's beday too..hepi 'birdday' my fren). Love the memories in my high school and also my schoolmates. Cherish all of them. But do u know???on that day..only 3 student registered. Where's the others?And out of 3 student..only 2 stayed. (you know how hard to survive in boarding school rite? :p ). So,theres only me n Lydia in form 1 and we had to join the form 2 classes. Its true though!!! only a week after that..more students coming in...and if I'm not mistaken, it took 2 months before theres enough student for the three classes. Dunno why smsld become not famous in my batch. Weird!!!

Fun trivia /fact of smsld from my observation:
  • No water supply until we were in form 5. The only supply is every day the water tank lorry(betul ka bahasa ni?) bring in the water. Students nowadays r very lucky!!! we hav to 'tadah' our water in a pail or basin. And theres a 'tabak air case' (tabak=curi)
  • They juz renovate the hostel when we were in form5. So unlucky of us.But we r the one who used the new bed,mattres,locker...hohoho but xsempat rasa lantai berjubin
  • They juz install the fan in our dorm when I'm in form 1. Sempat rasa x de kipas...can u imagine that??
  • Change our food tray from plastic to stainless steel tray..hohohoho
  • All the students pernah kena rotan oleh cikgu. Seriously..no one escaped from this even if u r the angel in the school. Please tell me who did not get rotan those days?These days i dunno la...
  • 'kerja amal' is the famous punishment. Who got escaped from this?? and I also hate (not hate actually,lazy!!) 'gotong royong asrama' every weekend (or is it once in 2 weeks?)
  • Cannot bring hp (but I bring my first nokia 3310..hehehe..which is RM799 at that time...so expensive...tq dad for the gift).If theres's inspection..I juz hide it in my secret place. Hahaha. Wanna know where??Simply put it in my dirty laundry in a pail and put it in the toilet. Yeah!!The dangerous/open place is the safest place rite?hohoho
  • The most famous teacher of coz..its our hostel warden. All students will meet them to get signature for 'outing' or going back home. So I think they r the winner for this title..hehehe besides our dicipline teacher.
  • Dolu-dolu we start class on 6.45am n finish at 1.45pm...and then changed to 6.15am to 1.15am. I dunno how I survived my high school years.
  • We all r too lazy to bring our glass/cup to the dining hall. so 1 glass shares with the rest of the students..sometimes drink from the 'gayung'. Adididi buruk perangai..klu mak mertua nampak confirm reject. But Alhamdulillah...present..all students (aspuri) has change a lot..becoming more ayu..awwww!!!and pretty tooo...
  • Popular things to do in school:escaped class, escaped assembly, escaped physical exercise (keluar petang=riadah), outing without permission, and many more. I did all of these except escaped class n assembly...I'm still a good student what...hehehe
  • Bcoz I'm not good in sports for the 'keluar petang', all the basketball, netball court and others sports fully booked by those who r good at those...n our P.E teachers (cikgu doraemon..hehehe..sorry) will punish who ever he saw not doing anything. So me n best friends (girl,vv, tasha) jog around the school...to be more specified..outside the school gate. What a big round??No wonder I'm getting thinner n fitt...hehehe :p. the thing is..when we go out from the school gate...feel like freedom..even though for a little while...felt like out from jail (the gate) and somemore can usha org kt basketball court...the boys court. Hohohohoho.
  • Ok,I'm not good in sports but I entered the 4 x 400m, 400m, 800m and 1200m??? okla..sometimes I got 2nd,3rd or 4th place from 4 rumah sukan. Hohohohoho ala kecoh 4 jak pn. I'm in rumah Platinum..but bcoz our rumah sukan always loose...then the teacher change the name to helium. Buang suwey katanya??Hehehe....jinx kot. But i think its work??If i'm not mistaken the last sports day we got 3rd place???cant remember la. but i dunno why there's no sport's day quit sometimes. not like the early years...weird???
  • I'm in form 1 delima, 2 delima........5 delima. Never changed class...hehehe.
  • I cant remember my form 4 stories. Why is that??? But I remember I failed all my add math paper..hehehe
  • I join nasyid n we won!!!and the judges said that my voice is not merdu but sedap di dengar. okla tu kn??even though its not a compliment.... :(
  • got bf (monkey love)..hahaha who already married...wheres his pic?Ali n usin owed me this..apasal la x nk bg???pelik tol. bkn pa pe pon...
  • we loves to play cards...the famous one...'jodoh-jodoh' (i even taught this game to my frens here in london..hohoho. theres one time when we were playing in the hostel (dorm) suddenly the warden open the door...and I quickly 'zaaasssss' put the cards under the bed...selamat!!!!
  • Not so selamat story in form 3 i guess...hmm..playing the 'mahima chaudry game'...dunno the real name of this game. but we make a lot of noise...dengar sampai bilik guru...(bilik ketua bidang??)and we got punished by cikgu chee (aisey!!!). Never play cards during school hours.
  • on sunday...all students especially the boys after prep (but it has been demolished when we r in f4 rite??) ran quickly too the canteen...to watch the dragonball series..hehehe. the tv in the hostel was not working sometimes...
  • hhmmmm....too many stories...to be continued la...hahaga

btw..got my wireless keyboard today..si I'm back in action....

Feb 3, 2009

40 Tips for A Better Life-copy from smsld.net (jaeepost)

::Ku x mau sendiri-BCL::

1. Take a 20-40 minutes walk every day. And while you walk, smile.
2. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
3. Sleep for 7 hours.
4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
5. Play more games.
6. Read more books than you did in 2008.
7. Make time to practice meditation, yoga, and prayer. They provide us with daily fuel for our busy lives.
8. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
9. Dream more while you are awake.
10. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in factories.
11. Drink plenty of water.
12. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
13. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
14. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
15. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
16. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
17. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
18. Smile and laugh more.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
20. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
21. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
22. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
23. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about. Don't compare your partner with others.
24. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
25. Forgive everyone for everything.

26. What other people think of you is none of your business.
27. GOD heals everything.
28. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
29. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.
30. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
31. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
32. The best is yet to come.
33. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
34. Do the right thing!
35. Call your family often.
36. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy.
37. Each day give something good to others.
38. Don't over do. Keep your limits.
39. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it.
40. Please Forward this to everyone you care about.

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