Dec 31, 2008

Good bye 2008 ~ Hello 2009

::The Carpenters - Close to you::

Good bye 2008 and welcome to the new year 2009. Hope this new year gives more blessing to us. Happy to all of you. I think I'm not going to celebrate it tonite, some study to do =(
This mean no fireworks??Not to worry, can see it from my room. Let me recap what I did this year. Let me see??Errmm..nothing?? Juz working in a not so happy company. Hahahah. Haa!!!! I think the only achievment that I make dis year is when I got the SPC and further my studies in UK. Yeah!!! It was a blissful year for me. Master + travel outside M'sia for the 1st time. Travel around UK...and meet new friends. So I guess 2008 is not that bad for me compare to 2007. Yup, I hate 2007..but I prefer 2006 more than 2008.

I bought my first guitar n dslr cam(is that an achievement?). Go out for a date/movies/makan2/gaduh2 with my dear ofi. We went to holiday plan with him. Kinda love that moment. If only I can turn back the time. Sabah + my family + ofi = Happy like crazy!!! Heard something nice came from him....I wonder if he still remember that?

I think thats many things..but kinda bz study here. Oh why my 2008 ended like this? In my room with books, pain (back pain after sitting to long on my desk n scalds pain), tension, stress...huhuhu...celebrate 2009 only after I've finish my final (thats mean after 22 jan...). Lastly, Happy new year 2009 to all of u. respect. No war!!!

Dec 30, 2008

My 2nd degree burn injuries

::Switchfoot - Stars::

Yup, I got the scalds from hot oil while frying cucur udang for my housemate last 2 days. I think its been 10 years I did not get this kind of injuries. Say, I'm pro in cooking already, hehehe. But unfortunately at age 23 I still got dis. Oh no!!!What I'm afraid of the most is the scar. It took some times to heal rite?I got it on my face too..but luckily, its unnoticeable. Got many scars already bcoz of the burn scar is likely the same. Hoho. I juz put some antiseptic cream to prevent from infection. Ok, so now should I break the blister??Bcoz some of it has been broken by itself bcoz of my ganas-ness. But what I know, we shouldnt do anything with it bcoz the blister itself protect the skin underneath from infection and it heals the underneath skin. Is it? But how can we leave dis blister alone?Bcoz I'm sure in 2-3 days it will break by itself bcoz of my ganas-ness. Will find some vitamin E cream to treat the scar.

Lesson to be learn: Even though u r pro in the kitchen and already being extra careful, you can still caught into some thing (malang tidak berbau..huhuhu..)

My ugly arm

The other side..and still got a minor2 one in other places

Dec 29, 2008

1 Muharram 1430H

::Raihan - Al-Hijrah::

Salam all. Juz wanna wish u all Selamat tahun baru hijrah. Waa..dah 1430H. Really fast...Hope for more blessing from Allah S.W.T for this new year. Cant wait 4 my recap 2008 post. Hohohoho. Stay tune y'all...

The bookmark sad episode

::Ungu - Cinta dalam hati::

I open my friendster's bookmark and suddenly saw something..some new updates that really broke my heart n make me really wonder??? suddenly the tears came down. Pouring like heavy rain. I'm so sad and I cry a lot. I want to stop but I can't. I know I shouldnt be crying bcoz it juz a small matter...but for me its kinda big. I need an explaination. Is it my fault that dis thing change??Going to sleep...nite2

Dec 27, 2008

Boxing Day @ Oxford Street

::Yang Terlewatkan-Sheila on 7::

Its boxing day in UK. A public holiday day after christmas. I heard some religious story behind this day..but we are not celebrating the day bcoz of its historical story but bcoz of our needy. (needy huh?Hehehe). They said that the origin was the wealthy people give gifts to their employees and lower social class people (thats me!!) back in past centuries (sedekah la konon ni). Nowadays, they pass it thru cheaper price for all items/stuff in the shop. Thats mean SALES and DISCOUNTS everywhere. This is the day where a lower class peeps like me can shop for a branded stuff such as Guess, Dior, CK, and etc. Hohoho..why M'sia dont hav dis kind of things?? But I still can't afford to buy Prada, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, LV (just name a few). Still so expensive!!!

The shops/boutiques open as early as 7am. There's a lot people que infront of the shop. Especially Selfridge&Co, where all the branded stuff is in. I promised myself not to go shopping anymore, but what to do??Its boxing day! Btw, my main objective is to buy something for my sis n my mum. Yup!!and I found it. Juz as my sis request. I found Guess boutique in Selfridge&Co. So many peeps..have to boxing all my way to the place to grab the cheapest bag and the pretty one (thats y they called it boxing day maybe?Hehehe). Forgot to bring my camera, if not I can show the crowded in Oxford street especially inside the Selfridge&Co. The expensive boutique such as Prada, LV and etc, they got their own security and you have to que b4 coming in. Only few peeps can enter to their boutique at one time. Wow!!!Maybe one day when I hav money I can buy these stuff, only one or two items maybe. Not very worth it la..its only expensive bcoz of their patent & brand. But owning one or two its juz to show off! Heheheh.

We just went to Tie rack, House of Fraser, Selfridge & Co, Debenhams, John Lewis and Esprit.

Below pic of my today shopping. Again, its not for showing off! Just to show my family what I bought for them and what I bought for myself. My family wll got their things next year la when I'm back in M'sia. Hehehehe.

Evening clutch for my mummy from Tie Rack

This is my present for my sis bcoz she got her 1st job (lecturer in Mara College). You go girl!! She even got the KPLI. Wow..dis is my sis year!!But she chose Mara of course. Congratulation!!!Here Dior eyeshadow & mascara for you. Good for a career women. Hohoho.

Guess bag for my mummy n my sis..okay can choose which one you like..if not..I can have it...hehehe. So jealous!!I want one too..but the bag is like 'pisang goreng panas'. Left only the expensive and the not so pretty one. And I am over my budget too. Bohoo..nevermind. I already got a new handbag from my dear ofi. Cant wait for the bag to arrive. For me, its more valuable and expensive than the Guess handbag. Thank you ofi for the bag!!!! Luv u so much. Muack..muack.

Bought this CD for myself...i wanna try M.A.C actually..but i dont see any sales there??

Lastly, my very own and first Guess purse. New purse vs old purse (which is actually a hp casing only..kasihannya budak nama dj ni!!!). My frens support n encourage me to buy this purse bcoz they know i dont hav any purse. Ok2, i got one...but it was stolen..u can read my burglar story in my older post (go to my march archive I think??). I luv that purse cos it was given by my dear ofi. Sorry I lost it!!! Sad,sad,sad.

Ok after the shopping session, we went to makan2 session in M'sian Hall. I ate Nasi Goreng pattaya and kuih seri muka n kuih bakar (huhuhu..I miss my mum's cooking..thats y i ate the seri muka)..then takeaway laksa (still my mum's cooking). After makan2 session..and gain our energy back, we went to china town to buy some cili kering, santan, tamarind, chinese veges such as chinesse celery and kai lan. Then..went back home and its juz 8pm. No mood for study today. I called it as my day off. Hehehehe...ok, maybe do some CT7 past year xm after this. Hmm..better eat my laksa 1st. Gtg..cheers all.

Dec 25, 2008

Alasanku - Sheila on 7

Music Playlist at

Aku telah salah
Ragukan niatmu
Akulah lelaki
Dengan jiwa bocah

Yang coba dewasa
Yang coba berubah
Mohon dampingilah
Jangan tinggalkan

Tak terbayangkan
Jika kau pergi

Kau alasanku untuk dewasa
Dan aku tak ingin kau terluka
Seganap jiwa akan kujaga

Menepi sejenak denganku
Bahagia selamanya denganku

Love dis song very much. From the album Menentukan Arah. Other recommendation songs from this album are Lia,Lia,Lia, Arah, Betapa and Mudah Saja. But actually all of their songs bagus bangat!!!

Dec 23, 2008

Tagged by Cinoi


Owh,It's my 1st time kena tag. Tq cinoi..I'm very honoured..hehehehe. How this thing work noi?Just answer the questions rite??Ok let me spare some times to answer these head ache after studying too hard ( x hard pon!!)...
1. Do you think you’re hot?
Hot??Suam2 je
2. Upload your favorite picture of you
(I like dis q)
Check out my watermark (again..)
3. Why do you like that picture?
I think I look cute in both pic n the background was nice..hehehe
4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
What a sad question...can't remember when...but maybe 6 months ago..sad..sad
5. The last song you listen to?
6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Study for my financial accounting and sambil2 tgk webcam ofi
7. What name you would prefer besides yours?
I like my name so much...unique n sweet..hohoh..but maybe i like the name sofea as well??or maybe jasmine??
8. People to tag
Kena 5 org ka cinoi??Cm teda ni oo mo di tag??Klu saya mentag anda sekali lagi bagaimana?Gurau ya!!
9. Who is number one? one

10. Number three is having a relationship with?
11. Say something about number five?
12. how about number four?
NIL easy...done..

Ayat-Ayat Cinta

"Pengorbanan cinta yang agungku pertaruhkan"

"Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna, cinta ini tak mungkinku cegah"

"Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh, seakanku bisa hidup lebih lama"

Dec 22, 2008

Just 4 Laugh - Release tension from study

::Nivea - Dont mess with my man::
LoL!!!Hahaha. Am I really your girlfriend???Hmmm...

Dec 20, 2008

Tour De UK - Day 7


Its our last day of journey. Wake up early in da morning and went to old trafford. Hohoho. Yeah..i know. Dont be jealous ya!!. Bought some man u merchandise. Man u!Man u!(songs of the mufc theme song). Then we went to the palm tropical oasis in Cheshire. First time tengok piranha..wohoo...giant amazon fish..and my fav the tamarin monkeys. They even got Malayan tortoise. Its a malaysian species..same hometown y'all!! Then we went back to london...stop by to ASDA 24 hrs to buy some cooking oil n 10kg of rice. Hohoho..bcoz we hav this car to carry our heavy groceries.Then..arrived home at 9pm with no heater in our house. So sad!!! Its the end of our trip. So happy we made it..and we hav a safe journey..except that we didnt go for skiing. time girls!!!Hav to study for my final..but hav booked a ticket to Barcelona after the final xm oredi. Hehehe. Why Barca??The girls watch too many Meteor garden series. So they want to go where sanchai (barbie) & Dao ming tse (Jerry) went to in the stories. Aiyo..addicted to tv series. btw, i dont care bcoz i like f4 too...hahaha!!!

Tour De UK - Day 6


On day 6, we went to edinburgh. Nice city. Love it! But we cant find where the market street is. There's a halal restaurant there. So we end lunch. sad. After jalan2 at the city..we went to newcastle to visit djasmi's cousin. N then we continue our journey to leeds. Last place where we gonna be sleeping.

Tour De UK - Day 5


On day 5 we went to aberdeen. on the way to aberdeen we stop by to the fraser castle. Luckily that day, they was a camel show. Btw,i'm not thrill to see the camel..but the mat salleh really like the camel. hohoho. Then we arrived in aberdeen city. Found a halal restaurant..but still a pakistan restaurant I think..Lahore...something2. Short memory,cant recall ts name. Walk around the city and then stayed at bucksburn,aberdeen.

Dec 18, 2008

Tour De UK in 7 days

::The Veronicas-Untouched:: So here is the map of our UK tour. Thanks to google map. Heheheh. DOnt 4get to zoom in. cheers. View Larger Map

Saya Menyokong Industri Muzik Tempatan!

Yup!!!I really support any local band/artist that play nice music. Underground or overground. Hohohoho. Last time I oredi put some yuna's songs rite?So today I would like my blog readers to listen to this music from Sarita...such a sweet song n voices. Aku amek dr blog Amar with permission ok. So please support our local music industry will ya? You n Me and another song without title. How I love her voices and songs. Good Luck girl.

Music Playlist at

Music Playlist at

Dec 17, 2008

Tour De UK-Day 4


On day 4 we went to Cairngorm mountain in aviemore. The main objective of our tour is to ski in scotland..b4 we reach the destination..we stop anywhere places of interest and spend a nite there. Unfortunately, dis objective did not accomplish. The wind r very strong. So sad!!!But we still go up to the mountain to see the snow...hohoho. After that we went for jalan2 in Avimore town. We found an indian restaurant that serve rice. Yippie!!!But not halal just ordered mushroom n vege briyani. The other gurlz ordered prawn briyani. We hav to wait until 5pm, the restaurant start its business at 5pm...n when we arrive it still 3.45pm. So we played card game in the car. Luckily I bought the cards...52 ways to do on a date..but can use as traditional card too. So cool..luv it. After makan2..we go back to the hotel and play jodoh2 game (teach them how to play dis..hohoho).

going to aviemore

going up the mountain


aviemore town

indian restaurant

mushroom n vege briyani

Tour De UK - Day 3

::Liverpool - Grantown on Spey,Inverness,Scotland:: On the 3rd day, we visit the anfield stadium, Liverpool FC. Hohoho. Even though we r not liverpool fan..but I think when u r in liverpool..this stadium is a must to see. Don 4get to buy some liverpool fc merchandise as well for ur family n fren. Then we continue our journey to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet in Merseyside. Shopping time..Yippie!!!Lots of branded stuff with cheaper price. I bought my first levi's n nike shirt. Levi's jean is also cheap..but dont hav my size..better not to buy it. I'm happy. I think we spend about 4 hrs here. Owh??Such a shopaholic. We had fish n sign of halal food n rice. Luckily I don hav gastric. After that we continue our journey to Inverness scotland (about 6hrs journey)...we r staying in Grantown on Spey, a small town with friendly ppl. Actually we hav some argument with the hotel staff..but managed to settle it down with the help of the hotel manager.

Anfield stadium

Designer outlet


Fish & Chip with chilli sauce..(wherever we go..we'll bring chilli sauce..please refer to my older post where a'ai hold a bottle of chilli sauce in kensington garden when we r eating subway..hohoho)

Ben Mhor hotel @ Grantown on Spey

Dec 16, 2008

Tour De UK - Day 2

::Pembrokeshire - Aberystwyth - Liverpool::

Get up early in da morning n continue our journey. Went to Castell Henllys (an iron age fort historic site). Dis is my fav place. Recommended to all. Then we went to Aberystwyth to see the cardigan bay. Mmm..not that pretty..but still nice sightseeing. Walk around the small town n luckily met a halal turkish restaurant..but no rice. only kebab. Well, juz eat!!! After that heading to liverpool..n spend the nite in haydock st helens travel lodge.

in front of our room in pembroke, nice view

Castell henllys

Aberystwyth - Cardigan bay


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