Nov 26, 2007

Muzik-Muzik Semi Final - Pop Rock

Yes!!!!As I expected..estranged went to the final...But Siti cute la semlm with destinasi cinta. Other songs that went to the final are Jinbara-Farhana (I dont like this song), Misha & Andy FP-Sembunyi (one of the best song), Mawi (I dont like him but the song quit ok), Sofaz-Janjiku (hmmm...ok jg). Why Rich dh botakkan rambut die?Taula aku suka org rambut botak sbb nmpk sexy...but Rich botak?X nmpk for SO7 old song in youtube. Yup...all old memories keep playing in my mind. How I miss my high school days. So,here we are...lets karaoke together with Kita - So7



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