Aug 13, 2010

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, OU

Okay, so last sunday ofi n me went to the Garden cafe @ OU for lunch. I love the atmosphere here and also the garden theme. Its a nice place for relaxing n njoying good food n fine dining. Its also a good place for photo shoot and shopping =P (some of the item in the restaurant are for sell!)

I ordered congee a.k.a porridge. Okay2 I know many will not agree with my choice of menu, but I've lost my appetite that day n I think eating porridge will make me get better. I also ordered watermelon juice while ofi ordered soda lavender and... (ok, I forgot. Ask him or look at below pic to know what he ate last sunday). So far, the food was delicious!!!I give 4 stars for the food and 4.5 stars for the theme n atmosphere and another 3 stars for the price. Yup...quite pricey!But affordable. The garden cafe always been compared to Full House at Ara Damansara. Hmm...maybe next time can bring ofi there. InsyaAllah.



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