Oct 11, 2010

The used

Sorry blog for not updating or posting for a while. Okay, so today nk cite about this student 'B'. Not my student but my friend's student. B always hang out with my fren, n maybe 'mengadu2' problem to my fren. Maybe mengadu psl x de duit makan?who knows?N being a good lecturer, my fren helps B in terms of expenses n allowances. From the beginning I hav this feeling that B is not a good person.

So, this morning I went breakfast with my few friends n I saw B with another lecturer. I bet the lecturer paid for his meal n B even drove the lec's car. Altis gold tu!!!!!!I think B is a gold digger!!!!Btw,ade ke lelaki guna perkataan gold digger?Ignore la my grammar mistake. See...never get too close with ur students. They might used u. Lebih2 lg student laki yg perasan handsome n mengayat2 n bermulut manis. I never fell for that coz I only know one sweet guy :P


Johan Irwan said...

Aku dok ingat ko citer pasal band 'the used'. hehe...


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