Mar 14, 2011

Movie Review

Last weekend I watched World Invasion and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Overall, two thumbs up for both movies. Worth watching it. First lets talk about World Invasion : Battle of Los Angeles.

The story plot is a bit like cloverfield, independence day etc... but now the main character are the US Marine instead of the civillian running away saving for their lifes. Now you can see how the army tried to protect the world. Hahahahaha! Another add up for this movie is that ne-yo was in it. Yeah!!!!!

Second movie is Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Even some of the scene may not be so realistic but hey!Its a nice try for KRU. Some might comment about the malay languange used in the film, adoi!!!!Memang la x sm mcm kita ckp skrg, dulu2 kan baku lg. Skrg ni yg bahasa makin rojak. Mesti org tu x belajar sejarah tak pon sejarah dpt apa ntah. Orait, I want to review more but since I'm buzy rite now, till we met again in my next post. Hahahahahaah!!! Bye~



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