Jul 5, 2011

New layout again!

I’m having problem with my image hosting for the previous template. So, I decided to change the template. Hahahaha. Still need to modify here n there and hopefully it will be ready soon.

As for myself, I’ve started my jogging routine every monday n tuesday. Today will be my 6th times. Jog from my house to the football field about 2.5-3km. 20-30 minutes. Need to loose weight and flatten my tummy. Ofi da tegur 2 kali da…malu2. Buat push up and crunch up. My mom can do 100times, I managed 20-50 times only. Hahahahaha. Lastly, Majulah sukan untuk negara. Sekian!


Ammar Abd Halim said...

just read ur blog, nice! nanti aku add kat blog aku. :)


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