Dec 31, 2009

2009 RecaP

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!!! Okay, its not 1st Jan yet, hehehe. Juz finished our family bbq party. Yummy!!Nom..nom..nom :P

Lets recap what have I achieved for this year. First I tawt that my 2009 will not be a great year but slowly it change...I can say that 2009 is one of my greatest year ever!Okay, lets recap u all :-

1. Got my MSc, Yeay!!!
2. Celebrated my birthday in disneyland paris (dream come true!!!)
3. Went to Holland
4. Visit paris and italy
5. Came back home. Relieved!!
6. Date with my ofie :P
7. Suddenly ofi become so genorous to me. Not so good...u will spoil ur gf. She may be demand for more >:) No la, juz kidding

That's all!!Owh??7 only???

My hope/resolution for 2010:-

1. Find a job..a good one!!I'm not demanding. But need to be careful when choosing ur career path. Hav learn my lesson before. So please stop asking me when I want to find a job, coz when I'm ready...I'm ready!

2. I wish ofi and me were each others to have. Hope that our relationship will last forever :D I promise to buy you a ps3 ::wink::wink::

3. Hope all my family hav a prosperity, health and success year ahead. Thats all.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!Have a great year!



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