Jan 2, 2010

My Fesbuk (edisi perasan)

::Acha & Irwansyah - Ada Cinta::

Bersempena tahun baru 2010, saya ingin becerita tentang mukabuku saya. Hahahah!! I dont have any idea for blogging rite now so this is the topic that I can think off for today. Cant miss a post on the 010110. Oklah, lately there is so many friend request from someone that I didnt know/recognised. Very weird la coz purata dlm satu hari ada la 3-4 fren request (korang boleh agak before this, jarang org add my fb..heheheh. I am miss no popular). Check my setting, ok!My profile is still in private view. It juz recently this thing happen. If u can se my fb snapshot...u can see I still hav 32 fren request that I still dont respond to. U might say that "ala si dj ni, apa ssh...ignore jak la!" There are some reason why I did not ignore their request. The reasons are:

1. They hav 2-3 mutual friends. So maybe I know them, but I forgot. So I wait for the rite time to respond their request (punya main bodoh sombong si dj ni x mo tanya mutual fren psl org tu..ish3). For example my fren fikri add me, but I didnt recognised him or his name. Then one day one of my fren tagged me on his photo album, an old pic of me while I'm in primary school and she also tagged fikri. Then I realised that fikri was my former classmate. But I dont remember that name???So, I accept his request. Than ask him politely, then he told me he changed his name coz he juz convert to muslim. Owh, that's y I didnt recall the name.

2. They are new fb user n use not so real name. So I have to wait for a few days or weeks or months...untill I can see the mutual friends. Again another bodoh sombong not to ask them properly. Bukan bodoh sombong la, mntau bkn sapa2 yg di kenal kn?Kan dah buang masa pi tegur. Hihihihi.

3. It is my bf mutual friend. I dunno for what reason, bebudak kolej ofi suka add saya. There juz 2 reasons la, one - "eh, ni mutual fren ofi & nazir, add la..bole tmbh frenlist" or two - "owh ni la gf ofi. Add la. Nak tgk cute ke tak orgnya" (ok, ini versi perasan..hehehe). I accept request from them who r very close to my ofie (so boleh spy2 sikit..ok, juz joking ofi..jgn marah!!!Heheheh). Certain, asked my ofi first, klu dia kata add..add la..klu dia kata x yah...x yah la. Hihihihihi. I did not ignore the request, I just leave them like that...kang ignore plak, diorang kata.."ee...sombongnya gf c ofi ni!!" (again my versi perasan..heheh). How do you know some one ignore ur request or not?? Go to his/her page..if u still see the "awaiting friend confirmation" sign, she/he still not ignore ur request. But if u hav already add them n did not see this sign..juz see add as friend icon again...yup!!!They ignore ur request...congratulations!!! Sometimes I juz accept the request sbb saya ini perasan "owh, nak tgk sgt cute ke tak??Ha..add dah. Tgk lah betapa kiutnye saya" (another versi perasan...di benarkn muntah skrg). No la...sometimes juz nk tambah neighbour kt farmville,fishville,petville n cafe world :P. Kawan2 ofi rajin bg gift owh. Itu yg saya suka.

4. okay, dun hav any idea....cerita TAMAT



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