Jan 11, 2010



Sesuai dgn lagu di atas (juara lagu tu!!!!) Saya akan pergi..I'm going back to my Kampong for about 2 weeks or more. T__T

Why I dont like going back to my mum's kg. Mmm...actually I loike it..but not for a long2 stay. Dont hav internet n astro. But maybe my dad is going to bring the decoder n remote. Wala!!!U go dad!!!Cannot miss the new season of American Idol. Hahahahah!!! Will be going to langkawi as well (as usual our family trip). But basically the activity is mum's shopping. Boring!!! But maybe I can buy a new handbag????Wow!!!No!No! Cannot. Need to save money la :p

Before I take my long2 leave from blogging, here r some pic of the day. The BBQ on the new year eve n my bed wif ofi's collection ;)

*aiyo...x muat beg nak bawa semua barang..need to sacrifce my make up bag. Bye2...juz bring a basic make up..lip balm, compact powder and eye liner :(



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