Feb 3, 2010

In loving memory of Tompok

Previous post I wrote about Tompok sickness and today, she died. Sian dia. I wanted to take her pic but my mum asked me not to do so, need to respect her death :)
So below is the pic of the new born kittens and another orange kitten that came out from no where. Btw, the black kittens is no where to be seen..ntah la hilang ke mana. I replaced the new box bcoz the old one was not reliable..hihihihi...ignore the word la..the old box is full with nails, bolt, nat..not suitable for the newborn. I also gave the mother some foods so that she will not end up eating her babies like before (bole rujuk previous post jg..saya malas mo link di sini). Dont tell my mum that I gave the cat foods n replaced the box...nnt dia marah. Hahahahah :P
Pet is not allowed in this house...hehehehe



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