Feb 8, 2010

Restaurant Review : The Boss Fast Food n Juice House, Bandar Indah

Yesterday, Me, Izati, Tasha, Rose n bf, went to The Boss Fast Food & Juice House that situated in Bandar Indah Sandakan. It's my first time here, but the girls dah biasa kt sini except for Rose. The place quite nice...I love it!!!!The price was not bad too. But we didnt try the food coz our main reason to the restaurant is to try the 'ABC' but in different style (ok I know this is so broken english). I mean the ABC at The Boss is a bit different coz they add some extra n create something new..but still it is ABC (saya pn pening baca ni..ok). Okla...enough of the broken english..let see what we have ordered yesterday:-

Me : Milk freeze with jelly(red jelly, grass jelly/leong fun, cendol) and ice cream. RM5.00.

Izati : Milk freeze with mixed fruits.RM4.00.

Tasha : Milk freeze with red beans. RM3.00. Then she added a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
extra RM1.50
Rose n bf : Guava juice n watermelon juice. RM2.50
In the end...x habis pun. Seriously, banyak sgt. Hope to bring ofi here next time. Mesti!!!



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