Mar 13, 2010

I heart tumblr


Beberapa hari ni saya demam tp dah beransur sembuh. I hav so many free time but I dont hav time to update this blog (since there's nothing to blog about) n even blog hopping. Heheheheh :p
Why?Bcoz I'm tumblr hopping. Hahahaah!!I even hav my own tumblr but let keep it as a secret for now.

I also wanna wish congratulations to my dear brother for his SPM '09 result. Its not that good, but for him it is his biggest achievemnt for the moment. Yalah cuba bayangkan?Tommorow xm paper, malam ni baru mo study. Hebat kan?Now he's waiting for his matrix offer. Hope u got it!! Celebrate at ocean king last nite n I'm still full today. I juz realize I hav a small tummy. Okla..thats all for now. I'm going to check my tumblr :P



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