Jan 10, 2011

My best friend's wedding

Okay, this is a quick post from me since I'm really busy rite now. Last saturday went to my bestfriend, vv's wedding in penampang , KK. Ulang alik dr kk n kl mmg exhausted. Until now, I still feel a lil bit dizzy n my eyes beats. Korang paham x ni?Nk cakap mata berpinar2 sebenarnya..hahahah :P okla..cerita panjang lain kali la. Enjoy this 2 pix from sza sza's fb. Tq sza sza!! Pinjam gmbr aaa...bole pi blog dia sini..pieces of me..

BFF for 13 years

Mt tutorialmate in KML, sza sza...6 years after... selalu contact thru fb jak



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