Jan 11, 2011

My one day trip to KK

I arrived in KL from Malacca about 9pm on friday. Then I went to lcct to catch my 6 am flite to KK on early saturday. Landed at 10am and Girl fetch me at 1030am. Went to plaza karamunsing to fetch Tasha n stopped by to have a new hair cut (not me ya :P).

Then off to attend vivi's wedding in penampang hall. Stayed until 4pm then we went to ......... (okay, I forgot the name of the place, but it's somewhere near QE Hospital). Eat sotong kering bakar ketuk..yummy!!!! Always ate this stuff back in high school. Owh, makan pisang goreng jg!

Then we went to centre point. Shopping a bit n had our dinner at secret recipe. After that we hav our karaoke session at 9pm till 11pm. After that, we went to Raihana restaurant? for our late supper. hohoho. Went home at 1 am n then doze off. Zzzzzzzz...

Wake early in the morning to catch my flite back to KL. Before that, we stopped by at Nisha cafe for breakfast. The roti telur n curry not bad...bole fight la dgn semenanjung jg. Then went to KKIA n our flite take off at 10.45am.

Safely arrived in KLIA at 1.30pm and completely arrived in KL at 4pm. Phewww!!!! What a long journey. Then I traveled back to Malacca at 6.45pm and arrived to my home sweet home at 10pm.....

Even though I'm exhausted, but really happy coz this is our 1st reunion (me n my bff) for over the past 7 years. Sepanjang 7 tahun, x pernah lagi jmpa empat2 orang..biasanya jmpa individually jak. Result from my trip....I had my monday blues for the 1st time :(

Till we meet again my dear friends (smsldians n KMlians) Heart all of u <3 <3



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