Sep 25, 2011

My 600th post!

This is my 600th post! Yay!!! I know, I know, I've been missing lately with my new update. So for this special post, I will combined all my activities during last ramadhan and raya open house. There still some pic from a few open houses that I havent post in here but this is proof why I gain some kilos in festive season. Haiyooo :( All pic courtesy from cik shetul :) TQ.

Buka puasa & Dinner with AQS Club

Buka puasa and bowling tournament. Group by row. Hohohoho. The 1st time I hit the 100 and above points for bowling :P

Jamuan Raya Faculty. Prepared popia chocolate yang very yummy.

Open house at Farah Forte house :)



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