Sep 29, 2011

Wedding Inspiration : Wedding shoes

Kepada semua bakal pengantin, jika tak jumpa lagi kasut kahwin anda, boleh la mencuba untuk mencarinya di White Label Bridal shoes.

I'm falling in love with the shoes already (eh mcm lagu siti yg baru tu plak kn?). My fav one are the peeptoe. You can order online too... how easy is that...

Hmmm...da lm x pakai heels, lately asyik dgn wedges crocs je, wonder if I can wear them as usual. Dulu pi shopping mall pn dgn heels 4' hehehehehe


beaty said...

nice this also..

yeah first time here visit from Chii blog

Pink Praying Mantis said... ur site too...especially the photos


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