Feb 22, 2008

REUNION SMSLD - 17 Feb 2008

Update on the reunion last sunday. It was a success...thanks 2 all who made it succeed.Hehehehe. Who's coming that day?Here is the list :

  • Me

  • Azura

  • Mona & Izi (hensem giler)

  • Ainul

  • Munie

  • Nizar

  • Husaini & Diana

  • King & GF (last2)

  • Paat & ank ikan die yg ke-XXX (alin)

  • Lutfi & GF

  • Faiq

  • Pekoy

The activities- mula2 mkn kt carl's Junior n then lunch kt Laksa shack. Pastu tea kt secret recipe. Bcoz I'm the only one yg dh keje...kene la blanja budak2 ni...tp blanja kt secret recipe time majority dh blk.Time tu tinggal 7 org je. Naseb baik dh x byk...hehehehe...abes kang duit. Borak2...nothing much...juz t'ingat memori gila2 n nakal dulu2.N org yg plg kene teruk of course our mr mata besar- Faiq. Ada je tragedi yg menimpa dia. Sian2....not so many pic taken...since we r using ainul camera only. I only hav 4 shoot. Still waitng the pic from her. Below some of my cam shot. Guess wich one is shemale?I am shock with her/his changes. NVM, everyone should deserve their spaces????

BTW, ainul said that my faces n ofie is 100% the same...thats guuuuuud. Means...kita ada jodoh.. wahahaha...



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