Feb 16, 2008


Went for a training near KLCC last 2 days. Yehooo!!!!So I stop by to suria klcc for shopping. Bought 2 pairs of vincci's sandals and 3 shirts from Romp.Muahahaha. Membazir ke?But shirts n sandals are investment what?Hahahah. Then I realize that I hv too many sandals. Well,nvm. Yesterday I wear the shirt that I bought from Romp. Then Intan asked me where do I buy it? After telling her...we went straight away to Romp in Midvalley...hehehe...she bought 2 shirts i think? 1st Ecah said she don like Romp..bcoz of the fashion...but it ended that she almost bought something too.Hehehe.I'm so happy when people like what I recommended.Like to be some icon or figure or idol? Tommorrow i will go for my school's reunion. Wish me luck! Below pic..some of my vincci's...ada lg kt opis tu. N 2nd pic..my patung serba guna from my bantal peluk. Boleh peluk..bole ltk kt belakang..jdkn bantal...very flexible.I luv it!!



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