Feb 3, 2008

SPC - NST & Mingguan Today!!!!

Iklan SPC MARA dh kuar kt NST & Mingguan M'sia ari ni. Juz got back from FRIM.Jogging2 with ofi (jalan je sbnrnye). Best sgt dpt spend time with him. Even though ade gaduh2 bsr semlm. I admit its my fault. Really regret it. I'll be more respect n trust with my deary ofi next time. He's the only one i hav. He always make me happy n i'll promise to make him happy too..

So...klu dpt SPC ni...hav to leave my ofi behind...can i really survive?Oh,no!I think i can't. Ofi has a new band...i really jealous actually..bcoz u know i always dream to hav my own band. Even though i can't play any of the instrument (heheheh). I think all my fren knew it..xcept for ecah..bcoz she really shock when Ya asked me if i want to join his classmate band for jamming session in shah alam. She's like freakin out????Then Ya n Yin said...dont u know..she like to sing n hav a band??? But the jamming session was in shah alam n at nite...I'm not going to shah alam alone at nite...nnt jd kes sharlinie plak.Takut2. So tolak la offer kwn ya...hohoho
So...do hope that ofi's band can be success...dh b'thn2 ikut jamm fest kn...harap kali ni bole menang.

So..how bout my dream band???This is my band members if I can own 1 : -

Guitar - I forgot his name but she's ain rooomate...gila bapak terer...
Drum - nizzy
2nd guitar - Fatim (ooppss..sory x jd 1st guitar)
bass - ??
Vox - of course me!!! (can i be the drummer too?)
Keyboard - bole ajak iko or yin
Oh ya..how bout cindy?Bg bass la...

hmmm...whats the name of the band?Of course Poison of the art (POTA) hehehe..enuff of the insanity..daaa



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