Feb 3, 2011

ATV Adventure Park

To tell you the truth, I'm the kind of person who loves outdoor activities especially the extreme one. For example, abseiling, flying fox, jungle trekking, camping, rock climbing and many more. When I suggested to try the ATV ride to ofi, I guess I can handle it! Unfortunately, when the day has come, oh my dior!!!!It's hard to control the ATV!I know I love extreme sports but one thing is not on my list is when handling anything with tyres and machine. Bicycles and cars! ATV included! Anything moving object that is faster....its chickened me out!I always think that it is dangerous and accident could happen! At the end of the day, I managed to control the ATV...I know I'm slow. Thats why I took some times to learn how to drive a car!

We went for ATV ride at Kg Kemensah which located 4.5km from Zoo Negara. There's some package you can choose but we chose B package. We arrived before 9 and the base was still not open. Hahahaha!

First the trainer teach us how to control the ATV which I took some times to remember how to operate it!

Then we practise around the training base for few times before we get on the track. I'm very amazed how this tiny ATV can go up on the hill.Our destination is to the 7-tiers waterfall. Its clean and still not contaminated. Bring extra clothing if you want to take bath here.

We only spend about 2 hours for the ride. Quite expensive!Hahahaha. My hand hurts maybe because the handle was hard, so maybe you can bring along your gloves. A bit tired and hungry!Hahahaha! So we went to Nasi Ayam Melawati for our brunch! That's all for our atv adventure, feel free to visits their official website here and I would also like to thank fidah khan for giving me the info. Thanx a lot! Credit to ofie for the wonderful pictures!



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