Feb 14, 2011

Nilai 3 - Syurga Chenta

Last saturday I went to Nilai 3 with Emy to see some wedding ideas and practice my driving skills on the highway. It was fun but the road to Nilai 3 was so bad( we also dunno the direction only based on the signboard ) and through our journey back home, its raining heavily. Takut woo. Okay, I'm not getting married! I just accompany my friend. But when you arrived in Nilai 3, your heart screams like you wanted to get marry as soon as possible. Hahahahah!!!!! :P

Went to Nilai about 1030 am and we got back home at 3pm, detour to Tampin....hahahah..and safely arrived home at 4.45pm.

Tomorrow is a public holiday because it is 'Maulidur Rasul' - The birth of our Prophet Muhammad. Planning to visit the new born baby and service my car. Aiyo!!! Just got back from work at 11pm, then tomorrow need to wake up early in the morning @_@

Btw, I'll be the coach for our faculty bowling team for the next faculty sports. Need to go for training...hahahaha...will ask for ofie's help since he's good in this sport besides football.


HaNg said...

Hi may I know if Nilai-3 has a lot of menswear store? Especially trendy menswear for young guys. Thank you!!

Pink Praying Mantis said...

i dont think so. The places are full with curtain shops, textile shops and for wedding preparation


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