Feb 17, 2011

Macarons:What is it all about?

Have you heard about this french cookies?Lately people are going crazy about it! I know this delicious cookies few years ago...but I'm a bit shock coz it is getting famous here from last year. Nowadays Hotel Buffet also serve this kind of cookies as their desserts. Soon..you will see all bakeries or online shop will sell this macarons. Remember how people get crazy about the blueberry cheese tart on these past few years?

Okay, you probably said that why I'm being fussy bout this cookies that is slightly bigger from our 50 cents :P . Its not that I'm jealous, but certain shops or peoples set the price too high for this cookies. For example RM4.40 per piece. Ok!!!Per piece that is SLIGHTLY BIGGER than 50 cents and it is unsure whether it is halal or not! Just add RM1.10, then you can get a piece of black forest cake (which is way bigger than 50 cent) from secret recipe and it is more delicious than this! hahahahahahah. Okay, so I found one that is cheaper and halal, only rm2.20 per piece. Maybe will order mine soon. hahahahahaha!!!!!You can check out oh macarons in fb :P (si dj ni bising2 psl macarons tp dia pn nak order jg...apala..poodaaahh!)

Next project, I'm going to bake my own macarons with my mum (bila la saya nak blk sabah kan?) This project will be after the blueberry cheese tart project. Hohhhohoho!!!!



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