Apr 4, 2011

What if?

Last saturday, while ofi was playing futsal at 1 o'clock in the morning, he had problem with his breathing that might occur from allergic reaction. He called me at 2.39am and told me about the problem but I have trouble to understand what he said. I think he's struggling to breath n talk at the same time. I have a mix feeling about that and I also cant breath properly. Many things came out from my head. What if ofi....what if he......what if.....bla..bla bla... and then I started crying. Too many korean drama I guess...heheheheh. I need to go to kl straight away but its very dark outside (a bit scared) and I'm very sleepy (I hav a workshop on research for 2 days). So I decided to go to kl n visits him on the next morning. Hehehehehe. Very mean! :p

Ofi was hospitalized for 2 days, and doctor still dont know what is the cause. Then I realize that I really2 dont want to loose him (Muntah darah sekarang!). cute pic of him..taken from his dad fb :P so cute la!!!



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