Apr 6, 2011

Restaurant review : Seoul Garden

As for today, I have been to Seoul garden for 3 times. One with my college mates at station kerinchi and twice with my dear ofi at OU. Its not that expensive if u can eat a lot since the food served as buffet. Hahahaha and if you came at your birthday, you'll get 50% off. How awesome is that?

The concept of the restaurant are steamboat + bbq + grill korean style. You can choose the soup from kimchi, tom yam, chicken and etc. With only RM3.99 you can have free refills for your drinks. Desserts taste delicious too. Dinner buffet is more expensive than the lunch buffet and weekdays buffet is more cheaper compare to weekend (as usual). 4 stars from me for the fresh meats n veges.. feel free to visit their official website here


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