Apr 22, 2011

Bukit Broga

Last saturday me n ofi went to broga hill in Semenyih. The actual plan is to arrived there before the sun rise so that we can capture the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our way to broga and arrived only at 7.30am. Its ok, we still (actually ofi) managed to capture beautiful photos.


This is me before climbing to the top of the hill.The walking distance to the top is only 1.7KM. I think you only took about 15 minutes to reach  the peak and about 5 minutes to get down. hahahahaha.




the truth, my knee wasn’t strong enough at that time coz lack of training and exercise. Poor ofie, need to wait for me n stop for resting even though its only 1.7km. hahahahah.




Subhanallah. Very beautiful!!!!




We r soooo cute!!! Hahahahaha


Tips for anyone who wanted to go to Broga hill. The best time to go are on weekdays coz its not crowded compare to weekends. Please bring small towel, drinks and maybe some junk food. Do not litter and please keep/collect your own trash! Please keep the place clean for the sake of mother nature. Peace!!!


.ainulafidah. said...

mesti bestkan dj...
brapa lm dri bwh ko naik tu?

Pink Praying Mantis said...

12 minit jak. turun 3 minit sbb kami belari2. Tp hati2 la..sbb curam..takut masuk gaung.

Aku mo pi wedding nizam tu sbb dkt tasik kn?mo tgk garden wedding..tp x dpt la plak. Kena jaga exam.ptg plak tu.Sedih aku :(


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