Aug 23, 2011

Waiting for you, baby!



Remember that I always blog about buying my dream phone? BB ? But I haven’t bought yet due to my financial problem? Hahahaha. Just saw the new advertisement from celcom that they will release the new 9900. Wow!!!!!! Release date is on 15th september. InsyaAllah, need to save some money to buy this precious baby.

Why do I need to buy a new hp?

i) I hate my LG touch screen phone. Ssh mo texting.

ii) My hp is out dated

iii) Camera  not so pretty, I need a good camera so I can post pic to my blog n I will always update my blog Smile with tongue out

iv) My friends have iphone, BB, HTC and bla bla bla

v) My hp does not have wifi Sad smile

vi) My old hp’s battery is obsolete

That’s all for today Island with a palm tree



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