Feb 5, 2012

life as a single

salam maulidur rasul everyone!

Yesterday, i went to the town to service my car alone. Then singgah jusco utk mkn n shopping! makan sorg2 kt old town white coffee. a bit awkward. then shopping! went to salon, buat treatment n bought shampoo n oil. x sangka dpt beg luggage free from keratase. mhl jg rasanya.

Bought jeans from dees simplicity. murah sgt. biasa my jeans dlm range rm80- rm100. but in dees,rm40-rm56.murah kan?love it so much!

pi massage jg, lain kali da x nk sbb sakit sgt.saya x ada isi!kena tulang.smpai skrg ras sengal2. pic later.



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