Feb 2, 2012

Make-up review : Kryolan Supracolor

My previous post of kryolan was about tv paint stick. You can read it here. This is one of my favorite foundation too. Wait a minute! I have another favorite foundation that I will review later. If you saw my fb profile pic with a flawless and gorgeous looking skin, thats mean I’m using supracolor. Hahahahah! So I dont need to prove about the magical touch of this foundation.

But make sure, cleanse your face properly after using this foundation. Ok, not only this foundation but every make up you use, you need to remove it before you go to sleep right?

I bought this from kryolaninmalaysia blog. Price a bit expensive but worth your money la considering the magic touch it does on your skin. Hahahahah!

I have a lot of foundation, next time will buy in a small quantity only because last time I read, if its held onto for too long, it will be defect. It will remain useful up to 20 months only.



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