Dec 12, 2007

Day of My Life

Too bz lately to update my blog. Poor thing. Yesterday, I went home at 8pm. sad,sad,sad. But tommorrow until monday, our head (kira boss la) will be going to Bukit Tinggi for meeting. Wow...I love bkt tinggi. Been there with my sweet ofie. So...we are free til monday. Lets party baby!!!Hoho!!

About baby Irfan....he's doing well rite now!Kira dh sembuh laa..juz hav to go to hospital for regular check up.

MCR concert last sunday...what can I say...njoy it really much bcoz i went with my ofie. Hahahah...eventhough many said that the sound is really sux!

Went to pavilion last monday. I think this place is really meant for the rich to hang out. Hohoho. Not for me. But quit nice. Maybe can go again next time.



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